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WELCOME TO THE DOWN TO EARTH ONLINE PROGRAMME. A SELF GUIDED ONLINE PROGRAMME FOR LEADER'S IN THE CVSE SECTOR OF NORTH YORKSHIRE AND HUMBER. On a really practical note, to sign up: Complete the short signup form, we'll then approve your access (subject to eligibility) and from there you can get started and explore at your own pace and route, over 10 weeks of self-exploration. (Look out for your confirmation email.) The Down to Earth online programme offers a wide array of resources to support leaders in the CVSE sector in Yorkshire and the Humber. This 10-week self-guided programme aims to empower leaders to develop well-being strategies for themselves, their teams, their organisations and beyond. By introducing nature-inspired and regenerative leadership & well-being principles, the programme helps leaders feel more confident, reduce stress and overwhelm, and create positive ripple effects throughout their organisations. Available online and with the opportunity to personalise your route through the materials, this programme offers a flexible and accessible way for leaders to enhance their leadership skills and prioritise well-being. The resources range from light-bite coaching style questions for pause and reflection, to deeper dive interactive workshops and activities. The programme supports dynamic (and busy) leaders in the sector, who aspire to enhance individual and collective well-being culture, but often struggle to commit to attending events. By prioritising self-care and personal development through this programme, leaders can also gain a deeper understanding of their own strengths and areas for growth, ultimately enhancing their leadership skills. Down to Earth - Online Programme ( and our approach at Where the Mind Grows)focuses on creating positive, sustainable, and life-enhancing impacts yourself, your organisations and the wider community. Seeing the value of your own well-being as leaders, as part collective health & purpose.

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