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Coaching solutions to enhance confidence, happiness & emotional resilience. 

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Our coaching solutions

Life Coaching 

A 4 session coaching programme, delivered over 3-6 months. A structured pathway of life coaching, personalised to your individual goals and needs. Between each face to face session you will receive self-guided resources to enhance your coaching journey. 

Re-connect with yourself and discover the confidence to trust in yourself and your future. 


Team Well-being package designed to take your organisation on a journey and create a sustainable well-being culture for your tea. 

A 4 stage process to transform, enhance and build emotional resilience.  

Life Coaching Online 

A self-guided programme based on 12 week resource downloads and x 2 coaching calls/zoom. 


Welcome to Where the Mind Grows, the home of coaching in nature. 

You probably stumbled across our site, looking for solutions to your well-being or answers to a problem you are facing in life. Seeking Life Coaching that can help you unmuddle the muddle, get back on track and find a better connection with yourself. 

Or maybe you are exploring the web for solutions for  team well-being. Looking for a alternative offer to help your team, organisation or even your leadership, gain the resources they need to enhance your workplace well-being with coaching resources & team building experiences. Well fancy that, here we are!

Take a look over the site to discover therapeutic coaching solutions for individual and teams. 

Our packages help us to do what we do best, create change. You are here,  to fine tune something in your life or enhance the resources you have to feel better connected with yourself, more confident in who you are and with a greater range of tools to help you or your team get the best from life. 

Just like nature, we have our sure-fired ways of doing stuff to add structure and focus to your coaching journey. But we are masters at adapting our styles and  to our surroundings and your needs.


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Can life coaching help me?

How can Life Coaching help me?

That is a question we get asked often by people, like you. You are in that "exploring" phase, seeking out solutions to an issue you have or thinking about moving towards a specific goal in life, having reached a point where you want or need things to change, for the better. 

Seeking more a happiness, increased confidence and a space to un-muddle feelings you have about yourself and who you are or can be in the world.


Life Coaching with Where the Mind Grows offers a bold yet supportive solution to help you un-peal the onion layers and get to grips with life, your purpose and your happiness. 

We understand that issues like anxiety, overwhelm,  depression, trauma ( to name a few) currently play their part in you finding yourself here. 

Whether you have tried other approaches to enhance your mental health and wellness or this is your first big step to creating change. Life Coaching is an essential part of creating self-worth and an investment in your personal growth.

We use nature as the backdrop for our sessions because the science shows the benefits to mind and body! But nature is also a master at emotional resilience, so it probably makes sense to learn from an expert right?

Our sessions are not all "let's spend time in nature"

fluffy loveliness. We strongly believe that people connect with real purpose and happiness by exploring the "grit" and shining a light on the raw parts of themselves.

This doesn't involve telling us your secrets or unravelling the shadows of your past. This is a root to branch experience of enriching and nurturing yourself with your amazing brain. 


At the core of what we do are evidence-based approaches such as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), stoicism and eco-psychology. Approaches that help you go beyond the surface and create meaningful and lasting change. Transforming he way you think, feel and live life. 

Our coaches bring their own unique style to the structured 4 part programme. A creative, fun and often joyful approach to enabling meaning and clarity of how to cultivate happiness in your life.

Delve Deeper - Workplace Well-Being

I want to enhance the well-being of my team 

I want to enhance the well-being of my team.

Like many organisations, you want to do something to enhance the well-being of your team(s). Whether your team(s) have been torn apart by the changes that Covid-19 has bought about, or if there was an ongoing issue with the emotional resilience of your team. 

Maybe you are aspiring to be “That Company” renown for the epic achievements harnesses through a solid and nurtured well-being culture, doing bold things, with amazing people!

Stress is one of the greatest causes of work-related sickness. 

The HSE 2020 report cites that “predominant cause of work-related stress, depression or anxiety … [included] workload, deadlines, too much work or too much pressure or responsibility. Other factors identified included a lack of managerial support, organisational changes at work, violence and role uncertainty (lack of clarity about job/uncertain what meant to do).”

The impact of poor staff well-being and presentisim in times of mental distress cost businesses in time, money and progress.

Teams where employees are distressed, over-whelmed or feeling out of control often leads to a range of cultural problems from fractious communication, lack of reliable resources and people feeling out of depth.

It takes guts to acknowledge that there is something that needs to change, and we value a conscience approach to exploring this with you.  

You probably don't need much convincing if we say that the happier and more resourced your staff are the more effective your company can develop. Staff well-being is an  ethical responsibility of employers and we love to work alongside businesses who get this and truly are ready to make a difference.

Your investment needs to be sustainable and worth while. We have seen companies make mistakes and invest in well-being activities that really don’t make a difference. While a nice treat, without coaching individuals and teams to enhance their resources you can be sure that nothing will really change.  We value the investment you will make when you sign up with our wellbeing package. That's why we are confident in offering a 4 session programme that gives teams the time and resources they need to really add value to the emotional resilience of your workplace culture. 

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We pledge a portion of our profits into eco-based projects locally such as tree planting.. That means when you grow with us, you help make things grow!



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