One-to-One Coaching in nature 
Unique packages to help you transform & grow!

Coaching is a great way to seek personal development and enhance happiness in your life. 

If your are feeling over- busy and under-whelmed with life,  our coaching sessions will help you find peace of mind, clarity and new strategies to balance work, life and happiness. 

Coaching is a great way of reaching personal goals, changing habits and enhancing your mental health and well-being. 

Together, we will help you understand what needs to change & how. Exploring your thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs. Equipping you with ways to feel calmer, clearer and more content with yourself and your life. 

The sessions help you with issues such as anxiety, stress and trauma of significant, and perhaps unexpected, life-changes like loss, separation and loneliness.


 In a busy-world with even busier heads the sessions will help you reduce over-whelm and establish personal boundaries around self-care. 

Coaching helps you feel more confident and gain a greater understanding of yourself and others. Enhancing self-esteem and compassion. 

Our coaching programmes are carefully crafted, to support you to reconnect and refocus. Building your connection with self and the natural world. 

Time in nature can support and enhance your health and happiness.

Nature is  a co-facilitator. With billions of years mastering change, surviving change and building resilience. We incorporate ecopsychology and ecotherapy into our coaching approach to help you grow.

Time out in nature is not only proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It also can help with creativity, compassion and motivation. Just a few of the benefits you get from taking your coaching session outdoors. 

We meet in beautiful woodland and green settings, guiding you through your personal change goals.  


Whilst our programme takes you through four phases to explore and create change, we understand that everyone has different life experiences. Our coaches are adept in listening, adapting and responding each programme to individual needs and goals. 

All our coaching packages begin with a FREE discovery call, where you can discover more about our transformative life coaching programme

Change begins here

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Our coaching sessions can be delivered in a variety of ways. Book in a Free discovery call or zoom with JK to explore these options further and discover which approach will suit your needs.

  • One to one Coaching programme at West or North Yorkshire woodland venues - 4  90-Minute coaching sessions spread out between 1-6 months. 

  • 1/2 or Full Day coaching experience days: A stand alone half or full day of coaching set in woodlands in West or North Yorkshire, helping you to work on a specific well-being intention. 

  • Tailored options such as longer term coaching, bespoke retreats or residentials. 

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