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Picnic in nature

Coaching from the inside out!

As a leader, founder or business owner you've already achieved so much in your life!

Finding the balance between yourself and your work can at times, feel like an impossible task.


Just when you think you've found the opportunity to make a few changes, even more things shift around you and you're back to the tactic of 'keeping on' and those hopefully promises of 'next week I'll...' and 'it will all calm down soon'. 

We offer one to one coaching and personal development for busy leaders who value the importance of sussing out ways to keep well and prosper and avoid the 'burn out' and 'self-doubt' that can throw your wor and life into turmoil. 

JK (Jennie-Kate) offers down-to-earth coaching for the human YOU in business and life. 


Helping you with:

  • Aligning your values with your lifestyle. 

  • Gaining clarity and control of the life you want to lead. 

  • Understanding disruptive patterns and habits, unlearning and relearning new ways of being and doing.  

  • Resilience and confidence for when it all goes t*ts up! 

  • Support for mental health needs such as anxiety, stress, low-mood and trauma. 

  • Helping you find your own way of being and doing, where you experience issues with self-esteem, imposter beliefs and confidence 

  • Psycho-education to help you regulation your nervous system. Equipping you with strategies for challenge, change and that ever-so-scary success too!

  • A free of judgment space to be honest and open about your fears and failures -so you can learn and grow. 


Meet your Coach

Hello! I’m JK

I’ll be your coach and facilitator – alongside Nature, of course.

I gently yet courageously challenge the idea of 'people pleasing' and ‘delusional optimism and toxic positivity’ that leads people to set unrealistic goalposts.

I help you to be compassionate but analytical towards your personal circumstances, breaking away from the toxic positivity culture that can flood the well-being sector.

Using a mixture of warmth, humour, and matter-of-fact bluntness, we’ll work together to create the changes you need to see so you can thrive.

JK_WTMG_221120_66 thought.jpg
Woman in the Nature


I have managed to be alot more clearer about my role, what it is and what it isn't. Also managing to try and shift the 'talking behind peoples back' culture and encourage those prickly conversations where necessary, whether that's independently or with myself included. Practice makes perfect!  (K)
"Reduction in anxious feelings at work, more purposeful when spending time in nature"  Philippa

Explore Coaching One-To-One

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18-20th june

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