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roots and shoots 
Seasonal Coaching Sessions outdoors-In Leeds

'ROOTS AND SHOOTS' coaching sessions with JK are available between the beginning of November and the end of February. 

These reflective and explorative coaching sessions, in natural settings across Leeds. Offer a moment of motivation, movement and re-connection. 

Focused on helping you reflect on your current year and your time ahead. 

Connecting to yourself, in the here and now too. 

With help to nurture strategies for the winter months. Supporting you to rebalance and feel confident in who you are. 

These sessions are connected and inspired by Nature's own strategies too. 

You'll be introduced to approaches and resources, from an expert 3.8 billion years in practice. 

A space to de-compress, make space and learn more ways to enhance your life. 

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"Let us go on, and take the adventure that shall fall to us" CS Lewis, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe


Who are these sessions for?

'ROOTS AND SHOOTS' sessions are time and space for people who would value time to de-clutter, reflect and create focus and intention.  Whether that is for short term strategies over the winter months, where you find yourself struggling with motivation and mood. Or for a longer term clarity and re-balance for the year ahead. 

Time and space to review and reflect on the past, present and future. Supporting you to become aware of your own seasonal and cyclical patterns in life. To root purpose and values and explore ways for you to feel confident in your life. 

These outdoor sessions are valuable for the following situations:

  • Re-balancing strategies for people who still feel too busy. 

  • Re-alignment for people who feel their life is 'out of intention' or needs redirection. 

  • Focus, clarity and inspiration for those excited to vision and focus their year ahead. 

You will have a curiosity for or existing knowledge of coaching and how this can support your well-being and help you to personally grow. 

As these sessions are outdoors in nature, over the cooler months. You will also have an interest or love for the natural world and feel physically fit & confident enough to  be walking ( with some resting time) throughout the two hour session. 


'Roots and Shoots' are a two hour (approx.) coaching session in & alongside nature. To help you explore and resolve one or more aspects or life,  that feel complex or unclear for you right now. Proactively nurturing longer term strategies and approaches to support health and happiness in work and life.  During the sessions you will experience a coaching approach to support you with your personal growth and well-being. 

These sessions combine a wonderful medley of career, life, mindset and well-being coaching. In collaboration with ecopsychology and regenerative approaches to life. JK is an experienced coach and facilitator with a background in mental health and employability. Coaching outdoors, alongside nature. Integrating a range of practical and holistic resources and activities in which to help you better understand yourself, and the world around you. Enabling you to make confident and informed choices, decisions and lifestyle. Celebrating your unique self. 


The 'roots and shoots' sessions are held at various public nature-based locations across Leeds, West Yorkshire over the Autumn/Winter months.  You can select your preferred location when you book.  We meet at an agreed location and spend then take a walk  from this location, where our coaching session takes place. 


Sessions can be booked through the booking link, where a time can be selected. Each Walk & Talk will be around two hours. 

Session availability is between November and February for this particular offering & focus. 


EXISTING CLIENT? For existing Where the Mind Grows coaching clients you can book your session here.

 NEW TO WTMG? If you are new to our services, the next step is to book in a FREE DISCOVERY CALL to make sure these sessions, and my coaching style make a good match to your needs and goals. 

Once we have had our discovery call together, and agree to go ahead. You can book your session, complete a short registration form and coaching agreement and then we will be all set, to meet in the woods. 


Roots & Shoots sessions are £145 per session - paid through the link on booking. 

What Next?

To discover how this style of coaching session could suit your needs & intentions, book in a FREE discovery call here

To keep up to date with resources, events, tips and all things nature and well-being you can subscribe to the Where the Mind Grows weekly newsletter HERE


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