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What can a tree teach us about confidence?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

What can a tree teach us about confidence?

Confidence is a word that will mean something slightly different to each and everyone of us.

In essence, confidence is the ability to do something in life with a sense of ease or determination. A belief that we or something is reliable and can succeed.

Confidence can be something that we possess internally or a perception that others see in our behaviours.

In our working lives we will have to do tasks that may boost or challenge our sense of confidence.

Much of our confidence comes from our ability to learn & personally develop. Through this personal growth we witness a positive outcome, satisfaction & sense of optimism.

Confidence can also be gleaned from taking something new and building our capabilities through practice, rehearsal, a transferable skill set or simply a natural affinity.

A lack of confidence at work (or a knock in confidence from a negative experience) can impact wider performance & well-being.

Some of the common situations that might knock our confidence at work include:

  • Perfectionism

  • Micro-management

  • Critical colleagues

  • Workplace bullying.

  • Poor Communication & lack of cultural vision.

  • Disconnected Teams.

  • Lack of career passion & fulfillment.

You or your employee may be more likely to procrastinate, spend time worrying or lack focus due to a low confidence or self-esteem. This can have implications on your working role & your health and well-being.

So what can we learn from trees about confidence?

  • Get rooted - a tree ensures it can survive and thrive through natures challenges, establishing strong foundations. Understanding what helps keep you rooted & having a sense of self is a great way to connect & build your self- confidence.

  • Fuel your capabilities - from the nutrients in the ground, keeping hydrated or the habitat the tree keeps. Replenishment is top priority for the tree. Going back to basics is a great place to start for you too. Without basic nutrients, rest and support systems we can often struggle with our health and well-being which in turn can impact our confidence and energy to take on new learning or receive feedback.

  • Here and now - when you are lacking in confidence it's easy to be regretful of the past or anxious of the outcome or future. The tree stays in the present for the most. Responding to the here & now. This helps us too. Setting realistic goals and taking smaller steps in progressing will contribute to our confidence or reduce feelings of over-whelm & getting stuck.

  • Communicate - The tree is a great communicator, getting messages from the eco-system around it. Learning from the community and checking in with it's own needs. When we lack confidence some of this can be down to a gap in information or knowledge. Be curious like a tree find that gem that will help you gain hope or esteem & the clarity of information you need.

  • Weathering out the storm - In the life of the tree there are plenty of challenges and rough weather to be had, losing branches, uprooting, loss of resources. Be like a tree & be brave. The storm is often only temporary. What does a challenge teach you about your capabilities? How have you bounced back? What support do you need?

  • Community - The tree knows that in it's habitat there are other trees with greater wisdom & expertise. There are trees who will support it's growth. The tree observes and connects with those in the community that will nurture & enrich it's future. Confidence does not mean knowing everything. Community are important in reducing isolation, building esteem and learning. Who helps you thrive in your community?

  • New View - The tree has a great perspective on life, from the roots to the canopy it takes the time to see things from different view-point & gain the whole picture. Changing our perspective on a life experience, situation or even task at work can help us to be clearer & increase confidence.

  • Purpose - a tree is simply a tree. It's sense of self and purpose is clear and connected to it's actions in life. Whilst it achieves great ambitions in life, it also values the small subtle changes it makes each day. Each making it whole. At the centre of all it's actions is the confidence that it's purpose is to be a tree. Are you connected with a sense of purpose?

What wisdom will you take from trees in building your confidence.

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Source: Picture David Vig - Unsplash

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