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Rewilding Leadership:
Hearts, Minds & Roots 

A leadership well-being programme for compassioned and courageous leaders.

Personal Growth & Nourishment
for busy leaders seeking balance and true purpose. 

A four phase year long nurturing programme to help you lead in life and work. Inspired and connected with Nature. 

2024 cohort begins September - Limited to 8 spaces. 

Do you care about your impact on the world?

Are you a leader, seeking to lead with your heart, root yourself purposefully and create a little more wild in your life?

Do you need a place to guide yourself to the being and doing, of health and happiness in the eb and flow of life and leadership?

If so, our nature-based well-being programme is for you.

Growing a vibrant culture takes time, energy, and focus, and I've seen leaders,  with the best intentions, struggle to make well-being work long term.  

Alongside my role as a coach working with teams. I've had the chance to meet and coach amazing, inspiring and aspiring leaders who work hard to make an impact.  But working in a community, charity or purpose led business has all sorts of challenges and complexity. 

As A leader you have to hold those challenges and support your team and organisation/business to figure your way through. This comes with all sorts of personal challenges too. Over-whelm,  heavy workloads, ever changing expectations and the common pang of imposter syndrome or self doubt that can disrupt your confidence. 

Then there are the way to maintain effective boundaries between work and life ensure things don't seep into each other too much, disrupting your health and happiness outside of work too. 

All the leaders I work with agree. Leadership is a lonely place at times. But its brave and courageous one too. 

Rewilding Leadership programme offers you a collective 'figuring stuff out' programme. To help you be an expert of yourself. To lead with authenticity, confidence, compassion and creativity.


I designed this programme for leaders like you.  Wild at heart and focused on doing good and being your best. The world needs you as we face layers of turmoil.  But that doesn't have to come at a cost to your well-being. In fact I would argue that having well-being at the core of what you do, can help catalyse your potential and create a wonder of opportunities in which you can pioneer, softly or boldly - that's up to you!

Helping you create conditions in which you can thrive and weather those storms.  The programme helps you value your uniqueness as the magnificent human being you are. So if you've ever found yourself not quite feeling like 'one of them others' that could be a sure fire message that your dynamic nature, big heart and wild mind are looking for a space to be yourself. 

The programme is delivered over four sessions, spread throughout the changing seasons to really embed well-being into the roots of who you are, and the places and people beyond that. 

Equipping you with ways and resources to live healthy, happy lives. 

Cultivate well-being strategies that benefit you in your current situation enabling you to deal with the challenges and changes of life and work.

At the heart of what is on offer, is a focus on people, planet and purpose, and the programme is designed to be enriching, meaningful and long-lasting.

Explore this page to discover more about this unique four phase leadership well-being programme, delivered in with and alongside nature. 


Step away from the office to a beautiful nature-based venue, in North Yorkshire.  Press pause on the stresses and strains of life and work, taking time to focus on yourself, your leadership, personal development, and strategic visioning.

Each phase explores, educates, and creates action and is followed up with additional resources that embed the learnings for ongoing engagement and focus.  

Exploring life and work through WTMG's framework of Self (Inner and Outer) Team, Organisation and Wider Ecosystem. 

Guided by the principles of the Inner Development Goals to support leadership of the future and the Natural Principles of Regenerative Leadership. 

The sessions also include nature-based activities that relate to the current season and the cyclical nature of your business/leadership and organisation. 

The programme is explored over four individual full day coaching and facilitation days.  Spread between September 2024 and July 2025. Allowing you that essential time to nurture and grow. 

In between each session you receive access to online supportive and explorative materials to help you expand your understanding and embed new perspectives and resources. 

(The programme also includes one to one sessions too, more about this below)

Below you can learn a little more about the phases of the programme. 


Session 1: Sapling

A moment to come together as a group, forming our collective for the programme. Explore vision and values. Deepening your exploration of leadership and employee well-being with an introduction to natural principles.

  •  Identify priorities and resources for individual and team well-being. Engage with the present.

  • Explore how to create a meaningful vision where well-being and sustainability are valued. Observe and interact.

  • Using natural principles to embed learnings and create lasting change so your well-being culture keeps growing.

  • With Nature as a co-facilitator to our day. 


Session 2: Roots

Putting strong roots in place by learning and implementing effective strategies for health and happiness.

