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About Us

Where the Mind Grows

Coaching with a green conscience

Where the Mind Grows exists to help people reconnect with themselves and the natural world.

Pressing pause on  the hustle and bustle of life, connecting back with yourself and nature. Through a combination of wildly creative and courageously bold and deeply connected coaching experiences.  Where you can begin to see yourself as an expert at being you.  The happiness, happiness and the freedom to be in alignment with yourself. 

Boosting confidence to help you make decisions and changes that enable strategies for a fulfilled and purposeful way of being and doing. 

Slow down, simplify, and invest in your future. 

Our work in organisations helps teams to connect more deeply, creating psychosocially safer places to innovate and deepen your connection.  Bringing to life dynamic & tangible solutions that enhance health and happiness in your workplace. Where collaboration, connection and authenticity enriches the way you, and your team 'do business.' 

At the root, I facilitate and coach: to help you, help yourself - support, nurture and enable. 

Aspiring for a thriving future for us and the planet, is a complex world. 


Alongside Nature

Where the Mind Grows offers Nature-Based Personal Growth solutions to individuals and teams across North and West Yorkshire. Between March and November we base ourselves at two beautiful private woodland venues near Summerbridge and Ripon, North Yorkshire.  As well as delivering sessions in public nature spaces across Leeds too, throughout the year. 

When the weather gets too wild,  some of our sessions and programmes are accessible online too. 

Where the Mind Grows was founded by JK (Jennie-Kate) McQuinn, back in 2019 - an off-shoot of her other coaching business JKChangeWork.  Bringing extensive experience in leadership and facilitation. 


Where the Mind Grows core services include:

  • 1:1 Life/Career coaching 

  • Team Away days and leadership development programmes 

  • Retreats, Experiences and Workshops

All services are delivered in Nature, inspired by a range of nature-based and personal growth modalities. 

JK  offers deep regenerative approaches supporting adversity, trauma and grief. (For individuals and teams)

Coaching in Nature has many natural benefits for mind and body that can support you to clear your head and feel calm in our sessions. Evidence shows that just 20 minutes in nature can help you reduce feelings of stress and lower blood pressure. This also helps with focus and energy and can enable problem-solving, innovation, and clarity of decision too. 

At Where the Mind Grows, we use approaches aligned with co-psychology and regenerative leadership. Nature is a co-facilitator in the sessions, understanding that humans have an innate connection to the natural world (Which many of us have become separated from), known as Biophilia. Clients are encouraged to interact with the surroundings, drawing on metaphor and imagery that help you explore your own challenges and goals. You will also be introduced to concepts of biomimicry and nature-relatedness. Put simply; this is the awareness that Nature has 3.8 billion years of managing change and uncertainty, building resilience, and being authentic, connected, and creating conditions for life. And that through observation, awareness, and understanding, you can find helpful strategies to adapt to your own world. 

Rewilding - through time in nature, you will find you discover and nurture your own relationship with being outdoors and the natural parts of yourself and your identity. Our sessions will support you to value yourself and the world around you and recognise the interconnectedness of our health and happiness and its impact on the world. 

Nature is woven subtly into our sessions, with a focus on traditional coaching modalities as the core of our approach. My explanation and exploration of our connection with nature is defined through neuroscience and evidence-based practice, and less of the ‘woowoo’ approaches you may associate with nature practitioners. 

I’m keen to support people to access, interact and be with nature in a way that feels right for you. To overcome the stigma and hesitancy people experience as a result of our human disconnection from the natural world and help you find your way back to the wild and wonderful parts of being. This looks different for everyone. 




Meet the Team

A bit more about JK

Hello, most people know me as JK or Jennie. 

I set up my sister coaching company JKChangeWork back in 2017, and launched WTMG in 2019 to focus more time and energy into nature-based practices for change

I have over a decade of experience in the mental health and employability sector (Health/Charity/Private) as a leader. Before becoming a coach. A master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and advanced integral eye movement practitioner, and qualified in M-Bit/M-braining, three brain thinking and brain bargaining techniques adopted from Old Pain 2 GO. Trained in ecopsychology and regenerative approaches, including being a Think Like A Tree facilitator. With a range of trauma-informed & personal development CPD. An experienced facilitator of group and individual coaching. Co-Creator of Think Like A Forest Regenerative Business Programme and Founder of Wild Workspaces Co-Working Spaces. 

