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Individual Coaching Agreement 

This coaching agreement outlines our collective understanding of how we will work together. Helping you to get the best from the coaching experience. 

You will be asked to confirm that you have reviewed and understand the coaching agreement, when we commence sessions together, through a ‘tick box’ on the client registration form. I also cover the basics in our discovery call and initial session together. 

If you have any questions regarding this agreement. Please get in touch.

Individual Coaching with Where The Mind Grows

This coaching agreement outlines the basic principles we agree to as part of our coaching relationships together. The commitment to you, as your coach and facilitator, is to work alongside you to define and achieve your goals. We offer creative, curious coaching for people looking for bolder, braver living, true to their purpose. The coaching space is free of judgment and a protected space to bring your whole self. With a focus on enhancing well-being, authenticity, and confidence that leads to impactful change.

Getting Started - Commitment to the process

  • To become a new client with Where the Mind Grows working together one to one, you must have completed our initial conversation call together (Free of Charge) - one call per person. This ensures we can agree that the service and my approach are suitable for your needs and outcomes, and we are well aligned to coach together. 

  • You will gain access to the client registration, unique booking page or link, and payment links. As well as directed to this Coaching Agreement. 

  • You are required to complete and return your form with open and honest answers, including all information that would enable a fair and accurate assessment of your engagement in the coaching offerings/services. (This form remains confidential between Where the Mind Grows and yourself.) 

  • Services are offered at either our private woodlands at Little Seed Field (Currently from March to October each year) as well as public meeting spaces in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Coaching Together - A collaborative open approach

  • As your coach, I will prepare for each session in advance. Whilst adapting and being present and intuitive in the session to support your change needs. 

  • We invite you to prepare for each session, too, to ensure that you get the most from your experience. 

  • Please aim to minimise distractions and commit to the allocated time for your session. Allowing some space either side for a prompt arrival. 

  • Coaching invites you to be mutually accountable and an active agent in exploring and activating your personal change goals. This may include – from time to time- the commitment to activities or adventures between sessions.

  • Coaching is a mutually respectful, open, and explorative environment where ongoing feedback from both parties will form part of a beneficial experience.

  • If either party feels the coaching relationship is not working, we will openly and honestly review the situation.

  • We will both be respectful and caring of the naturalsetting we use for coaching.

  • We operate on values of inclusivity and equity. This means we coach people from a range of backgrounds, experiences, and needs.

  • Welcome Pack: In follow up to our initial conversation and in booking your session, you will receive the welcome email with directions and specifics on preparing and accessing your session.

Coaching Outdoors - Health and safety, considerations and limitations

  • Client Registration Form: Clients must complete the client registration form prior to starting. We require this a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your initial session. Ideally, around one week before. 

  • Our sessions will combine some light activity and plenty of time in nature. 

  • Please dress for the weather; wear suitable shoes, layers, and clothing for the outdoors. The private woods at LSF have shelter available for us. Please do not wear flip-flops or open-toed sandals to our sessions; these are not suitable. You may like to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, sunscreen, and a sunhat on a hot day. 

  • Please bring any prescription medication you may require. 

  • The sessions are in the wild; if you have any fears or allergies to insects, dogs, etc, please inform us on your client registration form. 

  • If you arrive late for the session, we cannot provide additional session time, sessions will be kept to our allocated timeframe. Late arrival will unfortunately be lost from the session and cannot be 'banked'. If you are running late please let us know ASAP.

  • If you arrive later than 15 minutes after the session start time, we may have to cancel/postpone the session. This will incur a charge/deduction from your coaching package.

  • All clients review the coaching agreement and privacy statement. 

  • Some of our venues may not be suitable and accessible for your circumstances, but we will always do our best to find an alternative. 

  • Many of our sessions take place in nature, some in public spaces; your coach will provide guidance on how we keep conversations confidential in this space.

  • You agree to follow any guidance or after-care provided in line with the coaching. You will listen and follow the guidance from the coach in outdoor spaces; failure to follow crucial instructions in this setting may result in termination of our coaching together. 

  • You agree to provide any information relating to health and safety to ensure the sessions can be run safely. This includes on the initial form, and before/during/after each session.

  • It is recommended that you bring a notebook and pen to your session to support you in making notes.

Coaching Terms - Policy

  • Package Terms - Packages of three sessions are to be utilised within a maximum of six months. Packages of six sessions to be used over a nine-month period with effect from January 1st 2024. 