  •  Listen to your internal ecosystem and creatively respond to change. Feed your roots.

  •  Nurture collective resources and assets for well-being and identify the conditions for staff to thrive.

  •  Recognise what enables or hinders well-being and begin to “future proof” strategies that will remain effective. Learning from past, present and future. 

Session 3: Mighty Oak

Focus on emotional resilience and creating psychological safety.

Deepening your connection and courage as a compassionate leader. Feel confident to respond to change and uncertainty.

  •  Respond with confidence and clarity in the face of challenge and adversity. Bend with the wind.

  •  Focus on your role as a leader and pioneer beyond your inner self - exploring team,  community, communication, and adaptability. Further defining your impact and purpose in your world.  Explore brave conversations and discover the strengths and opportunities as a leader. 

  • Replicate and build on strategies that work to maintain momentum in achieving the thriving vision, life and purpose. .


Session 4: Woodland

Explore “woodland” concepts, helping the team to reflect on their learnings and understand how to bring the vision to life.

  • Employee well-being: Nurture a community in which everyone can seek and offer support. Only feed what you want to grow.

  •   Reflect on  the journey so far and celebrate the successes of the team. Cultivate co-operative relationships.

  •  Define a final plan, actions, and vision of well-being for the future. Aggregate scattered elements into something greater.

Express your interest to join today 

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Programme Dates

Thursday 12th September 2024 

Sapling - Welcome Session, programme orientation. 

Thursday January 16th 2025

Roots - Day Two - exploring yourself as a leader and human in this world. 

Thursday April 10th 2025

Mighty Oak - Day Three - resilience and courage are explored here. 

Thursday July 10th 2025 

Woodland - Day Four and Programme celebration and close

Review and Renewal
Date TBC by cohort. 

Group Reflection: You will be invited to take part in the programme evaluation and a personal reflection session. Unlike the rest of the programme, this session will be held online.  This will take place approximately 1-2 months after completion of the programme and will last for around 60-90 minutes in total. 

Programme Additions: 

Online Resources: Alongside the programme, in between each session. You will receive online self-guided resources to help you explore, unravel and delve deeper into the programme experience and learnings.


'Campfires': You will be encouraged to explore and reflect with your peers in between evolving your own virtual 'camp fire' sessions. This is a self-organised spaces evolved by members of the programme and is independent of the facilitator. 

Individual Coaching: In addition to all this, each member of the group has the opportunity for four personal/individual coaching sessions throughout the programme - to be claimed within a twelve month period of the programme start date. These can be woven in at any stage of the programme, through the session booking form and will be held either online in Nature at WTMG's venue or online - each lasting 90 minutes.  Each session will be a space for individual reflection, alongside JK. 


"Fantastic opportunity that I would encourage all leaders to take up if able too...Reduction in anxious feelings at work, more purposeful when spending time in nature


Helping me to put myself/own needs first without guilt or shame. Feels empowering to have this new vision that is sustainable and feel this has helped me on my own wellbeing journey.... never felt health and happiness like it about myself...I now come first rather than last and I make sure I schedule in time for myself even if its 30 minutes a day"


Safe, welcoming space which has forced me to make time to address wellbeing for myself and my organisation.  When things are crazy and you are operating at what feels like max capacity day in , day out it can be hard to justify making this time.  This programme as not only forced me to make the time but given tools I can weave into everything I'm doing with my teams to support them and the organisation
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Meet Your Facilitator and guide. 

JK (Jennie-Kate) is your coach, facilitator and guide for the programme. 

Hello! You can learn a lot more about me by exploring the wider pages of my webpage. 

I founded Where the Mind Grows back in 2019, as a sister company to my other coaching business JKChangeWork (2017).  This combined my love for helping people be confident in living out their wonderful selves. Alongside my passion to help nature thrive too. 

Coaching alongside nature, with the woods as a co-facilitator in our programmes, sessions and experiences just boosts the impacts for well-being and personal growth.  

Before becoming a personal development, career and life coach. I worked in a range of leadership roles. So this programme is a particular love for me. 

I saw how much work goes into leadership and creating culture where people were valued and allowed space to grow. But I also saw all the stress, overwhelm and confidence issues that come the with complex role of being a leader, both personally and for my peers.  

Businesses often don't have the opportunity to really nurture their leaders, or as a leader you might be hesitant to ask. 

