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 A break from life's hustle


 rediscover wild, creative, freedom

reconnect, rebalance & re-energise your life.


Magnified Grass
A two day nature-inspired well-being retreat
JOIN US - 18TH -20TH JUNE 2024
Hosted by Where the Mind Grows & collaborators at Little Seed Field, Nr Ripon, North Yorkshire. 
Field Sunset


Discover more - 2024 SOMWHERE retreat brochure 

 A break from the hustle & bustle

This two-day, nature-inspired well-being retreat is for you if you are struggling with a little over-whelm, feeling like life is a little hectic and need some time, away from the busy being, to re-connect with yourself. 


Life can get mega busy, and before you know it, time and energy are swallowed up in the roles, expectations, and responsibilities in the hustle and bustle of life. 

You are craving some time and space for clarity and connection. To help feel more of yourself, and explore some helpful ways to live and work in a way that benefits your well-being. 

Currently, you feel like you don't have quite the right answers and strategies to feel confident and balanced in your life. A space to be yourself, without distraction. To rest, replenish and re-wild that creative, loving soul of yours, making room for more moments of joy, confidence and fulfilment. 

Cosy glamping cabins, delicious food, transformational group coaching, wild swimming, mindful wood whittling,  dark Skies Area, fire-side reflections,  nature-inspired immersive activities,  rest & relaxation, and reflective time in nature.

Over the summer solstice - a time for renewal and reconnection. 

A chance to re-connect with yourself, nature and others too. 


Joy for your soul

Peace of mind

Re-wilding your heart

Life is not a simple case of black & white, wrong & right, up and down.

The retreat experience values the light and shade, the wibbly-wobbly, non-linear nature of being human. SOMEWHERE is not just a space to 'retreat' but a space for celebrating & valuing your uniqueness. Wholeheartedly exploring well-being, that works for our modern day chaos!

 To help you embrace the benefits of time for Yourself as a long-term strategy for health & happiness - that helps boost confidence, too!

You may not be at the point of overwhelm right now. But you 'get it', been there, done that, got the t-shirt, sometimes get close to teetering on the edge. And know that one of your core principles for yourself is to make time and space and simplify life. So that you and the people who surround your life reap the benefits. More balance, more energy, such fun!

You know it works ( this self-care malarkey), and you know it's time to make time for it (How fabulous!!)


Like so many in this busy world, you may still find yourself in a bit of a predicament. The time, roles, and responsibilities you have in work and life mean you are busy helping or leading others. And that eb and flow may be all eb, not enough flow!

This leaves little time for yourself and a head full of 'stuff'. 

You keep making promises to yourself like ' things will change' or 'next week I'll...' - but you struggle to make it happen, stick to a well-being routine, or just end up 'feeling bad' about your 'failed attempts' at making time for yourself. 

Feeling out-of-sorts from your naturally enthusiastic self,  leaves you feeling a bit disconnected from it all. 

Trying to be something for everyone is tricky and exhausting. Spending time worrying about how to do the 'right thing'. To be your 'best'.  A better partner, parent, leader, friend, carer, business owner, human.  

A kinder, more patient person to yourself, too. 

It can all feel a bit complicated and confusing sometimes!


So join us on this experience. If you are somewhere between 'I need a break, before I break' and 'I bloody love to invest in personal growth, well-being & time for my soul' - there is place for you here at SOMEWHERE. 


Secure your retreat place today for just £100 

Payment due in full on or before 31/3/2024 00:00

Check out some of the highlights from 2023 retreat 


The cosy hobbit-style glamping cabins at Little Seed Field are something a bit special. Offering a comfortable resting place with real beds, with the sense of excitement you might be looking for in a retreat. 

There are a total of 7 cabins on site; each sleeping is available for us to 3 people sharing at the retreat. 

The cabins can be booked out as a solo 'retreater'. Or share a cabin with a friend, colleague, or family member.  

You will not be asked to share accommodation with someone you do not know! 

Four of the cabins offer ensuite facilities, while the other three have access to a shared washroom and toilet facilities a short walk away.  

There is parking onsite a short stroll from the cabins. 

There is one wheelchair accessible cabin on site (this is ensuite) - please let us know if you require this. 

(Your cabin will be allocated to you by the event organiser).




Choose a WHOLE cabin to yourself, with ensuite shower and toilet facilities for the full retreat. 

Includes all retreat activities and meals. 


(Subject to availability)


Choose a WHOLE cabin to yourself. 


