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Using psychology, neuroscience, and traditional coaching modalities with the help of the woods

Tree Stump
Tree Stump

For people needing help managing stress, low mood, lack of confidence, and all of life’s challenges

Something in your mind, body, or life is a bit…off. It could be your career, life, or wellbeing that feels like it’s not supporting you or making you feel great.

You need a space free of judgement to help you better understand the beautiful complexities of your mind and well-being. A space where you can break free of the expectations of the hustle-bustle and rat race, and instead simplify, rebalance, and find more purpose and happiness.

Our coaching sessions together combine practical coaching resources and strategies with the scientifically proven benefits of being in and learning from Nature. Re-find the time for your well-being, hobbies, and creativity, and invite more joy into your life – and gently put a stop to people-pleasing and overworking.

"My personal well-being has been hugely improved ... I'm prioritising my own needs in all areas of my life. I feel more secure in my values and how to recognise when they are being compromised and the impact this has on my wellbeing. 

I am more connected to nature, I've built daily habits that allow me to spend time in nature and can see the impact on my wellbeing." Bridget

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For teams and leaders of organisations looking to support staff to be their best 

The values and mission of your workplace are clear: you serve people, community, places, or nature in some way. But, there’s a gap between truly living, breathing, and embodying those values and having the resources and time needed to deliver on them.

The third sector, charity, voluntary and purpose-led organisations attract some of the most hardworking, committed people we’ll ever meet.

But ah, there goes the catch-22: this high level of empathy for others/the planet often comes at the expense of your own well-being. Queue high-stress levels, compassion fatigue, or teetering on the edge of burnout.

Our vision is clear: if your people are thriving, so too can your workplace.

Let me help you and your team towards heightened well-being and strengthened resilience so that you can all continue to show up with enough energy to channel into your work – without taking from the energy of your personal life.

 "This has given so much confidence in how I move forward and understanding myself." B


Join us 



 Hi! I’m JK, Founder and Coach at Where The Mind Grows

Sometimes all you need is to give yourself permission to just…be yourself. That’s why I’ve created this nature coaching space for you: so you can be yourself, but the version of yourself that’s thriving in life. My coaching space aims to be a good balance of care, warmth, and a good old challenging nudge to give you the tools and encouragement you need to thrive.

There’s such beauty when humans find their place back in nature. There’s such beauty in discovering the strength, resilience, and confidence that’s been within you all this time.

You might simply need a little help from me and a little help from the open space of the woods to dig things out.

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Forest Path


Valuing uniqueness

The concept of knowing yourself and being yourself is integral to your health and happiness, and that’s something you’ll see reflected in our sessions together. You might also notice how much I value my own uniqueness as a coach and facilitator – something my clients say they love and are inspired by. 

Caring for nature

This might be a given. I spent a whole year in the woodland figuring out how I could make the least impact on it if I'm going to deliver my sessions there and learn from Nature to our benefit but without taking from it. How can all those animals still show up and be there when you and I are there? What can I do to make sure their home isn’t disturbed?

Curiosity and creativity

Curiosity is a superpower, truly. Helping clients shift fear into curiosity and helping to shift themselves out of the box and into a creativity- and freedom-first - mindset. We’re rewidling ourselves.

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