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Where the Mind Grows offers Nature- Based Coaching & Facilitation - In the form of 1:1 coaching, team development & events.  Across  West & North Yorkshire & beyond. 

Founder JK (Jennie-Kate)  offers nature-inspired & connected approaches to help you rewild your mind, enhance your well-being and lead a life with purpose, courage, balance and creative joy!

Helping people to navigate the complexity of 'being human' in a ever-changing world.  

Together,  learn ways to be healthier, happier, and deeply connected. 

We love to celebrate and advance diversity in its many forms to help make the world a better place. Actively seeking to connect with those who have faced oppression, been 'marginalised', misunderstood or compounded by systems that exclude & restrict. We value uniqueness here!

For People- Our coaching embraces wild creativity and helps you be & feel the wonderful human being you are. Helping you to over come personal challenges and make sense of the world. Finding meaning, confidence and activating positive change  for yourself. 

For Teams - Our coaching in workplaces focuses and enhances a kinder, safer and compassionate culture for purpose led businesses. Nurturing cohesion & cultivating the courage to connect. Learning from nature to form dynamic cultures & help your team thrive. 

For Nature - Our natural world is experiencing turbulent times, along the way we lost our place in nature too. Our nature-connected services inspire us to reconnect and help us be compassionate and caring to our wider ecosystem. 


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