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Transform in Nature


Coaching in Nature 

 Coaching & Facilitation with a green conscience

West & North Yorkshire and beyond!

Coaching with a green conscience

Coaching for you!

Where the Mind Grows offers a range of coaching services for individuals and teams. On this page, we share more with you about coaching one-to-one. 

Practical information about our coaching packages, session venue, and who our coaching is tailored to support. 

Sessions are delivered out in Nature, in North Yorkshire.

Or online for those who are too far to travel. 

A combination of life, career, mindset, and well-being coaching. Tailored to the unique individuals we work with. 

Helping people escape the busy hustle and bustle of life, reclaim your time, and rebalance your energy.​
With clarity and calm, and plenty of creativity.  
Leading to more purpose, meaning, and happiness. As you simplify and rewild your life. 

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Less Stress, More Fun 

Our individual coaching packages are for people looking to rebalance your time and energy in life. 
Whether it's something about your career, life, or well-being that you wish to change.
You'll explore this with JK (Jennie-Kate), Coach and Founder of Where the Mind Grows, through 90-minute sessions in Nature together. 

Coaching is a space, free of judgment, to help you redefine, rebalance and reconnect your life. 
Helping you to better understand yourself and make choices and decisions about opportunities and goals. 
Helping you live a life that feels more centered on who you want to be in the world. JK coaches people who value their place to be a good human, to make more time for well-being, and form deeper, more present lifestyles. Where simplicity is valued and experiences are treasured. 

Learn more about our approach and focus here

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Our sessions are delivered at the beautiful location of Little Seed Field Glamping, where we lease private woodland. After a short walk through the glamping site, we delve into the calm and wild woodland. Where Nature is all around us, it's common for woodpeckers, weasels, hares, partridge, and deer to join us during the session here. 
Where the Mind Grows, Little Seed Field, Castiles Farm, Near Ripon, HG4 3PU - North Yorkshire.

(Approx 30 minutes from Harrogate, and  approximately 60 minutes York and Leeds.)

Coaching for men


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Coaching for women


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Hi, I'm JK

Hi, I am JK (Jennie-Kate), Coach and Founder of Where the Mind Grows. 

I help you discover ways to better balance life and work. More time to celebrate and embrace your uniqueness and understand yourself better, so you can navigate change and reach goals. 

I work with people who want to be great humans on the planet. 

Helping you design your life to create a calmer, more creative, and better-connected lifestyle. Enhancing communication, relationships, and how you do You!

Supporting you to understand and manage complex emotions that show up in life. 
Aligning your values and creating more space for fun, freedom, and simplicity. 

Our coaching sessions together combine practical coaching resources and strategies, as well as reaping the benefits of being in and learning from Nature too. 

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