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Down to Earth is a Nature-inspired & connected well-being programme for voluntary sector leaders throughout North Yorkshire & Humberside Region.

Where the Mind Grows - in collaboration with Community First Yorkshire - offers a range of personal development and well-being sessions for leaders (at all levels) who value the importance of prioritising mental and physical health.  Seeing the benefits this can have for you personally and the wider impact on your team and organisational culture, too. 

These 'down to earth' sessions are for leaders of all levels,  experience, and diversity, and aim to offer practical and resourceful sessions for well-being and leadership challenges in the sector.

'Nature-Inspired' and connected sessions aim to provide you with a range of development tools, approaches, and understanding. Experience the value of Nature for well-being & leadership. And draw on new experiences for sustainable, longer-term impact. 

The programme began in 2023 and extends until Spring 2024. 

In 2023 three individual sessions were  delivered in beautiful natural settings across Yorkshire. Under the programme 'Down to Earth'. 

New for 2024 leader's have access to a tailored online well-being programme, explore this page for more information or Learn More Here

With a final in person session being held AM 21st March 2024.  A leadership well-being session in Nature - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN TOO!

These sessions are a space to enhance and value your own personal leadership development & well-being.  However, the tools and resources explored can also benefit your teams and organisations, beyond the natural setting of our sessions together. Resulting in longer-term, sustainable leadership impact. 

In 2024 the programme will expand further with access to a unique online programme, offering self-guided resources for leadership well-being, growth and re-balance.  Learn More & Sign Up Here

Working at home


The Down to Earth online programme offers a vast array of resources to support leaders in the CVSE sector in Yorkshire and the Humber. This programme aims to empower leaders to develop well-being strategies for themselves, their teams, their organisations and beyond.

On signing up, you'll receive up to 10 weeks to access the resources and materials. 

(Programme access ends 30th April 2024)

By introducing nature-inspired and regenerative leadership well-being principles, the programme helps leaders feel more confident, reduce stress and overwhelm, and create positive ripple effects throughout their organisations. Available online and with various navigation options, this programme offers a flexible and accessible way for leaders to enhance their leadership skills and prioritize well-being.

The resources range from light-bite coaching style questions for pause and reflection, to deeper dive interactive workshops and activities.

For a deeper dive, to discover how this self-guided online programme can support your leadership skills and well-being, click on the LEARN MORE button below or follow the REGISTER TODAY to get signed up and begin. 

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INTRO - Why Nature?

And a welcome from JK (Where the Mind Grows Founder) 

Where the Mind Grows was founded to help leaders like you enhance the way you work in an ever-changing & challenging environment. 

If you'd like to learn more about my own experience in leadership & why I coach and facilitate leaders and workplace well-being for impact and change check out my blog Leading Change here. 

The voluntary sector is a vital resource in any community. But I believe that doesn't have to come at the cost of your own health, happiness, or work/life balance. And Where the Mind Grows creates spaces to help you grow confidence, nurture psychological safety, and cultivate sustainable well-being strategies for people and planet health. 

So why Nature?

Nature is not just a place to hold our sessions. The Natural world is something we see as a 'co-facilitator' in our approach to change and personal growth. Finding solutions and discovering ways to do things differently.

Being in Nature has some amazing benefits for our mind and body, helping us reduce stress, increase focus, and ignite creative thinking. (And igniting the neuroscience geek within as we learn to understand ourselves in Nature).


Nature has 3.8  billion of years experience handling change, enhancing communication, working collaboratively, and finding strategies to thrive in the most complex circumstances. (So it makes for a great mentor in the world of leadership too). 

Perhaps like me, you see the impact on our health and happiness in this fast-paced world. Our current strategies and systems are unsustainable. I believe that learning to look after our own well-being in work and life enhances our capacity to care for the wider world, too. 

The Where the Mind Grows Approach: Combining Neuroscience (how our mind works), eco-psychology (being part of) Biomimicry (learning from Nature), and Regenerative Leadership (Living Systems thinking), with facilitated learning and development through a coaching approach. Our sessions are creative, wild, and engaging group spaces where we collectively draw on an 'ecosystem' of shared resources and peer learning to enhance your leadership well-being and the well-being of your team or organisation. Valuing your uniqueness and recognising you as an active contributor to enhancing the health of the sector. JK is an open, compassionate, and wildly creative coach. 

