Transform in Nature - Coaching & Facilitation with a green conscience.

Welcome to Where The Mind Grows  coaching & facilitation experiences for individuals & teams. 

Enhance your well-being and transform in nature. 

The care and respect we give our clients works hand in hand with our relationship with nature and we are dedicated to creating nurturing spaces based on Biophillic principles & Eco-psycholgy. 

Explore our three simple packages to discover how you can transform in nature. 

At our core we believe nature nurtures well-being but we, as humans, can nurture nature too. 


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Coaching In Nature Experiences

Here at Where the Mind Grows we want to keep your  journey simple with three bespoke packages to choose from. 

Our coaching experiences can be delivered in one of the following ways:

For Teams/Groups -  Team well-being  meet practical coaching facilitation. Creative workshop spaces,  exploring your chosen package theme. Contextualised to your business needs. 

For Individuals - Personalised coaching journey's to facilitate change & enhance well-being. 

Meander over our package descriptions or get in touch for a Free Discovery Call to discuss ways you can transform in. 

Our experiences connect you with nature and help you discover tangible resources for personal development & self-care. 

All our packages invest in local nature initiatives meaning when you choose Where the Mind Grows you are caring for nature too. 

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Starting out - a programme to help with vision & growth. Everything has a beginning!

Forest Trees


Explore assets, create community & discover opportunity. 
Connect - Communicate - Collaborate


Mighty Oak

Growing through adversity,  managing change & reconnecting for well-being.


Find us in the woods!

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