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Put simply our aim is to connect more people with businesses and nurture people's confidence in strategies that really work when it comes to healthier happier lives and workplaces. 

We work with a range of amazing venues, partners , collaborators and associates. To delivering meaningful - nature based- coaching solutions for you or your team. 

Each of our creative, curious and skilled collaborators enhances the 'eco-system

Make it Wild- Bank Woods
North Yorkshire 

Bank Woods is Make it Wild’s ‘flagship’ nature reserve.

Here they manage 110 acres entirely for Nature. The habitats include upland grass, thorny scrub with naturally regenerating new woodland, wildflower meadows, streams, ponds, and wet land. Their 20 acres of precious ancient woodland is carpeted with bluebells in early May.

Bank Woods has recently been recognised as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation, with over 60 species of wildflower, many of them rare, being identified in the ancient woods. The woods are also home to over 30 nationally recognised notable trees. Many ‘red-listed’ birds also frequent the site. A small herd of Belted Galloway cattle roam, for conservation grazing of the land.

Make it Wild recognise the benefit of trees for biodiversity, and have planted 36,000 trees to date, 7,000 of which are at Bank Woods.

Bank Woods Barn is their brand new state of the art eco-friendly off-grid venue. It is expected to be available from Autumn 2020. Curlew, the fabulous first floor studio space has a vaulted ceiling, balcony, Juliet balcony and fabulous views up the valley. Lapwing is a smaller meeting or break-out room on the ground floor. Finally, Chaffinch, a traditional shepherd’s hut nearby, is ideal for smaller groups.

Meet our collaborators

Emlyn Hagan - Coach & Facilitator

About Emlyn

Emlyn has 15 years’ experience supporting people to make positive changes in their lives. For the past 10 years he has been working in voluntary sector mental health services, supporting people with enduring mental health difficulties and challenging life situations to develop positive changes in their work and personal lives. He strongly believe that we all have the capacity to grow, change and achieve with the right support and skills.

 We asked Emlyn, Why Nature?

"Nature has and continues to play a huge part in Emlyn’s own wellbeing, development and work as a personal coach. "I am at my best in nature" and spends his free time camping, cycling, canoeing and walking in nature. Working in nature can be relaxing and grounding, making difficult conversations about difficult subjects easier. Generally, we are more open to learning and change when we are in a calm, relaxed state of mind. This state can often be more easily achieved under the calming influence of the natural environment, as well as the relaxation techniques that Emlyn often uses during sessions."

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Danielle  Heward- Change & Improvement expert

About Danielle

Danielle is a business change & improvement expert and is the owner of DH Professional Solutions; working with other purpose-driven business owners to increase their positive impact on the world by making their organisations more effective. Danielle is also a Trustee for Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity and a volunteer for Leeds Victim Support. Danielle has always loved nature and the outdoors, having been happily branded a 'hippy' through most of her adult life, and appreciates the calm and clarity that being outside can bring. Her business and personal fulfilment really took off when she realised she could combine her personal passion for nature, the planet and climate action with her work. The solutions and services offered by DH Professional Solutions include people development, process improvement and technology implementation and they bring a range of benefits.  Danielle can work with our sustainably minded business clients to save business leaders time that they can better spend on leadership and strategy, rather than operations, provide them with the assurance and confidence that things are being done efficiently and effectively and reducing risk of errors, and give them comfort that they are heading in the right direction.

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Sarah Spencer - Author and Facilitator

The think like a tree programme was created as a practical and accessible way for anyone to harness the wisdom of the natural world, and apply it in their own lives. 

Based in Derbyshire, Sarah is 

passionate about woodlands, trees and all things natural and  grows food and cut flowers on the nine-acre smallholding that she shares with her family. Having planted woodlands, forest gardens, created an oasis for wildlife, and kept bees and chickens. Sarah always felt most at home in the woods, growing up in ancient Charnwood Forest, and now lives in the National Forest, a new woodland being created around her!

Sarah holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design and is a founder director and lead designer of Whistlewood Common community woodland social enterprise.  Sarah trained as a forest school leader and was formerly a caseworker providing legal advice and representation to refugees. Alongside her books Think Like a Tree and Inspired by Trees, Sarah designed a range of courses (Including the Think Like A Tree course that JK has achieved Facilitation in) Sarah, JK and other TLAT facilitators are currently working on exciting workshops to connect even more people with nature. 

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Looking to collaborate?

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