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Are you somewhere between “I need a break before I break” and “Investing in ME is a priority?”

Magnified Grass
A two day nature-inspired well-being retreat
JOIN US - 18TH -20TH JUNE 2024
Hosted by Where the Mind Grows & collaborators at Little Seed Field, Nr Ripon, North Yorkshire. 


There’s a place for you here at SOMEWHERE: a two-day retreat, in nature, for individuals and teams to rediscover what it means to put their well-being first.

Do you know when the best time to release overwhelm is?

Before you get overwhelmed, not during. Nip it in the bud, tackle it early, trim it down before it gets overgrown.

I know you know this because you make well-intentioned promises to yourself all the time – ”things will change, next week I’ll stick to the meditation sessions, and tomorrow I’ll finish work on time to spend time with my family.”

But, like all of us who set goals and “fail,” you feel bad at your failed attempts to prioritise YOU. You feel like you should be able to manage yourself and have your shit together – you’re an adult with life experience!

If something, somewhere, deep within you is craving a break from the hustle of life, to retreat into nature to rediscover the freedom of the wild, prioritise your health and happiness, and rebalance your nervous system…

Then come and join others, just like you, from all walks of life, and learn to reconnect with yourself from one of our best teachers: Nature.

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A deeper look at what you get

It might feel a bit over-indulgent spending this money on a wellbeing retreat for yourself…one that you might turn up to knowing nobody. I get it!

As well as the time and space to learn from Nature, take a look at everything else you get:

  • A two-night stay in a cosy glamping cabin at the beautiful Little Seed Field  in the Nidderdale Valley, Yorkshire. 

  • All your meals are included and catered for by a local Yorkshire small business (Vegetarian and/or Vegan)

  • Three explorative, nature-inspired group coaching spaces with your coach and facilitator, JK - allowing you to take part in courageous, curious conversations to activate the change you need to see within.

  • A bonus Back From The Wild walk – a walk in the woods to help you reflect, begin decompressing and support you to transition out of the wild and back to your reality alongside the parts of yourself you’ve rediscovered.

  • Wild Wood-Crafting – you get to take home the thing you’ve crafted, and can make anything from a wooden plant label to a carved soon or honey stirrer, with Thrive Outside. 

  • Wild swimming in a peaceful river. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can opt for some riverside reflection delivered by Lucy at Swim Outdoors. 

  • Fire-side reflections - Little Seed Field is a dark skies venue so expect to look up and see the cosmos, weather and daylight hours permitting!

  • Time to relax, rest, and do what you want – yes, really, you can do what you want for a change!

  • Two days of connecting with like-minded people who are there for similar reasons to you

We’ll never ask you to share a cabin with a stranger - so relax knowing that your space is yours





Ultimately, you’ll leave with this

The inspiration from nature to address some key, pressing life issues.

A group of people who will support you, listen to you, and laugh with you as you share experiences, stories, and time together outdoors.

I know it can feel strange to invest in something so ‘luxurious’ as time for yourself on a retreat.

So, take it from these retreaters and see for yourself the value of the Somewhere retreat.

It was truly Somewhere to just be myself. Just the right balance of input and structure to personal reflective time. The two special experiences were woven beautifully into the programme to build on themes, thoughts and feelings that we have visited in the sessions. I felt very in the moment and inspired by nature to address some key life issues. (Jude, Retreat Attendee 2023)

Pick your restful heaven

  • Solo ensuite cabin (4 available) - SOLD OUT 2024!

Get a whole cabin to yourself, with your own ensuite bathroom.

One cabin is wheelchair accessible, just let us know if you need this.

Price includes all retreat activities and meals.

  • Solo with shared bathroom (3 available) - TWO REMAINING 202!

Get a whole cabin to yourself, with access to shared onsite shower and toilet facilities a short walk away from the cabin.

Price includes all retreat activities and meals.

  • Group sharing (only with people you know)

Coming as a team, a family, or with friends? Choose from a cabin for two or three.

Includes all retreat activities and meals.

Cabins are made as a group booking or opt for the deposit scheme for now.

There is parking onsite a short stroll from the cabins.

  • GROUP (TWIN OR TRIPLE) shared bathroom (3 available) - TWO REMAINING 202!

Get a whole cabin to yourself, with access to shared onsite shower and toilet facilities a short walk away from the cabin.

Price includes all retreat activities and meals.


This isn’t another fluffy wellness retreat

The wellness industry has plenty of well-meaning, kind-hearted people in it. There is also a lot of absolute-f*ckwizardry and some retreats might have you standing in a circle in the moonlight, holding hands with weird clothes on.