  • Cancellation or postponement of sessions: If you need to change your booking, you can do so a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the session. Late cancellations (under 48 hours) or Non-Attendance will be payable/deductible from employer packages (mitigation circumstances apply). 

  • Inclement Weather: In the event that we are impacted by inclement weather such as snow, ice or storms - or extreme heat - You will be offered the option to have your session online or reschedule.

  • Confidentiality and Safeguarding: Sessions are confidential meaning your information is private and an independent space to share with your coach, free of judgment. It is important that you are aware of the limitations of confidentiality in the event that we need to safeguard yourself or others. We may need to disclose information with a third party in line with your/someone you knows welfare needs.

  • Pause and return - Mitigating Circumstances: If you find yourself facing mitigating circumstances, that means you cannot attend the remaining sessions within the agreed terms. Please get in touch, and we can discuss the possibility of a package pause. We hold the right to decline this offering but will always take a fair and human approach to your personal circumstances. At the point of returning, we may ask you to complete an up-to-date initial call/zoom and update your coaching registration and agreement. 

  • Fees and Payment: WTMG reserves the right to adjust our fees at any time. We will always give existing clients a minimum of one month's notice of future changes, and this will never impact existing packages or payment (just future renewals where applicable.) Payments for sessions are available upfront in advance of delivery. Payment methods include PAYPAL (Many people utilise the option of the PAYPAL pay in three subject to your availability), Stripe, or we can arrange an invoice for payment if your business or employer is covering payment. Failure to pay within the terms will result in the cancellation and/or termination of our sessions together.

  • Refunds: We do not offer a refund for our services unless we have to cancel/postpone your offer for our own mitigating reasons. 

  • Complaints: In the unlikely occurrence that you need to make a complaint, please email this to We will aim to respond to your complaint no more than 14 working days of receipt.

  • Termination: If you wish to terminate our coaching agreement and delivery together, please do so in writing. We will respond to your request within a maximum of 28 days. 

  • Right for Respect: WTMG does not tolerate any abusive or aggressive behaviours by clients and may terminate the sessions early and cease the coaching relationship where this behaviour is demonstrated.

  • Alcohol/Substance: You are not permitted to attend sessions under the influence of alcohol or substances. Nor access these as part of our session. 

  • Data and Privacy 

  1. By completing the form and returning it, you give permission to WTMG to store and hold your data (You have the right to withdraw).

  2. Neither party can film/record without consent. To utilise pictures or recordings in the public domain featuring either coach/coachee; written consent must be documented/agreed upon - this is usually done by email/WhatsApp/signal between parties. 

  3. You’ll inform us if anything to do with your health, accessibility, learning needs, or personal information requires updating. 

  4. This coaching agreement covers one-to-one coaching with Where the Mind Grows; these are individual sessions between yourself and WTMG. 

  5. Whilst we will never use your data for anything other than the services agreed upon, without your permission, we want to make you aware that WTMG utilises third-party associates in support and delivery of business activities like admin. These associates may at times have access to your basic personal details for record keeping. Co-facilitators will gain access to the essential/pertinent information to deliver your session and manage health and safety. Each associate is vetted and signs an agreement to comply with WTMG terms and confidentiality. You will not be able to access the session in the company of someone else unless this relates to a caring need. In this circumstance, we may request an additional conversation to assess and safeguard the session's privacy.

  • Insurance & Risk Assessment: Where the Mind Grows Risk Assess all our venues to ensure our sessions are safe and minimise risk. Your disclosure of information about your personal needs, and health considerations is an active part of our risk assessment. We obtain annual insurance to cover activities aligned with our expertise, experience, and delivery in the outdoors. 

  • Inclusivity: a) Our services are accessible to all, those who feel they face additional barriers to accessing well-being support and/or nature are very much welcome to access our services (e.g. for LGBTQIA+, BAME, People with Long Term Health Conditions and people with additional accessibility needs.)

      b) Coaching sessions are available for adults over the age of 18 years old. 

  • Ending our coaching agreement: At the end of the coaching package/relationship, you are invited to complete a short evaluation form to support the continued development and improvement of our services and to help you celebrate and embed your coaching achievements.

thank you 


(Jennie-Kate McQuinn) 

Where The Mind Grows Founder. 

Updated October 2022 

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