With access to the communal onsite shower and toilet facilities a short stroll away.

Includes all retreat activities and meals. 


(Subject to availability)

group sharing options

Share a cabin with people you know. Cabins available for 2-3 people sharing. 

Choose from a cabin for two or three. 

With a choice of ENSUITE or SHARED FACILITIES cabins 

(Bookings with people you know only - we will not ask you to share with a stranger)

Includes all retreat activities and meals.

Cabins are made as a group booking or opt for the deposit scheme for now.

£995-1650 for groups sharing. 

(Subject to availability)

Poppy Field

what is included?

So much value....

You might be feeling a little apprehensive about  getting a place at SOMEWHERE: Retreat Experience for yourself. Here is a reminder of everything that is included in your investment. 

-- - - - - - 

Two-night stay (18th-20th June) in a glamping cabin at the beautiful Little Seed Field, North Yorkshire (arrival morning 18th June) 

  • Retreat welcome pack & personal growth resources. 

  • Cosy accommodation in a glamping cabin

  • Meals & refreshments throughout. (Vegetarian/Vegan food) - 2 x lunch, 2 x breakfast & 2x evening meals

  • Three explorative (nature-inspired) group coaching spaces with JK (Coach & Facilitator)

  • BONUS Deep Connection walk, with nature connection. 

  • Wild Woodcraft for presence, creativity, and connection. 

  • Wild Swimming (or optional riverside reflection) 

  • Fire-Side reflections  (Little Seed Field is a Dark skies venue)

  • Time to relax & rest

  • Time with and connected in Nature

  • Time connecting with other interesting people, seeking similar experiences. 

Find your place Somewhere

When you sign up  & purchase your ticket you will receive additional information, exclusive to attendees to help you plan your retreat stay. 

Retreat Brochure



Thanks for your intrigue!

Enjoying Nature


Sitting by Campfire


Texting on Mobile Phone


Alpinen meadow

Retreat T&C's


Explorative Group Workshops

Woven in between peaceful and playful nature time - you have the opportunity to delve deep into self-discovery. With supportive, facilitated spaces to nurture and grow. 

Through four group coaching sessions to help you find the clarity and confidence to re-balance your life. 

Courageous, curious and creative conversations to activate change. 

  • Inspired by Nature - Enhancing well-being with natural principles creating a vision for a life of health and happiness and making 'stuff' happen. 

  • Values as your compass - A resource to help you stay human and enhance your well-being in the busy and complex world, a take away resource for well-being in work or life. 

  • Composting & Cultivating - Letting go and nurturing change, a reflective workshop to help you celebrate and value your uniqueness and create space and new beliefs to nurture your life. 



Leave with more (or less)

At the start of all her coaching sessions, I asks

 'What would you like to leave with?' or 'leave without?'

Our two day retreat is curated to help you nurture new insights and skills and let go of those things keeping you stuck. Carefully crafted to help you with moments of relaxation, inspiration and ignite ideas to help re-balance the things that matter, in your wider world. 

JK (Founder & Coach at Where the Mind Grows) has over 15 years experience helping people to figure out this 'being human' malarkey. Re-connect & 're-purpose' your life through a holistic (whole-life/whole person) coaching approach and plenty of wild creativity too. 

Previous coaching clients have benefited from this nature-inspired approach, to:

  • Value the importance of well-being as a leader in life or work roles. 

  • Bring more joy, energy and self-connection into life.

  • Find better balance, with ease. 

  • Choose health and happiness as a priority not just a luxury.

  • Know how to get yourself 'back in order', where challenge and change occurs. 

  • Recognition and confidence, to feel 'good enough' in what you do. 

  • Space to be more creative and make more time for self, knowing the benefit it has on your wider world!

You too can have the chance to rekindle your connection with your playful, soulful, creative parts. 

Being an adult, doesn't have to mean giving up that wild, creative, freedom. You can choose to facilitate fun and joy for others whilst saving some time and space for yourself too. And we are here to help you learn how or nurture your vision! 

Time Together 

SOMEWHERE is a place for collaboration & connection. Whilst you may enjoy the thought of coming as a SOLO RETREATER the retreat experience is also a place that welcomes GROUP BOOKINGS - share your cabin and retreat place with friends, in need of the break, colleagues who long for a reset too or people in your business network looking to enhance well-being. 

Last year we were joined by an organisation whose leaders came along. Sharing cabins


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