Or they might force you into doing things you’re not comfortable with, like making you get up at 4am to overshare personal stories.

If that’s your thing, then you are welcome here. But, that’s not the sort of wellness retreat this is.

It’s more down-to-earth, practical, and rooted in the principles of nature, biophilia, and psychology. It’s also a space for both/all genders! The main thing is you have respect for each other, for yourself, and the world around you.


It’s space for you to relax even if you don’t know how to

If you’re stressed, you have anxiety, or you’re neurodiverse (aware of it or not!) you might think you won’t be able to function at a retreat because you feel like you have no clue how to relax. When in fact, you’re the person who needs this time the most.

I work in such a holisitic and personalised way with people which has allowed me to design this retreat around the challenges of an over-active mind. Because you’ve been told “just relax” a hundred times, and you know you need to. So it’s not the lack of opportunity that’s the issue.

It’s your feeling that you have no idea how to. This retreat will give you space and time to learn how to relax thanks to elements like the psycho-education coaching sessions and wild swimming that boosts relaxation feelings for you without you having to know how.


Hop on over to our Eventbrite page to secure your place today!

(Solo & Group tickets) 

Meet your facilitator

Hello! I’m Jennie-Kate (JK), founder and coach at Where The Mind Grows. I’ve been helping people figure out this “being human malarkey’ for 15 years, helping individuals and teams to rebalance their minds and reconnect with their purpose, passion, and the ‘thing’ that makes them who they are.

I started the Somewhere Retreat because I saw the need to hold space for people to reconnect with their wild, creative, freedom-seeking side on a deeper level and among others seeking the same.

Incredible breakthroughs, transformations, and ah-ha moments happen when people come together, in nature, with the shared vision to prioritise their well-being and take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The Somewhere Retreat is a space to be yourself, without distraction. To rest, replenish and re-wild that creative, loving soul of yours, making room for more moments of joy, confidence and fulfilment.



I’m a leader/HR professional/CEO. Is this suitable for members of my team?

We’d love to see you and your team at our Somewhere Retreat! In the past we’ve had organisations use our retreats as part of a team getaway, reward, or team-building weekend. If you know that your team needs time to de-stress, or they’ve worked so hard that they deserve this treat, then get in touch.


Will I have free time?

Definitely. The days are structured enough that you’ll never be left stuck wondering “What do I do now?!” but with plenty of space to take time to yourself to recharge, relax, and enjoy your own space.

Who are the group bookings best suited for?

The option of the group share, cabin means you can 'bunk-up' and share the cabin space with a group of 2-3 people you know, this can support you to save a little on the ticket and also means you can come to the retreat with friends, team mates or people you know from your business network. 

The main thing is that you all see the value of the retreats offering, and can see how this experience can enhance your individual well-being. (Last years group bookings, even had some sneaky mid-night feasts and caught up on stories from each other's lives when they were all tucked up in bed!)


Will I be the only one there on my own?

Most people who come to our nature wellbeing retreats don’t know anyone. It’s cliche but you really will leave as friends. You’re all there for similar reasons, with a shared love of the outdoors. You’ll instantly have something in common!


What if I can’t swim?

If you can’t swim, or simply don’t fancy wild swimming, there will be a river-side reflection activity for you instead. You won’t be left out twiddling your thumbs.


Do I have to share a room with someone I don’t know?

Nope! Your room is yours unless you specifically book a shared room with a friend/family/team member.

I can't afford to pay in full, but really want to come!

We've made a deposit option available, meaning you can secure your spot at the retreat (Group or solo) for just £100PP. (Deposit scheme ends mid-April) You can pay in your chosen instalments after that. You just have to complete all outstanding payments before midday 1st May 2024.





To book your place on the retreat, head over to the retreat Eventbrite page where there are a range of options for SOLO and GROUP retreaters. Choose from an ensuite or shared-facilities cosy glamping cabin. 

Pay up front and benefit from our 10% discount on purchases made before 31st March 2024 using code: BARNOWL at checkout. 

Or utilise our payment plant. Securing your place for just £100 PP and ensuring you complete your ticket payment before the 1st May 2024. 

The retreat investment was described as 'great value'. A fully inclusive experience, including accommodation, meals and all retreat activities included in the ticket.  

All ticket options are subject to availability. We allocate a specific glamping cabin to you, shared in our welcome emails in the run up to the event for people attending. 

PLEASE NOTE: Group bookings are for friends/families/colleagues only - no one will be asked to share with someone you do not already know. 


Discover more - 2024 SOMEWHERE retreat brochure 

Retreat Brochure



Thanks for your intrigue!

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