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Transform in Nature

Coaching solutions to enhance confidence, happiness & emotional resilience. 

 Coaching & Facilitation with a green conscience

Our coaching solutions

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Life Coaching in Nature 1:1

A 4 session coaching programme, delivered over 3-6 months. A structured pathway of life coaching, personalised to your individual goals and needs. Between each face to face session you will receive self-guided resources to enhance your coaching journey. 

Re-connect with yourself and discover the confidence to trust in yourself and your future. 


Team Well-being package designed to take your organisation on a journey and create a sustainable well-being culture for your tea. 

A 4 stage process to transform, enhance and build emotional resilience.  

Nature-Based Well-being Retreats

See our three day well-being retreat programme for space out in nature to enhance well-being and make changes in your life. 

Take part in one of our dates. 

Or enquire about creating your own well-being retreat programme at our partnership venue in North Yorkshire. 

Welcome to Where the Mind Grows, coaching in nature, to help you change and grow. 

Our coaching packages for individuals and team well-being  help you un-muddle the muddle, get back on track and find a better connection with yourself. 

Our coaching packages are delivered in nature, from venues in West or North Yorkshire. 

We combine traditional coaching approaches, including Neurlingusitic Programming with Eco-Psychology and ecotherapy. 

Our coaching will benefit you, if you are finding yourself faced with challenges that impact your health and happiness and want to create change in your life. 

This may include struggling with your anxiety or stress levels. 

Dealing with loss or being faced with a specific life change or decision. 

One of our client's described this perfectly. "Over-whelmed by life and underwhelmed by life all at once". 

Too much to do or be, too many changes and not enough time to get back on track and find focus. 

You can change your life at any time, and our coaching packages help you discover what that looks like and how to do it. 

On paper it might appear a simple, obvious solution. But currently, you are struggling to find the clarity of how, what, why and when.  We will help you sort that too?

 Together sessions help you find clarity in thoughts, shift feelings and change any beliefs that stop your desires and actions from being part of life. 

Our packages offer you 4 phases of change, ensuring we do what we do best, helping you transform in nature and enhance your well-being. 


Whether you are looking for a wellness "fine tune"  or a a total "re-growth" . Our 1:1 and Team programmes make well-being possible, easy and meaningful. 

Where the Mind Grows helps you or your team nurture new strategies, explore valuable resources and create change for health and happiness. 


 Understand yourself and others better. Feel more confident on what works for you and leave with a wider range of knowledge  and options to make well-being part of the everyday. 

Our packages focus on 

  • 1:1 Life Coaching 

  • Team Workplace Well-being. 

  • Nature- Based well-being retreats.

Just like nature, we have our sure-fired ways of doing stuff.  Keeping structure and focus to your coaching journey, to help you make that change you desire!


Just like nature, we are also masters in adapting our styles and surroundings to your needs and the ever changing landscape of life. (Flexible, not flimsy)

We absolutely love the unique experiences and goals that you bring to the coaching space, and adapt our approach to work collaboratively and effectively together. 

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We are super fans of nature,  and see nature as a co-facilitator in your sessions.  Drawing on the wisdom and knowledge of natural principles, nature connectedness and learning from natures on well-being plans.  Taking your steps to change and grow surrounded by woods, birds, plants and wildlife brings that extra special part to transforming your life. 

We are also self-confessed geeks when it comes to embracing research that supports our belief in the benefits of nature on mind, body and well-being. 

We can learn a lot from nature!

In simple terms our coaching experience get on with life, healthier and happier in body and mind. 

People, Planet, Purpose!


Heard enough?  Click here to get in touch and find out more, with a free discovery call.  

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Nature's Super-Fan's

Work - Life - Wellness
Our coaching in nature focuses on helping you create work/life balance, avoid burnout, reduce stress and find the right eb and flow between work & life and health and happiness. 
Life and work aren't clear cut.  
Developing and adjusting your own or your teams confidence, resources and resilience for long term wellness is of added value to all. 


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Individual Life Coaching 

Workplace Well-being


Coaching with a Green Conscience

West & North Yorkshire

We pledge a portion of our profits into eco-based projects locally such as tree planting.. That means when you grow with us, you help make things grow!

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