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JK (Jennie-Kate) McQuinn is coach and founder of Where the Mind Grows and JKChangework and a co-contributor and collaborator of Think Like A Forest Regenerative Business programmes.

JK incorporates ecopsychology and regenerative practices into traditional coaching approaches for personal development and well-being.

Before beginning as a solopreneur, JK managed and led in the mental health sector for over a decade, working in both private, third sector and public health across Yorkshire.

JK focuses on enabling teams and individuals to nurture confidence and authenticity, through resilience, psychological safety and nature inspired and connected approaches.

JK is also the creator and founder of the Wild Workspaces community - co-working in nature

Where the Mind Grows is a purpose led business meaning we take proactive action to work with and in an ethical, sustainable and regenerative way that seeks to minimise our impact on the planet and people we work alongside.

JK - Where The Mind Grows

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