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Integral Eye Movement Therapy In the woods


Integral eye movement therapy (I.E.M.T) is an therapeutic approach and modality which uses eye movement techniques to support you in achieving change, getting 'unstuck' and supporting emotional regulation.

We store our memories and life experiences inside our minds. and this can inform the way we might behave, respond or feel to current situations. Some of these responses, sit deep with in our sub-conscious - this means we don't consciously think or recall them - but these memories have influence and impact on our lives. They are rooted in our psychological (mind) and physiological (body) . All well and good if these imprints and past experiences are supporting us in doing and feeling good. But some events and experiences in life, may lead to situations you find troubling, problematic and can impact your mental health. 


Aimed at reducing and supporting you with intense negative emotional states/feelings. 

Our session(s) together will help work through the experience, and how you 'learned to be this way' focusing on feeling and identity imprints and helping you shift associations with these. 

The approach is not talk therapy and often I will not require much detail about an ACTUAL event. 

My main client focus with this modality is helping people with 

  • Feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment - which may show up as low confidence or lack of self esteem.  Preventing you from moving on or doing things you would like in life. 

  • Feelings of anxiety, worry or fear - which may be problematic in social situations, making choices in work or life,  lead to people pleasing and over-committing. These feeling current stop or hinder aspects of your life. 

  • Feelings frustration, resentment or emotional anger - effecting relationships, communication or mental well-being. 

  •  Trauma/PTSD

IEMT's have evolved from  eye-movement integration therapy by Steve Andreas and Connirae Andreas, and Francine Shapiro's eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Developed by Andrew T. Austin in the UK, it was influenced by David Grove's ideas about exploring identity through pronouns and a range of other psychological approach's.  This approach is often utilised by integrative coaches and psychotherapists. 

To determine if my personal approach and I.E.M.T would be right for you,  I offer a FREE discovery call where we will explore your personal circumstances more and I can share more about the approach and our collaborative commitment to coaching/sessions together. 

As an integrative coach, I am experienced in Integral Eye Movement Therapy and trained to Advanced Practitioner Level.  Whilst sometimes, a person may benefit solely from Integral Eye Movement Therapy it is common to weave in a range of approaches to support you in your aims and intentions.  You can discover more about me, JK here

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I.E.M.T in the woods

A few years ago I began taking sessions out into the woods. As a regenerative coach and practicing ecopsychology I was aware of the benefits the time in Nature could have on mind and body, and saw the benefits in clients and my own practice too. 

Nature supports you in a calmer,  focused and open state of being. Meaning learning and change can feel more relaxed, and even easier. 

Since securing the lease on a private woodland, and now with a bell-style tent on site. I can offer this amazing modality (I.E.M.T) out in the wild. 

As we walk through the grounds, we'll arrive in the woodland to the birdsong, silver birch and trickle of the stream.  You might event catch a glimpse of hare, deer or stoat if you are lucky! 

Integral Eye Movement Therapy needs little adjustment in the natural setting, we'll spend some time exploring and focusing then move into the technique. 

After the approach you can spend some time relaxing and reflecting amongst the trees, and I'll support you with any after-care considerations or intention setting beyond our session. 

Sessions in the woods may be particularly valuable for nature lovers, people feeling they have too much indoor or screen time in their life. Those of you who feel over busy and struggle to 'switch off'. Or if you feel you struggle to emotionally regulate - for example find things like meditation difficult. (Nature helps with feeling clearer and calmer)

Our initial FREE discovery call will figure out if this setting and my approach is best suited for you. 

You can explore the IEMT directory for other practitioners, if nature isn't your thing. 

The woods are located in Near Ripon,  North Yorkshire so you must be able to travel independently too and from the site - public transport is limited. 

The sessions will last between 60- 90 minutes with initial sessions set for 2 hours. 

The cost of an individual session is £175  (2 hours) 

A package of three session ( to be utilised in a maximum of 3 months) is available for £450

Please note, due to the seasonal nature of my work in the wild, this service is currently only available between March and November - we will also consider this time scale when commencing sessions together. 

Following our initial FREE discovery call together, you will be asked to review a coaching agreement and complete a client registration form to help us prepare for the session. You will receive a booking link to manage your booking and payments for each session. 


Book a discovery call

Chat with me, JK and discover more about Integral Eye Movement Therapy and my therapeutic coaching approach alongside Nature. 

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