This programme is designed to help you put yourself and your well-being at the heart of what you do. So your capacity to do good, innovate and achieve pioneering potential becomes possible. 

I truly believe the leaders of the futures will be the ones that can hold the space for calm, courage and creativity. 

Making burn out a thing of the past. 

The leaders I work with are looking to lead with their heart, rewild their leadership and rebalance their mind and body.

This programme recognises that your 'whole self' goes into leadership and will support you with factors in both life, work and inner development. 

When I am not coaching bloody awesome humans. 

I am probably being distracted by my lovely rescue lurcher Leon, or out in the wild adventure of my own. I think all nature is wonderful. But I have a deep fondness for trees and birds of prey.

(Evidence in Picture - Ivan the Eagle Owl giving me away on my wedding day!) 


What kind of Leader?

Leader's come in all sorts of shapes and sizes don't they and you might be wondering 'hmmm is this the programme for me?'.   

I have to say I see leaders in a variety of forums and believe the following people can benefit from the programmes offerings.

  • Existing, established Leaders running CVSE/Charity or purpose led business.  Where time and energy feel both precious and rare.

  • Burnout or Over-whelmed leaders looking for strategies to re-align your well-being needs and support this approach in your role/team as well. 

  • Leader's looking to create clearer boundaries for well-being with the potential of changing career/work setting. 

  • Leader's who have faced complexity, adversity or uncertainty and are seeking a supportive place to reconnect yourself and your confidence. 

  • Aspiring leaders who wish to create cultures for themselves, their team and their organisation. Looking to learn how. 

  • Exec level leaders looking to cultivate regenerative, long term well-being cultures within your organisation, beginning with your Self. 

  • Business owners running Small to Medium organisations with employees of 4+

  • Leader's who have recently transitioned into new roles and would value support to keep thriving and learning. 

I coach male, female and non-binary leaders and welcome and invite leaders from  diverse backgrounds to compound the richness of this experience together.  This course is suitable for a wide range of leadership roles from small projects to exec. You are welcomed not just as leaders, but as individuals here.  A place where Life and Work can both be explored. 

Our sessions are approached with 'whole-self' holistic thinking. Recognising that everything is connected. 

If you are a solopreneur or sole trader or business owner with an organisation smaller than 4 people I recommend exploring the Retreat or Coaching  and one to one pages as an alternative option for your personal development and well-being. 

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Commitment & Investment

As part of this unique programme. You will experience a deeply immersive and nurturing programme in Nature.  This is for the brave and caring hearted. 

The programme is limited to a maximum of eight places to allow for an enriching collective to form, whilst maintain time and space for all voices to be heard. 

This time for yourself is something to be valued and cherished and I ask that you commit to the full programme offering to help enhance your experience. 

As part of the programme you will be receiving 

  • The opportunity to express your interest at an early stage without any upfront payment. 

  • A FREE one to one discovery call to explore your opportunity for a place as one of the eight on the programme. 

  • Welcome pack email and reflective questionnaire to support you in your journey. 

  • Four Individual Coaching days in Nature,  a space held and facilitated by JK.

  • Email resources and connection points throughout the face to face session. 

  • The opportunity to create a self- organising  'camp fire' group with your peers to invite connection and expansion of the programme. 

  • Four individual coaching sessions in nature or online - throughout the programme at a time that feels right for you along the way. 

  • Lunch and Refreshment at our day events. 

  • A reflection and evaluation session at the end of the programme with time to decompress. 

  • Meet, explore and learn alongside other leaders. 

  • Programme runs September 2024 - July 2025. 

All this - and no doubt a few surprises along the way - for £1895-£2000 (See Payment Options)

Payment options include:

  • Pay in Full - Self Funded. 

  • Secure with Deposit £195 and commitment to pay  Payment to be completed a minimum of one month in advance of programme commencement

  • Payment in three - utilise PayPal's pay in three option to split your payments. (PayPal eligibility)

  • Employer Funded - contact me for more information if you need. 





A Place to Stay

The programme will be delivered at Little Seed Field - North Yorkshire. 

This venue has cosy glamping accommodation onsite to add to your experience. Why not stay a while!

You can explore more about the venue's glamping cabins here. 


Follow the link below to book your ticket

Choose from a range of payment options. 


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