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Being a Leader, Founder, business owner or manager can be a muddle of adventure, excitement,  loneliness and WTF!  Dappled with moments of self-doubt, overwhelm and confusion. 

In leading and supporting others you might be guilty of forgetting to prioritise your own well-being and personal development.  Not feeling like you have the balance quite right.

You probably miss out on opportunities to celebrate your own successes. And may feel like time is moving so fast and things are so busy you get little or no opportunity to reflect and fine tune. 

As a business owner you dance between hustling and panicking when things get a little quieter. How many times have you told yourself you would like to change a few things to get the balance you want. But then something happens, a new piece of work lands and it gets put off for another day. 

Our coaching in nature approach offers time and space to celebrate, contemplate and create change. Typically you will be discovering us at a time that is teetering on burn-out OR because you've dipped your toe in the elixir of personal- growth and you see how important this is for your health, happiness and ability to be an effective leader. 

All leaders benefit from a space, free of judgment to express, explore, and figure stuff out.  To navigate the light and shade of being human. 

Our coaching approach offers a bold, brave and down to earth approach to change and develop. A space to be genuinely yourself and create moments of calm to clear the mind clutter. To find clarity in future adventures, and opportunities to enhance life and leadership. 

We help leaders with the following issues and solutions:

  • Anxiety, overwhelm and stress management. 

  • Rebalance - before burnout. 

  • Confidence, self esteem and overcoming Imposter beliefs. 

  • Igniting wild ideas and innovation. 

  • Career clarity, authenticity and purpose. 

  • Creating healthier boundaries and reducing 'people pleasing' and over commitment. 

  • Grief, loss and/or Single -Trauma experiences. 

  • Regenerative Leadership Principles. 

  • Courage, communication & being understood. 

  • Leading with long term conditions and/or neurodiversity. 

  • Climate anxiety. 



1:1 Coaching 


Team Well-being 

Events & Retreats

Working at home

Learn a little more. 

Our coaching services offer a range of opportunities for Leaders and Founders to grow, develop and re-balance well-being. 

If you are feeling like your time, energy and well-being are a bit out of sorts at the moment then our 1:1 coaching options are a space to meet together in nature and figure things out. 

Join us for a stand alone 'rebalance' session - 90 minutes in nature to begin re-aligning work and life. 

Our Clarity experiences offer a half day coaching experience where you can gain insight on a personal or work related challenge and leave with confidence and clear intention of your next steps and opportunities - creating your own personalised well-being strategy too!

Or for a deeper dive - our Soul Purpose coaching programme offers 6 1:1 sessions across 6-12 months to help you find direction (or redirection) in your career and life. 

Our  personalised leadership retreats are also available to tailor an experience designed to your personal intentions. 


If you are looking for space for yourself, but like the idea of connecting with others who are seeking out similar things from life (and probably sharing a passion or interest in Nature) then check out our Nature Retreat SOMEWHERE - 21st-23rd June.  A two day regenerative well-being retreat to help you prioritise time for self, inspired by nature. 

Or join us at one of our monthly Wild Workspaces events (Mar-Oct) a co-working pop up event in nature for getting stuff done, being better connected and creating calm and focus in your working day.

Our Events Page is the best place to discover all our upcoming events and public programmes.  



If it's stuff for your team be sure to check out our Team Away days and team events and programmes.   

Take part in our four phase Rooted Leaders programme - open programme launches in Autumn 2023.

Or if you would like to take part in learning to become a regenerative business - our collaboration with think like a tree - called Think Like A Forest has events coming up too. 

If you are not entirely sure which route to take, to get rooted. Than please take up the opportunity of our FREE curiosity call  (for yourself) or consultation for your business

Oh and one last thing! 

If you haven't already subscribed to our mailing list - you can do so here where you will receive regular newsletter, resources, offers and reflections on all things nature, well-being and being human! 



My Story (At least one of them!)

 HI, I am JK (Jennie-Kate) The founder of Where the Mind Grows - There are so many stories I could share with you that have led me to the point of combining nature with well-being. But perhaps the most important one I share with leaders is this....

In my previous career (as a manager in third sector mental health and employability) I had been so very - accidentally- effective at leading that I had some how managed to be assigned project management of around 5 different projects. None of these projects were in the same place and this meant I was often supposed to be in one or more places at one. 


On this occasion I was driving from one meeting to another when I heard my phone ringing. Glancing down to see it was my own interim manager (my actual manager was off with stress). I'd been trying to catch up with the interim manager for a few days now, to bottom out an issue that would, with clarity, enable me to lead more effectively. I pulled over on a layby and took the call ready to bottom out the issue and find resolution. Within a few seconds it was clear that was not going to happen. On the end of the phone was an individual on the verge of their own mental health crisis. There was no capacity for them to hear me. All I could do is listen and provide the space this individual needed.  As I did so I leant my head against the car window as I gazed across at the car footwell. 

My attention was drawn to empty packages of service station sandwich packets - whilst out of the corner of my eye I noticed my wholesome, homecooked lunch from a few days before. Festering on the car seat beside me. (I'd not prioritised my lunch for a while now).  

This was the first mirage of a profound moment for me. Hearing the pressured speech of the manager. Being literally surrounded by decay. Holding my own breath and bones with the intensity of it all. 


On ending the call - being none the wiser about my own issue- I was about to start the car when I paused.


I still remember now how deeper breath I took, and how the sun beam warmed my face from the drivers side. There to the right of me, was a forest. I paused. Turned the keys and stepped out of my car towards the woods. In this moment came my second profound experience. Surrounded by the tall pines and conifers, the light dancing through, the sudden clarity of birdsong and the cool calm breeze on my face, I knew that the woods was where I wanted to be. It had helped me in so many times in my life as a leader and a human being, to be in nature.  And yet years had passed, without me even realising, since I'd last been with and part of Nature in this way. 


In that moment. I had clarity - I could make sense of it all.  What had been subdued inside sang louder and clearer now. And so for the following years - I trained in a range of coaching and nature-based approaches so I could help others be leaders in an often challenging world. And now I lead myself with balance, courage and connection in mind. Knowing the path, is at times, wibbly wobbly; and recognising that we are getting to better know our true selves everyday.

Through a carefully crafted coaching approach I spend my days helping others to find confidence, compassion, clarity and courage for yourself or your team. 

To  a place of discovery - Where the Mind Grows. Where purpose and courage and heart are a rooted-centre of being a leader.  To value and prioritise your own well-being and ensure you can make time, space and energy for what matters. 

A space to be real and honest and Human - about the challenges, adventures and opportunities you have. Conjuring together wildly creative solutions.

 Exploring your potential to pioneer and lead in your business or organisation, in your own corner of the world!

Other cool stuff

Got a question?

You can contact us with your question for feel free to book a short discovery/curiosity call or organisational consultation - to discuss and explore there. 

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