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Learn More
Down to Earth Online



The Down to Earth online programme offers a vast array of resources to support leaders in the CVSE sector in Yorkshire and the Humber. This self-guided programme aims to empower leaders to develop well-being strategies for themselves, their teams, their organisations and beyond.

Launched to the North Yorkshire & the Humber Leaders within the CVSE/VCSE sector on Friday 26th January 2024 and accessible until Tuesday 30th April 2024. 


By introducing nature-inspired and regenerative leadership well-being principles, the programme helps leaders feel more confident, reduce stress and overwhelm, and create positive ripple effects throughout their organisations. Available online and with various navigation options, this programme offers a flexible and accessible way for leaders to enhance their leadership skills and prioritize well-being.

The resources range from light-bite coaching style questions for pause and reflection, to deeper dive interactive workshops and activities.

Whilst the programme is online, through a Nature-Inspired and connected approach, many of the activities invite you to re-connect and learn from Nature too. As we say at Where the Mind Grows: Nature is a Co-facilitator in all that we do, and you are invited to learn alongside Nature for individual and collective well-being too.


Taking part in the Down to Earth online programme for leaders in the CVSE sector offers numerous benefits for personal development, well-being, and leadership skills.


Firstly, it provides leaders with the opportunity to develop strategies and resources for well-being, which can contribute to reducing stress and overwhelm. This, in turn, can lead to increased confidence and improved overall well-being.


Additionally, the programme introduces nature-inspired and regenerative leadership principles, promoting a more sustainable and impactful approach to leadership. By prioritising self-care and personal development through this programme, leaders can also gain a deeper understanding of their own strengths and areas for growth, ultimately enhancing their leadership skills. Overall, participating in this programme allows leaders to invest in themselves, leading to personal growth, improved well-being, and a more effective leadership style.


Regenerative Well-being in Leadership is an approach that focuses on creating positive, sustainable, and life-enhancing impact for yourself,  within your team and  organisations and for  the wider community too.


Seeing the value of our own well-being as leaders, as part of collective health & purpose. Alongside small, simple solutions.  It emphasises long-term thinking, collaboration, and systems thinking. In the context of the third sector, regenerative leadership well-being can benefit organisations by fostering innovation, resilience, and adaptability.


It encourages leaders to consider yourself, your team and culture as part of a bigger picture, leading to more holistic and impactful solutions. By adopting principles, leaders in the third/CVSE sector can create meaningful change, address complex challenges, and create lasting, purposeful impact.

Alongside the self-guided resources (which range from coaching questions to deep-dive pre-recorded workshops and activities) you'll also gain access to a programme forum, where you can share reflections, ask questions, celebrate impact and learn about other leaders on the programme (This is an optional engagement and you may prefer to focus simply on the programme alone)

SIGN UP TODAY and begin your self-guided programme to enhance leadership well-being. 

On accessing the programme platform, you can navigate the introductory section to help you settle in and learn your way round the platform. 

With options and activities ranging from five minutes to one hour+ you can choose from a linear approach or adventurous exploration to find the topics that you'd like to prioritise. To ensure any time spent exploring the programme is personally meaningful to you, your role and your wider team well-being aims. 

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Online Programme: Is it for me?

  • Current or aspiring leaders in the CVSE/VCSE across North Yorkshire and the Humber. 

  • A range of self-guided resources to help with the challenges of leadership in the sector. Including dealing with stress, over-whelm, risk of burn-out, low mood or confidence

  • A framework to help you explore well-being in the context of yourself, your team, the organisation and the community/partnerships beyond. 

  • Activities that focus on managing energy as well as time, in the challenge and change of leadership in the sector. 

  • Self-guided programme that can be explored and discovered at your own pace, style and focus over ten weeks of access from sign up. 

  • You're looking for ways to create more psychological safety for yourself and others at work

  • Inspired by Nature, with an introduction to regenerative well-being and leadership principles a way to 'do differently' for the future. 

  • Gain insights, practical strategies and resources for yourself and your team. Embedding simple, effective approaches to a healthier, happier, and evolving workplace well-being culture. 

  • Ideas and Inspiration to nurture well-being for you and your team. 

Sunset Over the Mountains

Are these sessions for me?

Sign up -2024- in person session. 

Time is precious, and investing in some time for yourself is a BIG important deal.