I love to be out in nature for myself as well as in my business. This includes camping, wild swimming, lolling about outdoors, reading, writing, or exploring. I love the continued growth that comes from my own personal development, navigating my own 'being human.' 

I am totally fascinated by neuroscience and how our mind works. 
I am very connected to arts and creativity as a way to enhance my well-being.

Oh, and I'll talk about trees for hours! 

JK_WTMG_221120_66 thought.jpg


People, planet and purpose. Help more people find the skills and understanding they need, to live a healthier happier life. 

Well-being - in all that we do, supporting our clients to have greater capacity to care for themselves, their community and our planet too.

JK_WTMG_221120_136 Mr Stick.jpg


  • Help people to prioritise self-care and purposefully thrive in work and life. 

  • Create kinder, compassionate workplaces. 

  • Take action in helping our planet through people health. 

  • Reduce separation and advocate for nature re-connection. 

  • Inspire change in systems for long-term health.



  • Inclusivity & Accessibility

  • Caring for Nature

  • Health & Well-Being 

  • Positive Impact 

  • Curiosity & Creativity 

  • Feedback Loops 

  • Honesty & Openness
  • Contributing to change. 
  • Collaboration & Connection
  • Regenerative 
  • Valuing Uniqueness & Authenticity
  • Responsible and Reflective

As a co-creator of Think Like A Forest I am guided by the following regenerative principles:

  • Observant

  • Creating Life & Purposeful

  • Collaborative 

  • In Right Relationship with Place 

  • Innovative

  • Cycling no waste

  • Organised in Decentralised systems

  • Adaptable 

  • Resilient

  • Accepting Feedback

  • Embracing Diversity 

  • Seasonal & Dynamic 

(Twelve Strands - Think Like A Forest)


Anti- Discrimination 

Continuous acting to be inclusive, aligned with the Equalities Act 2010 

Age; Gender; Race; Disability; Religion or belief; Sexual orientation; Gender reassignment; Marriage or civil partnerships; Pregnancy and maternity. 


Working within the boundaries of areas of expertise and inline with the relevant risk and health and safety considerations for our approaches to change and growth. 

varied & valued clients enrich our services with diverse life stories. 

We are always open to feedback on how to improve our services for all

Your voice is heard  here.


Where the Mind Grows nature-based coaching is a place for you. 

Your gender & sexuality should not be a barrier to accessing well-being solutions, finding the right coach to spend time in nature.  

WTMG pledge to be 'Allies' to our LGBTQIA+ clients & community members and beyond. 

You are important & valued here


Standing against racism & racial oppression.

Acknowledging the impact of colonialism in modern day systems. Actively seeking anti-oppressive approaches. Open to learning and open conversation. 

Aiming to create Inclusive coaching spaces. Minimising the separation between nature and human. 

Valuing diversity in race and ethnicity of our clients.  

We do not tolerate systemic racism or oppression.  

You are important & valued here


Taking affirming and strengths-based approaches to working with clients who self-identify or are diagnosed as Neurodiverse. 

Our work supports clients to show up as their authentic self, and use the spaces to self-regulate and grow awareness. Reducing masking and coping strategies, in a free-of-judgment space. 

Valuing Uniqueness is one of our core values at Where the Mind Grows. 



We coach people with disabilities and long term health conditions.  We are able to choose venues and approaches that mean our services do not create unnecessary barriers. 

We aim to be accessible to all. 

Together we will explore the best option  for you. 

We aim to do so in a way that is simple and inclusive.

You are important & valued here

Trauma- Informed

Our approach to coaching, facilitation and personal growth takes on a trauma informed approach. 

This means we have an awareness and experience to work with people who may have experienced a traumatic event(s) in life. 

Taking into account the importance of psychological safety and working to create a strengths based and holistic approach to change. Seeing you as a whole person with a variety of life experiences.  

The services we offer are not for crisis. situations.  Clear and open boundaries are communicated to ensure you can seek out the right support for you. 

JK is a advanced IEMT practitioner.  




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