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Wild Workspaces 
Re-Connected Co-Working Community



Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, you've probably found yourself having to work in a different way over the past few years.

Working approaches have certainly become more flexible with work-from-home, hybrid models and flexi-working becoming the norm these days.

And while for many of us, there are many benefits, you may have also experienced some challenges along the way.

Maybe you find yourself relating to some of these:

  • Blurred boundaries with work and life.

  • A greater effort to self-motivate and focus.

  • Longer screen times.

  • Communication challenges (at work and home).

  • Less movement and task variation.

  • Disconnection from teams & people.

  • Displacement of roles and expectations.

  • Isolation and Loneliness.

  • Struggle to 'switch off' from work mode.

Introducing - Wild Workspaces - A co-working pop-up event in nature, bringing a community of workers together.

A new culture for remote & co-working. A refreshing and relaxing space to find focus, get stuff done, and reconnect. In stunningly beautiful locations guaranteed to inspire.

Studying in Garden
Remote Working

Seeding the idea..

Wild Workspaces was sown from the light and shade of two years of change in working styles.

The light - with more flexibility and the opportunity to enhance your well-being. The Wild Workspace events invite you to change perspective and discover new views (literally). Balancing focused productivity whilst creating space to prioritise well-being for one working day a month!

The shade – with more people reporting loneliness, isolation, and disconnection. And, added stresses and pressures in work and life. Wild Work spaces aim to promote a healthy working culture by reconnecting you with a sense of community. A relaxed 'nucleus' for re-energised task completion. To help you to feel good about what you do, and who you are!

With added benefits for mind and body when you surround yourself with nature. Gift yourself a day away from your desk each month!

The concept is simple

A 'Pop up' co-working space for you. Step out of the office, and back into inspirational and relaxing locations and mindsets.

People and Planet health are at the core of what we do at Where the Mind Grows, and we believe we all have a place in nature.

Our wild workspaces may not have ALL the mod-cons you have come to expect in your working day. Instead giving you permission to minimise distractions, ‘rest your tech’ and attune your attention. Switch off ‘busy’. A calm and clear mind, to do things differently.

Simplicity is the theme of our events. Helping you find a simple, still and spacious setting to work creatively, calmly, or productively - You Choose!

Green Forest

What happens at a Wild Workspaces event?

Each month we will offer a different venue.

Each venue has varying levels of 'Off-the-grid' provisions from 'Nature-Chic' with onsite cafes, internet, and seating, to 'Back-to-Basics' - off-grid, pop-up seating, and compost loos.

Our event descriptions will give you a clear idea of the venue and resources available. 

Check out each Eventbrite booking for more information. And you'll receive friendly email reminders from our events team to help you prepare for your day away from the norm. 


On arriving for your allotted half or full day session time a designated Wild Workspace Host will welcome you and make sure you have the information you need to get comfortable and focused for your day.

You will have access to refreshments throughout the day and we schedule in Mid Morning and Mid Afternoon breaks, where you are encouraged to pause your tasks, have a good stretch and mingle with the Wild Workspace's community.  (If you prefer to keep yourself to yourself we will certainly support you with that protected time and space.

Example Wild Workspace Day.

AM Co-Working Space from 09:00 -13:00

PM Co -Working Space from 13:00-17:00

Full Day Co- Working from 09:00-17:00

Brew/Refreshment Time and 'Community Mingles' - 11:’00-11:30 & 15:00-15:30

Lunch and Learn/Nibbles and Natter – 12:30-13:30pm - Exchange 

HALF DAY TICKETS £25 - FULL DAY TICKETS £40 (+ Booking fee)


Our aim is that Wild Workspaces offer quiet, uninterrupted spaces for you to find focus and flow. All our community members are asked to read and agree to our Wild Workspaces Culture  Agreement in preparation for attending. To ensure a respectful and supportive community space.

NB: We are currently unable to allow pets at our wild workspaces events. Due to restrictions at some events we have chosen to keep things consistently pet/dog free to avoid confusion. 

Dandelion Fields
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Taking notes and reading

Inspire your day!

Wondering what tasks you might take to the wild with you?

Here are ten ideas to inspire your day!

  1. Planning + strategy time 

  2. De-clutter your filing systems

  3. Create some content for socials, or a project

  4. Write that report or even that book you have been procrastinating about 

  5. Complete some personal development (assignment/course)

  6. Proof and edit a report or essay

  7. Catch up on reading those newsletters/podcasts or event recordings you never get round to

  8. Work through those finances

  9. Design a product or service for your business

  10. Plan, implement and process OR project management. 

And our WILD CARD - Bring a notebook, sketch pad and a pen, and simply see what inspiration for your business or role emerges. Inspired and relaxed in nature!

Meet the team

JK is owner of Where the Mind Grows Coaching & Facilitation.  Founder & Lead Host of Wild Workspaces. 

JK delivers services and events that promote health and well-being to individuals, teams and workplaces. 

Wild Workspaces is the latest project, new for 2023,  supporting workplace & business well-being through nature connection and nature-inspired work-cultures. 

JK says 'I wanted to create a space that people could regularly attend, providing a new perspective, an invigorating, yet relaxing,  experience and incorporating time in nature.  A safe and encouraging place for those who may be struggling with isolation, overwhelm or motivation at work . Wild Workspaces has wellness rooted -without any huge pressure to 'talk well-being' - just simply benefit from being part of the community space. 

Nature has so many benefits for mind and body. And a productive and connected days work is self-esteeming for all. 

I hope this is the beginning of a new working culture and community across Yorkshire"

JK_WTMG_221120_33 prep 3.jpg
Laura Headshot_edited.jpg


Laura, of Virtually Connected, helps coordinate Wild Workspace events remotely and ensures the planning and preparation runs smoothly

Making all the magic happen behind the scenes. 

Laura also coordinates our events emails and provides overall admin and coordination support to Where the Mind Grows

If you have a question about our Wild Workspaces Events email

Walk in the Wild


Read our Wild Workspaces Community Culture Agreement Here:

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