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Workplace Well-Being
Team Development 

Coaching & Facilitation for healthier, happier workplaces. 

People, Purpose, Planet

Are you looking for ways to enhance your team well-being. Supporting your team to be at their best, in times of change and uncertainty?

Our philosophy at Where The Mind Grows is simple.  If your people are thriving, so too can your workplace. 

Our motivations are not simply for people health, but planet too.

Nature is a co-facilitator in all that we do, helping your team rewild and explore with coaching & facilitation.


The third sector, charity, voluntary and purpose led businesses we work with, all have one thing in common.

You are doing amazing work for your communities, with epic staff and limited resources. The challenge of this stewardship is that often staff well-being, mental health and risk of burn out becomes an accidental part of the culture. It can feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to change direction and improve wellness.


That's where we come in!

Your values and mission are clear, but there is a gap between truly living them and the pressures of time, resources and expectations to deliver.  

Whether it's people, place or nature you serve. Each of these communities themselves are under pressure!  


Experiencing their own additional traumas and needs, adding challenges to your workforce.

Your staff force is made up of people that go the extra mile for your customers, clients and service users, driven by high compassion and empathy values. This often is at the expense of their personal well-being. As a result staff are stressed, at risk of burn-out, face compassion fatigue or struggle with changes in culture, that shift team dynamics. 

The latest challenges of filling vacancies means your teams face additional pressures, which leads to 'busy culture' and over-worked individuals. People struggle to find balance & prioritise self-care.

It's never too late to change.


We work with organisations of all sizes, to meet you where you are on your well-being journey.

From celebration & recognition, to nurturing resilience and over-coming burnout. 


Helping you find purposeful solutions. Listening carefully to your needs, and creating a supportive, impactful and space to  forge psychological safety and make a help you make a difference. 

What led you here?

  • Propagate: You recognise the value of enhancing your well-being culture, but need some help with where to start and how to get people engaged. 

  • Nurture: You are on the lookout for an alternative away day, with well-being as the focus to help nurture your team. 

  • Thrive: Your culture is thriving, and you want to keep momentum and grow your well-being ethos. 

  • Replenish: You and your workplace are facing current challenges and you need some support to discover solutions and build resilience (to help weather the storm). 

  • Grow: Your leaders, or aspiring leaders are looking for a unique personal development programme to help them pioneer. With health and well-being at the heart & core. 

Below are a range of ways we can collaborate with your organisation. 

All of our services include a FREE consultation to explore and scope opportunities to work together and meet your needs.  

Got a question? GET IN TOUCH


Climate Cafe

A climate café is a supportive place, free of judgement. Bringing your colleagues together to 'talk climate change'.

Purpose-Led businesses are finding value and necessity to address and adapt to the climate crisis. Have you created  spaces for your teams to explore? 

Many staff experience climate anxiety. Concerns about our future situation are a major factor of wider stress.

  A climate café simply holds space.

There is no call for action, although signposting is made available. 

The conversations are semi-structured through a range of facilitated focus activities.  Teams will discuss the topic of climate change.

Listen and be heard.

Supporting your organisation to have brave conversations and enhance psychological safety. The session facilitation follows the guidance/training of the Climate Psychology Alliance. Supporting inclusive discussions about this emotive topic. 

well-being team days

Our nature based well-being away days offer an escape from "Bored Room" style team/organisational days. 

Helping you to design a unique experience for you and your team. Exploring resources and strategies to enhance the priorities and needs of your collective. 

With a focus on well-being, resilience & team cohesion. 

Held in beautiful nature settings, with space to be creative, explore and connect. 

Our coaching approaches and facilitation value the diversity of each person. Providing opportunities for individuals and team to enhance well-being. 



A one day coaching programme for B-Corp businesses looking to take your organisation into a more regenerative space. 

Introducing you to the power of nature for b-corporation and sustainable business. 

Connecting this with the health and happiness culture of your team.

You'll not just spend the day in and connected with nature. 

But learn from nature too 

And leave the day with a team strategy to put your business back in touch with the natural world.  

You may be a B-Corp or aspiring business with 1-20 staff 

Now it's time for B-Nature. 

rooted leadership programme

If you are looking for a longer term collaboration and value the time and attention that working together can reap. The four phase well-being programme is designed for teams and/or leaders. 

Beginning with a discovery consultation to co-create the ideal approach around your group's well-being needs & strategic aims. 

The programme is essentially four individual full day sessions spread over 6-18 months. 

Each phase explores and expands on wider resources for well-being. With additional connections in between;

helping embed change into your culture.

Nurturing strategies for self, team, organisation and those wider ripples. 

This programme creates a cohesive & offers space for growth. 

(With a maximum number of 12 people)

For inspiration & ideas for your own programme journey, download the brochure below. 

(This programme can be delivered from nature-based settings across the UK & is not restricted to Yorkshire)

Wider shot group presentation R.jpeg

'Seed Packs' 

one-to-one coaching sessions for staff or leaders. 

Our 1:1 seed sessions are an added bonus to ALL of our above packages.

Or as part of an employee well-being benefit.  

Offering your organisation a " seed pack" of 1:1 sessions for employees to access.  

Providing 90 minute coaching sessions, in nature. 

Supporting staff with well-being challenges & personal development goals. 

Choose from packs of 4, 12, or 24 

Therapeutic Coaching sessions support staff with:

  • Return to work after time off for health 

  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety &/or Panic

  • Confidence & Self esteem

  • Time Management & Organisation

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • Communication Skills 

  • Loss, Grief, Bereavement & Trauma
    (Including staff impacted by loss-by-suicide)

  • Work/Life Balance


Leadership Retreats 

We offer tailored retreat spaces for individual or groups of leaders who value the time, space and connection to re-balance and personally grow. 

Our half day Clarity days are a great experience for time out in nature. 

Or co-create something special with us. 

From the offer of a one day retreat in nature.  Or a couple of days away to reset and replenish. 

Or why not come along to our retreat in June over the summer solstice - emersed with all sorts of nature and personal development opportunities. 

Discover more 

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JK, Founder, coach & facilitator of Where the Mind Grows is an experienced coach, working in, with and alongside nature to help people & teams live healthier, happier lives.  

With a background in mental health & employability. JK 's experience in the voluntary, charity and private sector community projects ensure she contributes to collective wisdom. As a leader she modelled psychological safety principles to nurture courageous teams and help individuals find the right strategies effective for a healthy work & life. 

Now combining a range of coaching modalities with ecopsychology & regenerative leadership principles. Facilitating sessions with a brave, bold approach to the challenges the sector face (to wellbeing). Embracing the opportunities to grow and thrive. 

"In the face of change & uncertainty helping people learn and adapt. Enhancing well-being is the number one focus. Now is the time to listen & respond. 

When people have the resources to be resilient and thrive, their capacity to care for their communities & the planet grows exponentially.


From tiny acorns, grow mighty oaks! (Anon)


Let's future proof your business. Kinder, happier workplaces.

Where uniqueness is valued, curiosity is a superpower, and wild creativity is encouraged!"

Coaching with a Green Conscience. 

"Sensitive and person centred facilitation. But not indulgent. Just right + Safe""

"Felt v. comfortable and enjoyed the humour"" A beautiful environment surrounded by inspiring people"

Check out of vision for a brighter future where the mind grows, below "Story of Hope"

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