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Life & Career Coaching in Nature 
For Men

This page will help you discover some of the common challenges our male clients face and why they seek out coaching in Nature. You'll learn about the practical elements of our coaching programme for men. As a man interested in coaching in nature, for your personal development, confidence and mind/body health you'll learn some the of the outcomes you can explore as we coach together. 

Man Hiking in Wilderness

Know yourself, understand others 
The Coaching Package 

You're feeling like your life is not quite in the place you want it to be. You might not be  sure what coaching can offer, you But recognise that you would value someone alongside you to help you figure it all out. 

Your current situation is taking a toll on the way you feel, how you interact and communicate with others, and how you live your life. 

Most of our male clients tell us that it is an issue with work that is the main problem. Whether you have lost enthusiasm and focus for a role you are in, are unhappy with changes or cultures at work, or had the realisation that the career you are in just isn't where you want to be for the rest of your life. 

It's totally understandable that this impacts your 'everyday' life too. From lack of time and energy to do and be the person, you want to be (or used to be). 

Or noticing that your mood and motivation are impacting your relationships, family roles, parenting style, or social connections.

Fearing that you're wasting time, energy and missing out on opportunities to live your life aligned with what you value and who you want to be. 

Feeling stuck about these issues, can leave you feeling isolated and lonely. 

The men we work with also realise that all this frustration and confusion with your current situation is having an impact on your mental health. Whether you've long-term experience with issues like depression, stress, and/or anxiety. Or perhaps this is a new experience for you, and you want to know what and how you can feel and think differently. 

Exploring coaching might be stepping way outside of your comfort zone or something you keep procrastinating about. 
Because you either don't believe you 'should' be asking for help. Or you are unsure what and how it could help someone like you. 

To ensure I am the best person to help you, that we can work together, and that you are ready to make the time and commit to creating change. I offer a FREE confidential discovery call/zoom. A chance for us to talk things through, ask questions, share the practicalities, and either decide to work together or agree that something else might be a better fit (I'll always signpost you to other options if I don't think Where the Mind Grows is the best solution for you). 


Man on the Shore

Why we work with men like you?

If you've looked around our website or follow us on social media. You may have noticed that the focus is all about people and planet health. 

In all honesty, we made this page for men like you - because we see you as really important to the future. And the purpose and fulfillment of society. 

You value the natural world. And the experiences and beauty around us. And we hope you agree; we need more of that. 
At Where the Mind Grows we celebrate KIND-HEARTED MEN who desire to be BETTER HUMANS!

There hasn't been enough space or design in systems & society for men like you. Who think and feel deeply. Who are intuitive and thoughtful and see the world with innovative perspectives. 

Systems and Hierarchies were developed over the past 100's of years with an old paradigm of masculinity. One which the world will need to outgrow in order for us to make changes to society. Grow equitably and regenerate our natural world. 

The old way told you, you were different. And we celebrate that difference and see it as an important contribution to growing societal good. 

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A discover call is a free conversation between a client and a coach. To help you ensure you are a good fit and that the area you want to explore, matches the coaching services and approaches. 

I offer a FREE 20 minute zoom or call for us to chat. A confidential, free of judgment discussion to help you make your choice and feel informed on your options. 

During our chat, we'll discuss in brief:

  • Your motivations for exploring coaching together. 

  • What you would like to get out of the sessions.

  • I'll share the practicalities of coaching together including packages, options, location and follow up information. 

  • I'll answer any questions you may have about the sessions. 


Where the Mind Grows offers a life and/or career coaching package for men who want to become the best versions of themselves. Focused on on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of well-being and offers a unique outdoor experience. Coaching in the wild. 

Our sessions are crafted to help you learn to manage your emotions, change behaviours, and improve overall well-being.

Being in nature can help you, quiet your mind and experience a sense of calm and connection that supports personal development and exploration.

Sessions help you find confidence in who you are and an awareness of how your mind works in navigating and making sense of the world.

In turn,  making it easier to help understand the weird and wonderful of communication with other people too. 


