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Welcome to Where the Mind Grows: Life, Career and Well-Being coaching for individuals and teams. Our sessions take you out of the day-to-day, and into Nature. With a focus on helping you slow down, rebalance, and connect more deeply with your purpose in life or work. 


Hello,  welcome to Where the Mind Grows: Our coaching experiences, programmes, and events are an adventure into nature for personal growth & self-discovery.

A 'down to earth' course in 'being human!'

Slow down, simplify, and re-balance - amidst the hustle and bustle of life! 

Explore strategies for life, career, mindset, and well-being. Amongst the calm, inspiring woods where we meet. Join JK (Jennie-Kate), Coach and Founder, in the beautiful woodland locations for our team and individual coaching sessions. 

Help to make sense of the world and yourself in it. Through wildly creative and deeply explorative life, career, and well-being coaching. In and a part of Nature. 

The clarity, confidence, the creativity to be yourself and make brave, bold choices with more time and energy for what matters. 

If you are here for Team or Organisation Well-Being solutions click HERE to discover more. 


If you’ve stumbled across us, looking for life or career coaching for yourself, explore this page and check out our retreats and for you pages too. 




Time is your biggest issue whether it’s feeling like there is never enough, with too much to do. Or that you're letting life pass you by, doing stuff that doesn’t make you happy.  Compromising time for yourself and the things that matter to you. Worrying that you are wasting your time on this earth and missing out on moments to be yourself and create connected moments with the people you love. 



Being tired, busy, or out of alignment is exhausting. It makes decision-making even more difficult. Impacting your well-being and satisfaction. You would love to have more energy, feel more motivated and adventurous, and connect more deeply with yourself and others. Your well-being has been a little 'wibbly-wobbly' at times, and this is zapping your energy and leaving you with feelings, thoughts, and habits you would love to change. 



There is a saying, ‘Energy flows where attention goes’. Your focus is currently on the part of your work and life that you are dissatisfied, anxious, frustrated, or stressed by. And it's taking up head space and eating away at your joy! You'd love to create time, energy, and the possibilities to focus on the life and career that will make you enjoy and simplify life. 



Things are feeling like a lot of effort and not enough reward. Dissatisfied or disheartened with career or aspects of life. You may be stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ about where to put your efforts and what part to change or start on, which leads you to inaction. Perhaps you've 'tried' and failed in the past which has left you feeling stagnant with what to do next. 



At the core of who you are, you're seeking out ways to live life with better balance and more meaning. To be 'at your best' enjoying life, the opportunities and experiences you long to create. 

The problem is you're currently having moments of 'how did I get here?', feeling your job or aspects of your life are just not working for you. Purpose is such a big word to get your head (and life choices)  around, and with some help to make sense of it, you'll be able to make decisions and align yourself with your values. Create a better balance in your life that helps you feel more of yourself and is good for the world too!


Coaching Packages for MEN - WOMEN - ONLINE- TEAMS - RETREATS 



Our sessions in Nature are always tailored to your needs, and goals. So no one session ever looks the same. Discover more about our individual coaching programmes, or men & women

For team, well-being and coaching explore here

Vision and Opportunities 

I'll help you get clear on what your ideal life would look like, helping you ignite your aspirations and be your ‘critical companion’ to ensure your aims, intentions, and actions are realistic and sustainable. 


Understanding yourself better:

A place to be yourself, with time to connect, free of judgment. 

As a unique individual in the world, sessions offer time to understand yourself and make sense of how to work to your strengths or nurture change. Framing how your mind works, with strategies to help shift 'problem' thinking, managing emotions, changing stuck beliefs, and making change possible. 


Simplify and SLOW DOWN 

Simplify your life and slow things down, bringing energy and attention to magical moments and easier experiences. 

Looking at the bigger picture and the detail of your life. Ensuring your time, energy, and attention are balanced and connected to your health and happiness. Identifying the roles and responsibilities you have in life, which to sustain and nurture, and where to let go and ‘compost’. Exploring your inner self, as well as purposeful changes in life and career. 


Trusting yourself and your decisions. 

Confidence to be & trust yourself is at the heart of everything we do. Sessions support you to celebrate and appreciate the unique, amazing, and courageous being you are. 

You’ll learn when to say yes, and how to say no. Helping those of you with traits of people pleasing, over-committing, OR self-doubt and procrastination to make powerful decisions for yourself and your well-being. 


