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Bring life & energy to your  team
away days!

Team Aways days in Nature. 

With mental health and well-being at the core. Come and explore a day in the wild, for your team spirit, purpose and connection. 

Focus on personal development and healthy work cultures. Rooted in the principles of psychological safety -to help your team collaborate, learn and grow!

simple, relaxing and connected solutions. 

Wildly Creative Away Days for teams, organisations and collectives.

  re-energise,  Re-Focus, relax, rewild, 

Garden Soil

Creating Cultures with
healthy soil & soul! 

A new view, better connected

Team away days with a difference. 

Where the Mind Grows offer coaching and facilitation, in alongside and part of nature. 

Team days that escape 'bored room' style training, stuck in a room and stifled.


Here in the woods, we embrace diversity,  re-wild innovation and value uniqueness!  


Helping your team come together, enhance communication and collaboration and nurture a healthier, happier culture. 


Where each team member has the opportunity to add vibrancy to your collective aims and mission. 

JK McQuinn (Founder) brings coaching, facilitation and wild creativity to your away days. A regenerative approach to personal development and mind and body good health.

With practical resources and inspiration to take away with you.

Where the Mind Grows, work alongside teams, organisations and individuals who want to change for the better and value your impact on the health and well-being of people and planet, now and in the future. 


What is it you think your team really need?

Planning your team away day, can feel like quite an over-whelming event.  Trying to get the right tone and focus and please everyone. 

With a focus on mental health and well-being at the core of our team away days, your experience combines practical and resourceful time together. 

Meet you and your team exactly where you are. A free initial consultation with JK will help you gain clarity on the style and focus of your day. To help your all to value the time and energy you take out for this day. 

For some teams, that's just a holding space in which to ask the 'what do you need' question and facilitate answers and actions that support a healthy, confident working culture. 

For other teams and organisations; you'll have a specific need that calls on prioritising. These commonly theme around stress management, resilience and managing change, communication and team relationships, ideas and vision alignment and over-all mental health and well-being strategy and culture. 



Complete this short questionnaire, to help you reflect on the needs of your next team away day. You will receive a personalised response from me, JK, recommending the theme and focus for your day, from our range of services.  

By completing the questionnaire, you will be added to our team well-being mailing list and receive follow up marketing and resources in relation to team well-being and personal development. You can unsubscribe at any time. 


Leading or planning a team away day can feel confusing and complicated. With so many areas to explore, how do you make the 'right choice' for the collective? Sometimes a simple conversation can go a long way, in helping you figure out the next steps for your team.

I offer a free consult of up to 45 minutes, a confidential space to talk things through and sound stuff out. Together we will explore current challenges and aims for the team. Help you to understand if Where the Mind Grows is the right approach for your team (I'll be honest if not!) and explore the opportunities your team has to nurture and grow a rather fabulous workplace. 

Leaving the conversation with clarity and a plan of action. Whether we work together or not!

JK_WTMG_221120_153 leaf eye wide shot.jpg
"Safe, welcoming space which has forced me to make time to address wellbeing for myself and my organisation"
"Reduction in anxious feelings at work..I have improved my own wellbeing and this has created the headspace for me to think about how to apply my learning to my organisation and to take positive steps to improve the wellbeing of employees."
"Helping me to put myself/own needs first without guilt or shame. Feels empowering to have this new vision that is sustainable and feel this has helped me on my own wellbeing journey"
JK has a great style, she adapts her approach to the needs of the group and intuitively understands what different group members need throughout the sessions. She's a very calm and skilful facilitator and has a huge depth of knowledge".
Walk in Nature
  • Initial Consultation and planning of the day 

  • Content and Resource tailoring and creation

  • Venue booking  

  • Risk assessment & insurance (WTMG)

  • Refreshments 

  • 1 x 'touch point' follow meeting - pre-planning.  

  • Team resources 

  • Log Fire and Fuel (for colder days) 

  • Welcome Email 

  • Welcome Onboarding questionnaire 

  • Resource adaptations for accessibility and learning needs. 

  • Skilled and experience facilitation on the day 

  • Follow up review and evaluation email. 

Additions (These can be added into a proposal)

  • Plant-Based Catering for Team Lunch

  • Follow up sessions for teams and/or individual staff, to support further development and wellbeing needs. 

Whats Included?


example wild team day


09: 30: - 11:00 - Orientation, welcome & morning Activities 

11:00-11:15 - Break 

11:15-12:45 - Mid-Morning Activities 

12:45-13:30 - Lunch

 13:30-15:00- Afternoon Activities

15:00-15:15 - Afternoon Break 

15:15: -16:30- Afternoon Activities continued, evaluation, next steps and team check-out


About your coach/facilitator

Hi I am JK (Jennie-Kate) McQuinn - Coach, Founder and Facilitator at Where the Mind Grows.  Before doing this, I was a senior leader in public, private and community Mental Health and Employability projects. I had a real sense of the challenges purpose led, community teams and leaders have in keeping well - in the face and complexity of our modern day community needs. ​I've combined my focus on planet and people good health. Recognising the inter-connection between our stretched system, the poly-crises we are facing and the impact this all has on our mental health. I work with teams, leaders and individuals to root workplace well-being, and psychological safety at the core of work cultures. Not just nice fluffy stuff, real, courageous and impactful stuff.  So that your 'doing and being good' doesn't have to come at the consequence of your being human!​I am a trauma-informed coach, working with a mixed modality approach, including ecopsychogy and regenerative leadership. Combining strategies and resources for human and planetary health. ​Learn more about me here


The Practical Bits 

In preparation for your team day we've created to clear steps to ensure we can work collaboratively and in alignment together to meet your aims. 


We help you to keep things simple throughout the process. ​​

  • Get in touch (direct/questionnaire or book in a consult)

  • Complete a scoping consultation conversation together, where we create a plan for your day. 

  • WTMG secure the date and venue (Sorted and booked by WTMG) 

  • Receive a tailored Service Level Agreement from me, including our agreed delivery and terms. 

  • WTMG design your day & resources  behind the scenes

  • We'll send your team a welcome introduction to support them to feel confident and engaged in the day. 

  • You attend the day together as a team

  • WTMG will send a follow up celebration email and resources

  • WTMG will support review and impact of the day. 


Tree Stump


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