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Can you keep a secret? How 'The loneliness taboo' sparked a co-working community in Nature.

It’s probably uncommon that you speak openly about the feelings of isolation and loneliness you experience in your business, or working remotely from your team.

There is still a weird distortion amongst humans that openly expressing our innate need for connection is somehow a ‘taboo’ subject. Something I will often refer to with clients as 'The Loneliness Taboo'.

That the need for companionship in our working day, is somehow a 'weakness' in our character. The odd - yes probably/hopefully infrequent- moment of longing or 'peer bonding' is something to be embarrassed about or shameful of.

I remember speaking with a client, who had sought out coaching to work on confidence and motivation in their business. When I invited them to connect with what they truly felt about the situation. The words sat poised on their tongue.

It took courage, then the word fell out, into the world. It honestly felt like we could have heard it drop to the floor.

‘Lonely’ they said - tears ensued, relief - in this admission, and acceptance.

They gave themself permission, and made the choice. To un-silence the taboo.

Whilst there are many perks and benefits to having space and time to work alone, at our own pace and style.

There are those days, where you might long for people around, familiarity and connection.

Loneliness isn't great for our health. The Centre for disease control and prevention - a government body aimed at researching and planning our public health prevention. Highlights that loneliness can contribute to depression and anxiety. Impacts may also include addiction, self-harm and increase suicide. Contributing to physical health conditions like heart disease, diabetes or dementia. Not very cheery is it.

On a very everyday level. Regular loneliness saps the joy out of life. And takes the motivation out of doing and being in your work. And may be contributing to dissatisfaction or a feeling of stagnation in who and where you are in your life.

Maybe you have never really known it as loneliness or isolation until now. But the feeling within is distracting and discombobulating to your focus and contentedness as you make various attempts to distract yourself away from the depth of the emotion.

I couldn’t continue to overlook this theme. Because it wasn't the first ‘confession’ I had received. Nor was it a feeling, alien to myself. As a business founder too.

Whilst, for the most part, I love the autonomy and freedom of my self-selected isolation as a business founder. I too have found myself, in moments of awkward rigidity, as I try to push through a uncomfortable urging to share my space, hear people's stories and be in the presence of a collective.

So Wild Workspaces, was bought to life.

Something that didn't require too much commitment and avoided the potential to sap too much energy, as bustling and busy connections can do for so many of us these days.

Enough space, and time - to not be a cause for procrastination and distraction.

To balance the reward of productivity - as well as the cohesiveness of human interaction.

  • Because connecting – and re-connection - holds so many solutions for our own confidence, virtue and health.

  • Because it benefits the energy and enthusiasm we have for work and business.

  • And because Nature is also inviting us to reconnect too.

For those that have attended the Wild Workspaces - the essence of being around others is powerful. The snippets of stories people share about their business challenges and triumphs, in a moment over a coffee - or as they lean back on their chair in deep thought. Reassuring to all.

Those moments of ‘oh you too?’ . A familiarity that reminds us, we are not alone.

But its the inner reconnection with yourself in Nature that is something of the magic.

Your work looks different when you become part of nature.

  • Stress levels lower and make way for calm completion, where tension melts from the body too.

  • Ideas come to the surface and take the form of inspiration and motivation.

  • ‘To do’ lists shape shift on the horizon as you re-order priorities aligned to Your purpose. Finding yourself in the idea of 'what matters most'.

You notice - in literal terms - what is right in front of you, as mind and body become present in the environment and take in the awe and beauty of your surrounds.

But perhaps that transcends to business or life too, a curious question forms from a nature connection ' What am I not seeing that is right in front of me?' a ponder that seeks out new and exciting opportunities.

Connection comes in many forms, inner and outer.

Allowing ourselves to de-stigmatised our loneliness.

To drop the ‘brave face’ that serves no purpose to who you truly are, and how you authentically feel.

And seek out opportunities to learn, grow and nurture ourselves in the presence of others.

To embrace, being human.

A small, humble moment for yourself. That leads to more.


Wild Workspaces is just one of the Nature-Based and Nature-Inspired solutions, cultivated by Where the Mind Grows Coaching.

You can find more about our approach to self- celebration, purposeful living, and ways to rewild your life at

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