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People, Planet, Purpose 

Looking for ways to enhance your well-being, reduce stress and build confidence?

Here at Where The Mind Grows you will find coaching solutions for yourself or your team.  Our sessions, experiences and programmes support you,  or your team,  to make positive and sustainable changes and build resilience, through our coaching in nature approaches. 

Our programmes, sessions and experiences are places for you to be bold, brave and wild.  Learning new ways to live life, handle the gritty bits and embrace personal growth. 

Here to help you,  or your team,  with the light and shade of change and uncertainty. Finding purpose, meaning and belonging, in times of challenge.  Unearthing ways to sustain a happy, healthy life. 

Explore our pages, or get in touch, to find out how our coaching services can help you be; Kinder to self, kinder to nature. 

It's time to begin your regenerative journey and live a purpose-led life and/or business.  Kinder to self, Kinder to planet. 

For you:

  • Coaching in Nature package: 4 x 1:1 sessions to explore change, reduce stress/anxiety and build confidence and positivity. 

  • Day long coaching experiences to work on a "sticky issue" - ideal for leaders/future leaders/business owners

For your team: 

  • A four phase workplace well-being programme, working alongside your team over 6-18 months to root well-being into individual and team culture. 

  • "rooted in well-being" for B-Corp and purpose led SME Teams to explore and propagate your well-being priorities. 


Coaching with a green conscience

People, Planet, Purpose 

Alongside our  creative, curious and experienced coaches (and associates) rooted with their NLP ( neuro-linguistic programming ) approaches.  We see nature as an important co-facilitator in your coaching experience. 

As well as having protected time and space to connect with yourself and nature. 

Our approaches introduce concepts based on Biomimicry ( learning and applying natures strategies to your own work and life) and Ecopsychology. 

I am sure that life has thrown plenty of challenges and changes your way, these past few years. Or perhaps you are just looking to enhance an already strong investment in health and well-being ( for yourself or your team)

With busy lives, and even busier heads. Step away from the hustle and bustle of it all and we will help you establish intentions, make valuable changes and have more time,  energy and knowledge to love life. 

With a background in mental health, our coaches have a real focus on health and well-being. Helping you achieve everything from small tweaks to giant leaps. 


JK ( Jennie- Kate) McCreight is the founder of Where the Mind grows and lead coach and facilitator of the Where the Mind Grows coaching programmes.  Living in West Yorkshire. 

With a background working in mental health, employability  and leadership in third and private sectors as well as working in Public Health.  JK established her coaching businesses  driven by the strong belief that coaching leads people to expand their horizons and create opportunities to enhance life. 

Alongside being a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistics Programming, Advanced IEMT practitioner and with over 15 years coaching experience.  JK went on to study ecopsychology and has recently qualified as a Facilitator in the Think Like a Tree Programme, developed by permaculture Author and Trainer Sarah Spencer.


At Where the Mind Grows we chose to focus on supporting people in work and life, and enhancing workplace well-being because we know how influential the relationship between the two can be, when it comes to well-being. 

Aware of how disconnected we have become from nature. Missing out on knowledge, learning and development that can be gleaned from the natural world.  And often feeling trapped within the responsibilities expectations and pace of life.   Our coaching approaches help you grow outside and in. With stress the second cause of absence in the UK workplace. And with Covid-19, climate change and general societal shifts creating even more uncertainty and anxiety for people and teams.  Where the Mind Grows nurtures a space for challenging conversations and real change. 

JK says " Nature is such a invaluable resource, in so many ways. In committing to being compassionate to our self and nature our actions can change the world. We are inspired to work with organisations and individuals invested in finding purpose, meaning and well-being in life. 


JK collaborates with a range of equally creative, experienced and curious associate-coaches to enhance the Where The Mind Grows programmes and experiences. 

When JK isn't facilitating sessions, or working on another exciting opportunity. You can likely find her in the woods, walking her rescue lurcher Leon or with a nose in book on true crime, nature adventures or even quantum physics!

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Coaching with a Green Conscience
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We pledge a portion of our profits into eco-based projects locally such as tree planting.. That means when you grow with us, you help make things grow!

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