So you need to feel confident this is time well spent. 

Down to Earth is delivered in collaboration with Community First Yorkshire - to support, nurture, develop, and enhance the well-being of the voluntary sector leaders across Yorkshire and the Humber. The sessions are aimed to be 'down to earth' and suitable for leaders of a range of experiences and backgrounds. 

These are not 'fluffy' well-being sessions. Instead, offering an opportunity for open, evidence-based, and practical exploration to help you lead with greater confidence and capacity in your roles and teams.  JK has experience in coaching and facilitating sessions that enable a range of leaders (in experience, background, and diversity) to engage. Down to Earth offers inclusive spaces & content focusing on personal development & leadership skills.


Prioritising mental,  and physical well-being, & confidence as a Leader in the sector and beyond. When you attend the Down to Earth project sessions, you will be an active part of the learning 'ecosystem' which enhances each session, drawing not only on facilitated session content but on the wealth of knowledge & experience of your leadership peers. 

Time out and engaging with Nature offers you a change of scene and a different perspective in which to explore your leadership and rebalance your well-being.

The content has been curated following consultation with leaders in the sector (March 23) to help identify key challenges and development opportunities for Leaders. 


Managing the mind-muddle
A refreshing approach to busy leader's well-being - NEW FOR 2024

Thursday 21st March 2024 - Little Seed Field, Nr Ripon HG4 3PU -09:30-13:00

Summary of Session:

Join us for an exclusive in-person event designed specifically for leaders in the third sector, North Yorkshire and the Humber. This unique session, delivered in nature, provides a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for busy leaders. Through a facilitated interactive workshop- style approach, you will join fellow peers and leaders for some calm space. Exploring ideas and approaches you can bring to life. 


At Where the Mind Grows there is a core understanding of the challenges that leaders in the voluntary sector face when it comes to personal development and well-being. Time, energy, expectations and ever-changing complexity can lead you pushing head space, thinking time and rebalance to the bottom of the list.  However, you know, like us that prioritizing self-care is crucial for effective leadership and mental health. (For you and your team). 

This event gives you an opportunity to reflect on your own well-being and that beyond including your team and organisation too.

Nurturing a healthy workplace culture, and gaining clarity, confidence and compassion at the heart of your leadership approach. 

Inspired and connected with Nature throughout the sessions, you will explore a resource that creates opportunity and life when it comes to your leadership approach to well-being. Starting from the inside out. 

An approach that focuses on purpose and potential, for thriving cultures. Celebrating yourself as a catalyst for change!

The workshop focuses on your current feelings and challenges, when it comes to time, space and energy. Supporting you with insights and awareness that help create conditions for  longer term well-being. 

Weaving in principles of regenerative leadership and psychological safety, experienced in the culture of our group setting. With strategies and understanding to take back with you to work and life. 


An open, not judgemental space informed, supporting you to relinquish the common guilt that leaders feel when focusing on their well-being and (as one participant said previously) seeing leadership well-being as 'essential' 

You will be invited to explore simple, tangible ways of being and doing,  that can be implemented in an energized way.  Together ensuring we create a meaningful space, to create better balance in the choppy sea, of leadership. 

After a short introduction and orientation at the start of the session, we will delve into a collaborative workshop approach. Ending with a warm plant-based lunch and peer-to- peer networking, connecting and reflecting at the end of the session. 

Who is it for?

Leaders in the sector, looking to combine personal development and well-being, based or delivering projects and services in the region of North Yorkshire & The Humber. 

From aspiring and new leaders, to those with deep roots and experience in leading and managing. You find you self, regular off-kilter when it comes to time and energy. You value well-being but feel your role demands a number of sacrifices to well-being in order to 'get the job done'. 

You may spend your time, feeling like there is always so much more to do and giving yourself a hard time about the things you can't currently make space for. 

You value well-being, see its importance, but often take the 'just crack on' approach. Instead of allowing yourself the time and head space to find strategies and approaches that sustain well-being for you and your wider team culture. 

Like so many leaders in your sector, your dedication and passion does not have to come at the cost of your self.  The sessions aim to help amazing leaders, like you, create meaningful shifts, that change the future of well-being/wellness/health/purpose ( call it what you will). Starting from the inside, out! 

