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Team and workplace wellbeing in nature for healthier, happier workplaces

If your people are thriving, so too can your workplace.

The third sector, charity, voluntary and purpose-led businesses we work with, all have one thing in common.

You are doing amazing work for your communities, despite limited budgets and resources with a team of dedicated and passionate staff.

But, as I discovered during my time working within those sectors, organisations either:

  • Don’t prioritise well-being and they feel it’s “too messy to know where to begin.”

  • They’ve dabbled in a few things but they don't last or have a real effect on people because they aren't based on deeper principles of psychology, organisation design, psychological safety.

So maybe you’ve tried some corporate team building or “Bored Room” chats even though you can see that half the staff would rather be anywhere else.

I remember taking part in some of those team away days during my time working in the charitable sector. I needed a day after them to decompress because, as much as they were fun, they didn’t address the core feelings of stress, overwork, and compassion fatigue.

They also weren’t tailored to the individual situation of the team or organisation, which is something I do within all of my sessions.

With my nature-based team well-being offers, you can escape the traditional team days and enhance your team’s mood, giving them confidence on how to stay well, so that you can all continue to do the best work possible

Wild well-being team away days

Get together outdoors!

So much can happen when a team comes together in nature. The quietest of people can engage and transform a vision. Nature can help neurodiverse and over-stressed people focus and self-regulate. Difficult, honest, and important conversations can be more easily had because of the relaxing, open space that nature gives to you.

I’ll use my leadership experience combined with 15+ years of coaching and training facilitation to create a supportive, impactful space that’s shaped around your needs – so that your team can connect, overcome sticky challenges, and ultimately leave feeling happier and healthier.

 See if a wild away day is right for you

Who should book a Wild Away Day

If you’re a leader who is proactive about your team’s well-being and wants to create a healthier workplace before burnout begins.

Or, you feel that your team are stressed, overworked, and you’re stuck on how to fix some resilience-based issues across your team. When you get to this level of stress, mistakes and conflicts that wouldn’t otherwise happen are easily done.

Whether your team are in the thick of it, or you want to prevent this from happening in the first place, a Team Away Day in nature is the remedy you’re looking for.

See if a wild away day is right for you

Book some time together

 It’s the smaller things that add up to the long-term impact

Team away days in nature are more than just a nice thing to have.

Nature away days will help your team:

  • Relax more than when they’re in an office, supporting more open conversations

  • To bond with each other. Dopamine and endorphins are boosted, and cortisol has dropped, so people’s communication and connection are enhanced.

  • Boost their mood (there’s science behind this!)

  • Clear their minds so they feel more ready to take on the next test of their resilience.

This time in, and learning amongst, Nature helps engage the part of the brain that can be more creative/problem-solving and innovative. This means you’ll discover bursts of new ideas, new solutions to sticky problems, and a fresh approach to work.

I’ll adapt my coaching approach to the needs of your group, and my experience in facilitation, inclusivity, and mental health help me quickly figure out what each individual needs throughout those sessions so that nobody feels uncomfortable or left out.

YDMT Team Managers.jpeg

Other nature-based offers for organisations and teams

Wild Workspaces Co-Working

What: a co-working pop-up event in nature

Who: Anyone who can take their work with them to a wild workspace!

Feeling a bit uninspired sitting staring at the same patch of paint on your wall? Found yourself talking to the cat/dog/your pot plant because you’ve spent too much time on a screen and not enough time out in the world? Lonliness and isolation at an all-time high?

Come along to our next Wild Workspace. A refreshing, relaxing, yet focused co-working space to get stuff done in stunningly beautiful locations guaranteed to inspire you.

A balanced approach between focused work and real breaks in nature with the space to connect with others and your surroundings.

Step out of the office, and back into inspirational and relaxing locations and mindsets.

Working from the Park

A day for leaders

Turn your team away day into a leaders away day, and stay the night too!

Leaders and founders experience workplace challenges that are different from those of their team. Leadership and management isn’t something that you’re ever taught – it’s just expected that you’re good at it straight away.

Take some well-deserved time away from the four walls of your office and learn from Nature and from others’ shared experiences of leadership.


Meet your facilitator

Hello! I’m Jennie-Kate but everyone calls me JK. I’ve worked as a leader in the sector before I founded Where The Mind Grows, so I understand first-hand the unique challenges your sector faces that are quite unlike others.

I’ve seen your charitable, purpose-led sector lose fantastic people due to their own mental health and struggles.

But that can easily be prevented with a focus on true team well-being and happiness. One that is proactive and not reactive!

Meet JK




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