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There are many reasons that you may have been drawn to  1:1 coaching in nature services, but the likelihood is you are looking to create positive and purposeful change in your life. 


Curious about the benefits of coaching to help you do things differently and looking for ways to enhance your well-being and make positive life changes, that benefit yourself and others. 

Add to that, the benefit of our coaching sessions together, being outdoors connected with nature for additional inspiration, resources and the space to create calm and reduce stress! What's not to like?

Our 1;1 coaching package helps you unclutter the mind muddle, build clarity and confidence and help you live a fulfilled and purposeful life. 

The time and space to figure it all out.  

Rekindling the parts that you feel you lost along the way.  And creating new resources that inspire, energise, curiously explore, create and embrace life.

 Learn ways to let go of the stuff that is holding you back and propagate new ideas, beliefs and ways of living that help you with health and happiness. 

Nurturing purposefully. Rooting those elements that need time and attention to grow. Helping you remained focused and hopeful in the intentions and aims you have to live a meaningful life. 

With practical activities and  space for re-connection, to help you deal with the challenges and change of work and life.


Our coaching packages and experiences offer a focused and calm place to 'work on yourself'. Enhance the way you live your life. Helping you move forward with confidence,  acceptance, trust and courage in each moment. 

Our 4-6 session package is ideal for people  working hard and feeling the hustle-and-bustle of life wear you down.  Ideal for anyone who resonates with  one or more of the following:

  • Looking to improve your work/life balance or make changes to your career path. 

  • Finding meaning and purpose after loss or significant change ( Death/Relationship/relocation/career change/health scare) 

  • Struggling with confidence, self-esteem and self-doubt. 

  • Desiring to become better connected to nature and live a more purpose-led life. 

  • Struggling with stress/anxiety or overwhelm and worry and looking for strategies that will help in a variety of situations.  

  • Looking to enhance your well-being and live a happier, healthier life. 

  • A desire to re-wild one or more aspects of your life, feel more comfortable about who you are and unleash a creative idea or project in your life. 

Time to reconnect with yourself and nature. Living a kinder compassioned life. 


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Time in nature can support and enhance your health and happiness.

Nature is  a co-facilitator. With billions of years mastering change, surviving change and building resilience. We incorporate ecopsychology and ecotherapy into our coaching approach to help you grow.

Time out in nature is not only proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It also can help with creativity, compassion and motivation. Just a few of the benefits you get from taking your coaching session outdoors. 

Our sessions are much more than time out in nature. And through coaching, psycho-education and ecopsychology we will share new resources and perspective to help you create change. 

We meet in beautiful woodland and green settings, guiding you through your personal change goals.  

 Our coaches are adept in listening, adapting and responding each session to your individual needs and intentions throughout the coaching journey together.  Giving and receiving feedback, tweaking and helping you build momentum in your vision and aims. 

All our coaching packages begin with a FREE discovery call, where you can discover more about our transformative life coaching programme

Change begins here

Our 1-2-1 coaching sessions are delivered across a range of venues in West and North Yorkshire. 

Our 1:1 packages are usually 4-6 sessions lasting 90 minute each.  We recommend you spread your sessions out between 2-6 months.

We begin with a short FREE discovery call or zoom to explore your options and then you receive all the info you need to get booked in for your sessions. 


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