This learning development and well-being session in nature offers a unique and refreshing experience for CVSE leaders in NY&H.  The session provides an opportunity for leaders to prioritise your own personal development and well-being, often neglected or compromised due to  busy schedules and the demands of your roles.


A chance to connect with like-minded leaders, share experiences, and learn strategies for creating a well-being culture within their teams. Helping you rejuvenate, recharge,  and acquire valuable skills that will benefit both  personal growth and  leadership resilience in the CVSE/VCSE. Re-imagining well-being, in a way that meets you where you are now. 

Nature has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health and overall well-being. By stepping away from your usual work environment, you can gain new perspectives, reduce stress, and enhance creativity.

Benefits, Outcomes & Personal Development Opportunities 

  • . Self-reflection & Self-Empowerment: Leaders can take the time to reflect on their own needs and identify areas to enhance, rebalance or re-connect their personal well-being needs. 

  • Strategic approach: exploration allows leaders to develop a strategically framed vision of well-being culture for their team, addressing various aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health. 

  • Improved purpose: By prioritising well-being, leaders can create a healthier work environment, reducing stress and burnout, ultimately leading to increased to clarity of purpose, which in turn supports impact and delivery (productivity and performance).

  • Employee Engagement and Happiness:  Create ripples in your well-being culture. Nurturing happier and more engaged team members, resulting in higher levels of employee motivation and meaning (you included!)

  • Stress reduction: Spending time in nature has a calming effect on the mind and body, helping leaders manage and reduce stress levels. We'll share insight into Nature's own remedies and how 'us humans' can benefit from time outside, and connected. 

  • Confidence: Gain insight, ideas and confidence as a leader in how, what and where the potential to enhance well-being lies, [within your culture] bringing to life opportunities and potential to share and engage your team/org.  Owning your part to play in amplifying resilience in the sector. 

  •  Re-energise: Nature provides a break from the demands of work and technology, allowing leaders to recharge mentally and improve focus and concentration.

  • .Improved mood and creativity: Experiencing nature stimulates positive emotions, boosts mood, and enhances creativity and problem-solving skills.  

  • Perspective and clarity: Being in nature provides an opportunity to gain perspective, reflect on challenges, and gain clarity on important choices, leading to better decision-making and effective leadership.

  • Peer Connection:  Connect with other leaders to share and reflect. A catalyst for change,  shaping the health and well-being of the sectors future in your region.


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In Person: Programme schedule & registration

In Person Events
Final Event for 2024 - March 21st 2024
Make your event registration (Sign Up)

There are various options to sign up for each event across this page. You can also do this by selecting the links below and completing the short registration form to sign up to each of the individual Down to Earth events. You can register for as much of the programme as you like (from one to all four sessions). You will need to complete a separate registration for each event you wish to attend. Please note all the of the programme is held onsite at a nature-connected venue; please ensure you let us know about any medical conditions, accessibility, mobility needs, or any dietary or allergy requirements when you sign up. 

It's also helpful for us to be aware of your learning style, needs, or any questions you have for us that will support the safe and inclusive engagement in sessions. 

You may be charged for this event if you do not attend without prior notice being given.

You must be registered to attend a session - Spaces are limited per session. 

You will receive a welcome email from Where the Mind Grows with information on the session a minimum of two weeks in advance of each event. (Please ensure is added to your contacts so you receive this). 

This project is delivered in partnership with Community First Yorkshire. 

Please email for queries. 

Looking for the online programme?
Find your way to sign up here
Or learn more here 

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Plus other opportunities for nature inspired resources, events and information for people & planet health. 

"Perfection. The attention to detail and thought that has gone into planning makes such a lovely, comfortable experience. You quickly create a very open and warm environment where you can go deep - sometimes without realising."

"Your hectic life as a leader is put on pause when you're given time and attention to grow as an individual within beautiful surroundings with wonderful people. I would recommend this experience to everyone!"
"I now see valuing my well-being as an essential part of being a leader and as being a parent. I think I viewed it as a luxury before but it's now a non-negotiable for me. As soon as I let this slip I can see the impact and now have the tools to be able to refocus and look at what I need to change."

Hidden from plain site. 

This project is exclusive to leaders across the CVSE in Yorkshire & the Humber in partnership with Community First Yorkshire. For that reason, you are accessing a hidden page on our website and may not find it shows up in a standard search. Add this page to your browser favourites. In case you want to revisit it!

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