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NEXT EVENT 3/10/24

Wild workspaces co-working events, offer workers a day connected with Nature, without compromising those task-lists and to-do's. 

Reduce the isolation and loneliness of remote and hybrid working. Breathe in fresh air and escape the stifling- stuck feeling of regularly working indoors. 

The co-working community offers a space where people can reap the benefits of Nature connection for health and well-being.  Be inspired with a fresh view and beautiful landscape.

With opportunities to network and meet with others. 

All in a wild days work!

Remote Working


You  are invited to arrive between 09:30am-10:00am - giving you time to set up, settle in and meet the rest of the Wild Workspaces community as you huddle round the kettle. 

JK (Your Host and Where the Mind Grows Founder) will give you a brief orientation and introduction to the event and site. 

Then its over to you to find your spot and settle into your tasks for the day. 

Whilst you can choose your own working flow. There will be designated break and 'mingling' times throughout the day. With spaces onsite allocated for chatting and networking- this is located away from the main working space, to support people to have quiet and focused work space too. 

During the recommended lunch break, JK also holds space for facilitated conversation in a relaxed group workshop on a well-being theme to help you take care of yourself as part of your working day! 

This is totally optional but we really encourage you to take part as part of the event, we promise there are no chanting, rituals or ' mega woowoo' activities.

Throughout the day, you are encouraged and welcome to explore the (permitted) areas onsite. 

The movement to different areas will support you to increase motivation and focus, between tasks.

The nature connection also helps reduce stress and boost everything from creativity, innovation, problem solving and resilience.


Stay for the full day (09:30-16:30pm) or leave when you are ready - our ticket price is standard no matter what you choose!

Before you leave, we will invite you to fill in one of our event experience forms to help us with feedback and enhancing the experience of our wild workspaces community events. 

These events offer a inclusive, respectful and friendly place to connect and co-work. 

By joining the Wild Workspaces event our members commit to the community culture agreement which ensures the event can run safely, inclusively and respectfully. 

Wild Workspace Feedback

Bryony, Coach & Facilitator

I want more, lovely, spacious & grounded...time to simplify, just to give time to one thing...the space to think"

Wild Workspace Feedback

Danielle, Business Operations Consultant

"relaxed, reflective...sitting against a tree in the sunshine on my own...switch off, focus...More of these!" 

Wild Workspace Feedback

Helen, Author & illustrator

'Feel like I've been much more productive, without the internet then I would be at home! Happy with the ideas I've had for the business.  

join us at the summer wild workspaces

Thursday 3rd October 2024 09:30am-16:30 pm 

Your View for the day

Little Seed Field - Glamping Site and  Where the Mind Grows Woodland HQ

Your office for the day, is the beautiful glamping site of Little Seed Field, Near Ripon. Also the HQ of Where the Mind Grows woodland too. ​The site not only offers an inspiring view. Our wild workspaces events have access to the communal area with chairs, tables and electricity. (But we can't guarantee your internet connection in the wild!)​The site also has some outdoor seating by the two ponds. Just a few minutes walk through the site. ​Beyond that you are encouraged to go 'really wild' talking a further stroll (10-15 minutes) down to the Where the Mind Grows woodland where you can pause on a log or borrow the camping chairs and picnic blankets to work amongst the wildlife to the sound of the trickling stream and birdsong.  The site has access to refreshments and use of the glamping site fridge to store your lunch or medication. There are onsite toilets and even access to showers, if you need a quick spruce at the end of the day. Or for the active folk amongst the community. There are some great walking and running routes close by, if you want to start or end your day with some local exploration. ​Please note the site is located in a remote location and a car/taxi is required. Where you are joining a colleague at the event we encourage car sharing if possible. ​



Have you heard of a 'workcation' or 'workaway'. A concept where you combine a solo break with some working time on your business (in an inspiring setting). In the past, our wild workspace community have extended their time staying over at our wild workspaces venues.  Making the most of a 'work away'  with additional business visioning,  planning and strategising or simply as a nice restful break. ​


You can stay onsite at the cosy glamping cabins - booking your stay directly with Little Seed Field - purchasing your wild workspaces event ticket  separately through ourselves. When you book your accommodation direct with the venue- we recommend emailing them direct to let them know you are attending one of JK's Where the Mind Grows events as sometimes they are able to offer a mid-week deal which their online form may not offer. 

Wild Workspaces - co-working community

Wild Workspaces was sown from the light and shade of two years of change in working styles.

The light - with more flexibility and the opportunity to enhance your well-being. Wild Workspace invite you to change your perspective and discover new views (literally). Balancing focused productivity whilst creating space to prioritise well-being for one working day a month!

The shade – with more people reporting loneliness, isolation, and disconnection.  With blurred boundaries of work and life. Wild Work spaces aim to promote a healthy working culture by reconnecting you with a sense of community. A relaxed 'nucleus' for re-energised task completion. To help you to feel good about what you do and who you are, embracing a focus on health and well-being too!

 Gift yourself a day away from your desk!

Our wild workspaces may not have ALL the mod-cons you have come to expect in your working day.

Instead giving you permission to minimise distractions, ‘rest your tech’ and attune your attention. Switch off ‘busy’. A calm and clear mind, to do things differently.

Simplicity is the theme of our events. Helping you find a simple, still, and spacious setting to work creatively, calmly, or productively - You Choose!

Discover more about what our wild workspaces venue offers below 

Meet your host!

Hi I am JK

I founded Where the Mind Grows to support individuals and teams to know themselves, be themselves and create healthy ways of being and doing. 

Wild Workspaces is just one of the offerings we have to help people re-connect with themselves and be part of the natural world. 

This is not just of huge benefit to our mind, body and spirit. 

Its also important to our future too!

By prioritising our own well-being, our opportunities to be more purposeful in life grows. 

As we rekindle our connection with the natural world, we see, value and engage with the importance of pro-environment behaviours and life choices. 

The core of my work is life and career coaching for men and women and supporting teams to be at their best and create thriving, psychologically safe cultures. 

I also love to create events and opportunities for more people to re-discover their wild!

As a solopreneur ( and former leader in the voluntary & private sectors) I know it can be lonely at times,  I know we work REALLY BLOODY HARD and I also know what it feels like to feel shut in on a working day and sick of the sight of the same 4 walls ( we weren't meant to be stuck in boxes!). 

With time and energy so precious to us. The Wild Workspaces co-working events were forged to help people feel good, be focused and re-connect!

JK_WTMG_221120_142 mud face.jpg

join our summer co-working event
grab your ticket

Tickets are offers individually or make the most of our 'team ticket' which supports up to four team members or colleagues to attend as a group. Our spring event is WEDNESDAY 3RD JULY  2024 09:30am-16:30pm

Taking notes and reading

Inspire your day!

Wondering what tasks you might take to the wild with you?

Here are ten ideas to inspire your day!

  1. Planning + strategy time 

  2. De-clutter your computer filing systems

  3. Create some content for socials or a project

  4. Write that report or even that book you have been procrastinating about 

  5. Complete some personal development (assignment/course/book)

  6. Proof and edit a report or essay

  7. Catch up on those newsletters/podcasts or event recordings you never get around to

  8. Work through those finances

  9. Design a product or service for your business

  10. Plan, implement and process OR project management

Other activities could include walk-and-talk meetings with teammates onsite, networking, innovation time, and reflection.

And our WILD CARD - Bring a notebook, sketch pad and a pen, and simply see what inspiration for your business or role emerges. Inspired and relaxed in nature!



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