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Nature - How do we make more time for ourselves in the busy hustle and bustle of life?

Each week, we're asking Nature some big old questions about life, work, and beyond, inspired by the problems and potentials of the people and teams we work with. 

This week, I'm returning to a question that motivates many of the people I work with to seek out a regenerative life coach.

This week, we are asking Nature - How do we make more time for ourselves in the busy hustle and bustle of life? Let's see what Nature might have to say about that!

Let go and Compost: The natural world understands that letting go and composting is a part of replenishing energy. As humans, consider the ways we can let go of expectations and roles that have been given to us but take up space and steal joy. Let go of saying too many yes's or seeing self-care as selfish (yes, let go of that!) 

Stay purposeful: Knowing your purpose, roles, and values in life can be really helpful for staying aligned and ensuring the time we commit is purposeful. Many people need help and practice learning this because our life experiences have encouraged us not to always feel confident in who we are. 

Be aware of your Magpie - Magpies love shiny things, and while it's great to have variety in life, be mindful of your inner Magpie, who might love collecting so many shiny things you don't know where or what to start with—leading to feelings of confusion, over-commitment, or indecisiveness. 

Design your life with seasons in mind: Whether considering the changes in your mind and body in the natural cycles of life and Nature. Or consider your own inner seasons, defined by life experiences, learning styles, and personality. Adapting to the changes inside and out to best manage your time, create well-being strategies that support and nurture you in the present, and allow you space to tend to your needs. Have you ever considered how the anniversary of a loss may create an emotional impact on our rhythm of life or how a busy month, full of things, can shift our flow - if we try to keep the same routines? Or how our motivations can dip in the darker months? Something we learn much more about in coaching sessions.

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