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 Coaching & Facilitation with a green conscience.

If you are looking for solutions to enhance your well-being and make valuable changes in your life, then you are in the right place. 

At Where The Mind Grows we offer life coaching in nature, for individuals & groups. 

We like to keep things simple, because we know life can be a little complicated at times. 

Through coaching, you will learn to reduce anxiety and stress. Helping you build confidence and clarity. 


Our life coaching packages are there to help you discover & reconnect. With nature & with yourself. 

Reap the benefits that nature brings to mental health & well-being. 

Gain practical resources and make change  happen in your life. 

Whether you are here for our individual life coaching packages or our team well-being sessions, our experiences help you grow you roots, branch out and create ripples. 

Packages tailored to your unique situation and the changes you want to make. 

Check out our three packages to help you figure out the journey you want to take! Or get in touch to explore how coaching in nature can help create amazing changes for you or your team!

Our services

Life Coaching packages

Package of  3 coaching sessions, choose from Woodland, Sapling or Mighty Oak.  

Team Away Days

Team well-being packages, designed to your teams well-being needs, employee relationships. Enhance motivation, focus, communication & problem solving. 

Bespoke Workshops & freelancing 

Creative coaching solutions for groups & projects connecting people, nature & well-being. Hire us for your event or venue!

Leadership retreats

Bespoke leadership coaching retreats. For 1-4 people in a luxury eco cottage.  2 day retreats to enhance your well-being & avoid burn out. 

For people working in high pressure environments looking to gain back some calm & control. Coaching in Nature. 

Recognition is the number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work.

"79 percent of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving." (The Carrot Principle)

Why nature?

Why well-being?

Why coaching?

Why change?

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Experience Coaching with us!


At Where the Mind Grows we like to keep things simple.

Time is precious and making decisions to invest in well-being is a big step. 

Choose from one of our three packages, finding one that best relates to your personal or team circumstances. 

This helps our coaches tailor your coaching or team packages,  whilst ensuring a unique coaching journey for you.  

Click on the icons to discover more detail or give us a call for a FREE initial consultation. 

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Leadership Retreats

Individual Coaching 

Teams & Groups


For 1:1

Everything has a beginning and you might be finding that it's time to start afresh, change a habit, create a new lifestyle and enhance well-being. Our coaching packages helps you plan, make changes, start a project and grow your vision through action,  reflection and plenty of natural inspiration. 

For Teams

New teams don't have to wait until things get challenging or go topsy turvy. Our sapling package helps proactive teams and new businesses establish skills for well-being from the word go.  If, like us, you value well-being as an essential part of personal development & business strategy this is a adventurous experience for your team!


For 1:1

Just like the woodland, connection and diversity in life really help enhance well-being & live a life of creativity, freedom and happiness. Through coaching identify your inner resources, make some "fine tune" changes and discover connections that will help you enhance your wider life, career & sense of self. 

For Teams

Teams are just like woodlands, diverse, ever changing and strengthening each other in the mission to thrive. Our woodland package helps you and your team discover individual and collective skills when it comes to nurturing a long term well-being strategy. 


For 1:1

Life can throw some pretty challenging situations your way. Find yourself feeling a bit lost?  Struggling with something in your life and needing some help to rediscover and reconnect. 

A programme for people facing adversity, loss, trauma or a unexpected change/challenge in life. 

For Teams

Change, challenge & disruption! 2020 has certainly been a year full of this. 

If you find your team are struggling with adversity and feeling disconnected. This package helps create bold and open conversations to teams come back together for individual and collective well-being. Make a difference with a change of scene. 

Well-being solutions for teams, group or organisations.

Coaching Packages



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