Our goal is to help you live a more fulfilled and connected life and to provide you with the tools and guidance to reach your goals.

We see the bigger picture, and the detail. Taking a holistic 'whole person' approach to results. 

Our packages are usually offered in blocks of three 90-minute sessions, delivered in the woods at our private woodland at Little Seed Field, Near Ripon, North Yorkshire. 

Sessions will support you to explore:

  • Your situation now and what you want to change. 

  • Managing and regulating your responses and emotions.  

  • Improving communication with self and others.  

  • Changing unhelpful or unwanted belief. 

  • Personal development and awareness. 

  • Growing confidence and self-belief. 

  • Your career opportunities and actions. 

  • Your vision and values. 

  •  Your own health and happiness. 

  • Helping you to create more adventure and freedom in your life. 

Family Fishing Trip
Couple walking on the beach


Because everyone we work with is different, what you leave the session with (or without) will be unique to you.

 However, sessions together will support you with the following:

  • Protected time to focus on yourself and your goal free of judgement. 

  • Space to make sense of things. 

  • Time away from the office or home. Connected and energised in nature. 

  • Strategies to manage and regulate emotions and responses. 

  • A plan and clear actions toward your aims (life and/or career)

  • Improved communication skills. 

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 

  • Confidence and ease within yourself.

  • Clarity on your purpose and focus in life. 

  • A simplified and more meaningful life to experience adventures, experiences and opportunities that increase health and happiness.

Couple Looking at Landscape

Sessions in Nature are available Tuesday-Thursday (subject to availability) 

Sessions are 90-minutes to 2-hours  long, with a range of coaching options, I can help you decide which will suit you best. Most people benefit from 1-2 packages (3-6 sessions) to explore and achieve their session aims.  Sessions are usually spread between every 2-4 weeks (approx).  

  • -Package of 3 + £450

  • Package of 4 = £580

  • Package of 6 = £850

All clients complete a discovery call together with JK ( Coach & Founder WTMG).  You'll receive a booking link to manage your booking and make payment. You will also be asked to complete a short registration form to help focus our sessions together. 

Looking for a deep dive session?

Explore our Personal Compass Experiences

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Sessions are delivered from woodland our private woodland located on land at Little Seed Field, Glamping, Castiles Farm, Ripon HG4 3PU

The site is located around 30 minutes drive from Harrogate and around 60 minutes from Leeds and York. 

There is free parking onsite, I provide drinks throughout our session, and there is access to the camping toilet facilities. 

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We want to make sure the content you receive, is not just more clutter in your inbox. You can help us to do this, by selecting the choices aligned with your personal interest.

Thank you for taking the time to help make our connections more meaningful!


Good to meet you!

Hi I'm JK, Coach and Founder of Where the Mind Grows

It won't take long for you to realise that I LOVE NATURE. Even outside of work,  I am usually doing something connected to nature or outdoor adventure. 

Its been something that has enhanced my own health and happiness and I love to share this approach with clients too. 

I love to 'geek out' on neuroscience and how our brain works, sharing this knowledge in a real-life, accessible way.  

I work best with men, who don't see themselves fitting in the 'alpha-male' gender type. Nor do you want to be that type of man. 

The men I coach value equity,  feel and think deeply and want to experience the opportunities the world has to offer. 

I help you to discover more about yourself and the world. And create choices and opportunities that will help you feel confident, clear on where you are heading and with a plan of how to get there. 

I see each of the clients I work with for the amazing and unique human that you are!  No one session is the same, because neither are you!

I am open, relaxed yet direct in my coaching style. I work with people who are ready to change, you just aren't sure how you do it. 

Nature is a great back drop to create change. From the mind and body benefits. Reducing stress and healing the body. It also help your brain to create hormones that support creativity, focus, problem solving and courage. All a great combination for personal development and coaching. 

Nature also offers us a chance to move, interact with the surrounds and not feel boxed in. 

In the woodland you can see deer, hare, birds of prey,  woodpecker, stoat, squirrels and toads. to name a few

You can read more about my background and experience at our ABOUT PAGE

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