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Life Coaching in nature 

Unique packages to help you transform & grow!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a great way to seek personal development and enhance happiness in your life. 

We help busy, over-whelmed people gain back control on their work/life balance, in the right way for you. 

Our Life Coaching Packages take you out into nature and help you make significant changes to your life, to enhance your well-being. 

The sessions will help you with issues like anxiety, over-whelm and confidence.  Helping you focus in on what you want in life and how to get it. This is practical coaching, in a natural setting. 

We coach people who are ready to transform aspects of their life, for the better and feel they would benefit from some support and guidance to get there.

Our sessions out in nature offer something a little different, particularly for people looking to spend more time outdoors for your health and well-being and feeling this would benefit you over a traditional indoor coaching session.  


All our coaching packages begin with a FREE discovery call, where you can discover more about our transformative life coaching programme

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Starting out

Life Coaching with Where The Mind Grows

Life Coaching 

Where the Mind Grows

Transform in Nature

Our life coaching packages are for people intrigued by the idea of coaching sessions in the outdoors. 

We coach busy people over-whelmed (or under-whelmed) with the direction life is taking you. 

Life coaching  helps people, like you, transform aspects of your life and get a better balance and focus on what you want. Rather than getting stuck on the problems and issues. 

Everyone has the potential to create conditions to thrive in life and this coaching creates a space to create and nurture this vision for yourself. 

Coaching works best for people ready to make changes and looking to explore ways to think, feel and do things differently. 

We will help you set goals, create a vision and understand ways to manage emotions such as stress,  sadness, over-whelm and build confidence. We will help you to create helpful beliefs and update old stories that stop you feeling life is where you want it to be. 

The sessions offer a non-judgmental and open space to bring challenges, desires and explore opportunities together.  Each session helps you add skills and knowledge  to personally develop.  We draw on natural principles to help you gain clarity and focus, enabling you to live a fulfilled and content life. 

Together we will establish meaningful goals for you,  that you can be passionate and purposeful about, so you can go onto to make the change you desire. 

With you at each step

Our life coaching programme is here to help you nurture lasting changes in your life. Making way for happiness and connecting you with yourself, in nature.  Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes facilitated by a experienced coach. 

 Four face to face sessions delivered alongside a coach, and self-guided resources in between. 

Sapling - focuses on setting goals, exploring your vision and discovery. 

Roots - helping you change the things that matter and make foundations to achieve the change you want. 

Mighty Oak - discovering the resources you have to thrive through  challenges and enhance well-being. 

Woodland- this session focuses on community, connection and communication. Looking within and branching out. 

Our coaching journey together will  typically last between 1-6 months.  Finding a pace to that suits you. 

In between each phase  of your coaching journey, you will also receive additional resources to support you to nurture your vision and create change. 

To find out how our Life Coaching Packages in nature can help you bring happiness and clarity into your life, follow the link to arrange a FREE discovery call. 

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"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light." Theodore Roethke

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