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Tree Stump

Life & Career Coaching for wildly wonderful women

Explore your opportunities to create more balance, connection, and purpose in your life. Coaching in Nature with JK (Jennie-Kate) supports people who want to gain a better understanding and awareness of themselves, develop skills and resources to manage their emotions, and create actionable intentions that support a beautifully creative and enriched life and career. 

Life & Career coaching for women

You are looking to create better balance in your life because things just don't quite feel in alignment right now. You imagine that life could be happier and more wholesome with a few changes here and there. So far, you've not managed to turn ideas and intentions into reality when it comes to life/career satisfaction and balance. 

At Where the Mind Grows, we offer one-to-one coaching sessions in nature; our packages for women are a set of three x 90-minute sessions where we meet together in private woodland at a Little Seed Field, near Ripon. North Yorkshire.  

You're looking to make changes in your career to help you find work that is more fulfilling, motivating, and less stressful. Or perhaps you are ready for a change of direction and need help to explore your opportunities and find a work culture and role that feels purposeful, rewarding, and offers you growth. 

In your personal life, you feel you've let go of parts you'd like to have back. Perhaps this is habits, hobbies, or connection. 
Or you have a desire to enhance parts of yourself that you just haven't had the opportunity for in life. 

You've often found yourself struggling with aspects of your self-esteem and confidence. You might refer to this as imposter syndrome. Or perhaps recognise yourself as an 'over-thinker' who gets stuck in 'analysis paralysis' about life choices and leans on the opinions of others. Finding yourself in a spiral of comparison, that can result in feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, or even a sense of uneasy guilt and shame. 

Your tendency for 'people pleasing' and 'over-commitment' often disrupts your life. And can leave you feeling frustrated about the time and energy you commit to others and compromise for yourself. 

You want to learn how to be confident in your opportunities and find greater balance. Manage your energy and time. And find a pathway to career and life satisfaction. 

We work with women who want to bring wild, creative freedom into your life. 

Packages are three x 90-minute sessions in nature, working one to one with JK (Jennie-Kate), coach and founder of Where the Mind Grows. 

BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL  to explore more about coaching in nature. 


Coaching helps you gain clarity and take action. Defining where you are and where you want to be. 

My aim is to help you be the unique individual you are, joyful and content in the life you create for yourself. 

To have enough strategies and confidence to navigate 'being human' with its light and shade. And have clarity on how to centre your way back to an authentic and balanced life. 

Achieving Change - Here's how!

Vision and Opportunities 

I'll help you get clear on what your ideal life would look like, helping you ignite your aspirations and be your ‘critical companion’ to ensure your aims, intentions, and actions are realistic and sustainable. 


Understanding yourself better

A place to be yourself, with time to connect, free of judgment. As a unique individual in the world, sessions offer time to understand yourself and make sense of how to work to your strengths or nurture change. Framing how your mind works, with strategies to help shift 'problem' thinking, managing emotions, changing stuck beliefs, and making change possible. Celebrating those magical 'light bulb' moments.


Simplify and Slow down. 

Simplify your life and slow things down, bringing energy and attention to beautiful moments and easier experiences. 

Looking at the bigger picture and the detail of your life. Ensuring your time, energy, and attention are balanced and connected to your health and happiness. Identifying the roles and responsibilities you have in life, which to sustain and nurture,  and where to let go and ‘compost’.  Exploring your inner self, as well as purposeful changes in life and career. 


Trusting yourself and your decisions. 

Confidence to be & trust yourself is at the heart of everything we do. Sessions support you to celebrate and appreciate the unique, amazing, and courageous being you are. 

You’ll learn when to say yes, and how to say no. Helping those of you with traits of people pleasing, over committing OR self-doubt, and procrastination, to make powerful decisions for yourself and your well-being. 


Deepening Connection:

You are drawn to the feeling, need, and hope for a deeper connection with yourself, others, and the world around you. We’ll explore communication, social connections, identity, and the interconnectedness of all aspects of your life. Defining opportunities for wholesomeness.