Deepening Connection:

You're drawn to the feeling, need, and hope for a deeper connection with yourself, others, and the world around you. We’ll explore communication, social connections, identity, and the interconnectedness of all aspects of your life. Defining opportunities for wholesomeness.


Facing Change:

Whilst happiness & simplicity are our focus. Coaching sessions are a place to be real, raw, and gritty about the challenges and changes you’ll experience in life. No toxic positivity here. I recognise that we all have our life stories that can create fear, grief, trauma, or self-doubt. 

I understand that things happen in life that can derail or disrupt your intentions. We’ll delve into resources for future-proofing, sustainable strategies for life's mishaps and 'squiggly paths'. Meaning you can find your way back to yourself in moments that call on resilience.  Because life happens! 


Rewilding, Creativity and Courage

Acknowledging the story of separation where humans have grown away from the natural, wilder parts of life. I will help you create and embody these within yourself and your life. 

As adults, we stifle the creativity and fun that can help to amplify moments of self-satisfaction. 

You’ll be supported to bring yourself back to nature and appreciate the wild and courageous parts of your nature.

Find more freedom and escape the containers of modern world systems that harm your happiness.  


Your contribution to the world

You see the potential you have in the world to contribute and do good, and our sessions will help you ignite that further. 

Whether that’s helping you amplify your existing efforts, or unlearn old ways of doing and being. Or a place to unleash a beautifully creative idea into the world. 


Connect with your purpose, and enhance your lifestyle and career choices. Embracing your opportunity to be a hopeful, helpful, and impactful human in the world. 


Green Nature
Blooming Garden

Ready to explore further?

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or delve into our online resources and courses 


Fancy a nature inspired life coaching retreat, available for you, couples or teams. 

Team away days and leadership development programmes to enhance your well-being culture 

Eucalyptus Tree

Male Client, 2023

"I've grown up surrounded by expectations of what it is to be a man. They never felt like me. I wanted to do good, and be a good person and felt ashamed , uncomfortable most of my life. These sessions have given me the confidence to be myself and  gives me more time and energy for adventure... Having the sessions in nature was just great!"

Tree Stump

Bridget,  2022

"I worked with JK on reframing beliefs I had built up that were no longer serving me, I could see clearly what is holding me back and how to build beliefs better aligned to my values and ambitions... I now see valuing my well-being as an essential part of being a leader and as being a parent"

Forest Trees

Catriona, 2023

Being in nature was calming...
Even when I was directionless, JK helped me process thoughts and coach me toward a focus and help create action points...It is the career change I have been needing so I no longer have to work in a toxic environment which was bad for my mental health.


A little more about JK

Hi, I am JK, Founder of Where the Mind Grows. 

I used to be a fast-paced, hustle-and-bustle kind of person. Caught up in wayyyyyy too much 'doing', and not enough 'being'.


I saw how our work and life cultures are sucking us up and spitting us out. Making us tired, confused, and lost.  Away from a life of connection and purpose. Missing out on deep connections and vital habits for health and habitats. 

That all changed one day when I made the choice to find my place back in nature. Rewilding the parts of myself I'd stifled or lost. With that, everything else began to align. Life got slower, simpler, and easier, and I can always find my way back to me in the hustle and bustle of life. 

Now I help people and teams rediscover themselves in nature too. 

Because I believe we can relearn and unlearn our way out of the messy muddle of our extractive lives and back to 'being human' in our natural world, Earth - our home. To simplify, enrich and rebalance our lives.   


JK has over a decade of experience in the mental health and employability sector (Health/Charity/Private) as a leader before becoming a coach. She is a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, an advanced integral eye movement practitioner, and qualified in M-Bit/M-braining three brain thinking and brain bargaining techniques adopted from Old Pain 2 GO. Trained in ecopsychology and regenerative approaches, including being a Think Like A Tree facilitator. With a range of trauma-informed CPD. An experienced facilitator of group and individual coaching.  Co-Creator of Think Like A Forest Regenerative Business Programme and Founder of Wild Workspaces Co-Working Spaces. 


Our one to one sessions will take place in private woodland at Little Seed Field, Near Ripon North Yorkshire.

Discover more about our venues and collaborators below
. If you are wondering why our sessions are out and inspired by Nature. You can discover more on out ABOUT page too. 

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