Courage through change

Whilst happiness & simplicity are our focus. Coaching sessions are a place to be real, raw, and gritty about the challenges and changes you’ll experience in life. No toxic positivity here. I recognise that we all have our life stories that can create fear, grief, trauma, or self-doubt. 

Recognising that things happen in life that can derail or disrupt your intentions. We’ll delve into resources for future-proofing, sustainable strategies for life's mishaps, and 'squiggly paths'. Meaning you can find your way back to yourself in moments that call on resilience.  Because life happens! 


Rewild your mind & soul. 

As adults, we stifle the creativity and fun that can help to amplify moments of self-satisfaction. 

Return yourself back to nature and appreciate the wild and courageous parts of yourself too.

Find more freedom and escape the containers of modern world systems that harm your happiness.

Our rewilding will also support you to value presence, patience, and stillness. With ways to embrace rest and stillness. As a form of self-care and compassion.  


Your contribution to the world

Our sessions will help you define and realise your purpose and direction in life. Making decisions on how you want to live, what career direction you want to fulfill, and how you want to show up. 


Connect with your purpose,  and enhance lifestyle and career choices. Embracing your opportunity to be a hopeful, helpful, and impactful human in the world. 

Woman by the Water
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Meet me in the woods

Our sessions together are held at private woodland located at Little Seed Field, Castiles Farm, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 3PU.

The venue is a working farm, glamping, and wedding location. We have our own private area, just a short walk from the glamping site, making our way past two nature ponds and into the woods; where woodpeckers, deer, stoats and hares often join us. 

There is free parking onsite and access to toilets. 

I provide refreshments for our sessions. 

There might come a time, in the hustle and grind.
Where you look for yourself, and you're hard to find.
On the surface, it seems, like you're doing just fine.

But the riff of your heart and the strain in your mind.
Tell a different tale behind the day-to-day bluff.
Desperately questioning, is this good enough?

And your work feels just meh!
And your life was for more.
And your energy’s depleted
And your patience is poor

Your people-pleasing has got out of hand.
There’s still no reward for your one-man band.

What once was success,
Loses all meaning now.
You long for ‘deeper’
You’re just not sure how.

And the shame of the wanting.

Is painful enough.

And you peak at the hope, 

But soon zip it back up. 

Time feels like it’s mocking you, 

No time to feel.

No time to be that, 

Time to be real. 


But just beyond all of the clutter and mess.

Is a space just for you.

Where you know You best.

And in the calm and the still.

In the giving permission.

You reach in your soul, and you make the decision.

Because the tragedy plots of ‘what if’ and ‘if only’. 

Aren’t stories of hope. They just keep us lonely.

You take the leap. 

You find your place. 

Between sunbeams and branches

And vast open space

Through the dark and the shade

Through highs and lows

There's a space in the wood

Where the Mind Grows.

Hi, I am JK (Jennie-Kate), Coach and Founder of Where the Mind Grows. I offer coaching to individuals to help them find deeper connections, greater balance, and fulfillment. 

I see so many people grappling with how to be themselves and make sense of our complicated and busy world. 

I've had my own journey, breaking free from an over-busy, under-valued lifestyle. The inner turmoil and frustration that comes with feeling stuck, misaligned, and misunderstood. I managed to find the strategies that help me celebrate my uniqueness, understand my mind, and bring this awareness into creating calm, clarity, and fulfillment. 
Now I share these resources and knowledge with others. To help you create change too. No two journeys are the same, and I love the adventure of working with fabulous humans from all walks of life. 

At where the mind grows, we meet with you in Nature. To simplify and slow down life, help you gain perspective. Make sense, and create change. 

To help more humans be beautiful, wonderful, and unique. 

I can see how our capacity to care for ourselves with more kindness and compassion. Increases the time, energy, and compassion we can share beyond. Working on yourself really can make the world a better place. 

To learn more, and connect with me to ensure we are the ideal collaboration for your aims and intentions.

Book a 20 minute discovery call at the link below. 

JK_WTMG_221120_66 thought.jpg

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Thank you for taking the time to help make our connections more meaningful!

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