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Discover more about our one-to-one packages and ways of working together, in the woods!

 What you can expect during a coaching session

I lease a spot of private woodland at the Little Seed Field, so our 90-minute session won’t be interrupted by anyone else – except the wildlife who love to join in!

You won’t get a cut-and-paste coaching blueprint that dictates every minute of our session. Instead, you and your individual needs will naturally guide what we do.

I’ll ask you gentle questions, giving you the opportunity to tell me what you need, and helping to reframe your perspective on “being selfish.” Because I know you know exactly what you need, but you feel it’s selfish or that you’re not worthy enough to ask for it.

If you have no idea what you need or how to get there, don’t worry. I’ll give you the guidance and space to figure that out.

Nature’s melodies mean that there won’t be any awkward periods of silence. If you feel you need a peaceful moment to sit by the river without talking, that’s what we’ll do.

Enter my trusty coaching map

Together we will create a map using the whole array of principles that are essential to a healthy, happy, and thriving life. We’ll create your map based on your starting point and your ‘red x’ – where you want to be at the end of our time together.

Tree Lined Path




I'll help you decide which of our 3, 4 or 6 session packages will be best suited to your personal needs and aims. ​We meet in the woods, at Little Seed Field,  for our package sessions. 


With the initial session helping ground focus (lasting 2 hours) and all remaining package sessions helping you explore and resolve challenges and boost confidence in life, work and your inner self too. (follow up sessions are 90 minutes).

​Meeting every 2-6 weeks with encouragement and ideas of how to create action and change, beyond each session,  helping you feel good and be yourself -back in the real world.


​An initial (FREE) conversation together supports next steps  and ensures we are the best fit to work together on this!


You're life may have been turned upside down by a significant life event, or perhaps you are finding that  a past experience keeps playing on your mind and leaving you feeling/being not-at-your best in specific situations & life scenarios.

​As Advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapist,  I work in a trauma informed way.  So you can better understand your mind. I help you nurture self-confidence, calm your nervous-system response and support you to help you manage the impact of the trauma or adversity. 


Our sessions will  design ways of life, that help you feel more at ease with situations that currently unsettle or worry you inside and out.  I'll also introduce you to the neuroscience behind why sessions in the woods can support you with emotional regulation and techniques to manage stress, anxiety and other symptoms associated with experience of trauma and adversity.


​During our initial call together, we'll figure out which package of 3, 4 or 6 sessions will support you the most.


Package sessions are recommended every 1-4 weeks. Our first session lasts 2 hours and sessions after that are 90 minutes. All from the beautiful woodland location at Little Seed Field.  


For some people a day away from the hustle and bustle of life, is all you need. To help with clarity of thought, some ideas and actions and a better understanding of how you and your unique mind and life all factor into the bigger picture. These Personal Compass days, are like a little coaching retreat in which you can press pause on the day to day and just make yourself and your next  life or business steps come into being. ​After an initial call, where we get  excited and make a plan, you'll complete a self-reflection questionnaire that supports the aims and outcomes for the day. I'll plan your day, with time for breaks and enjoying the beautiful woodland location at Little Seed Field. We'll cook our lunch together on an open fire in the woods and you'll leave with a personal resource pack to make those tweaks and changes, with confidence.  Choose your day, at the link below and you'll be invited to a call to discuss next steps and confirm and finalise your booking. 


These standalone walk & talk sessions last for two hours and help you to focus on your health, well-being and goals. We meet in a public park or woodland location (JK will share the locations we can meet on your initial call together). 

A short questionnaire helps us frame our focus in advance of the session together, we'll wander through the woods or parkland, taking time to pause and explore activities and resources to help you with confidence, clarity and calm. You'll benefit from physical exercise during our wander ( usually 1-3 miles) and also reap the benefits for mind and body through natural connection with yourself and your environment, in the wild.

These sessions offer an alternative pay as you go option, meeting at a different locations to Where the Mind Grows HQ at Little Seed Field.  

Lets get started
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My goal for you is to not need me

I don’t want you to need this system, or The System. My dream with all of “this stuff” is that you’ll leave not needing me anymore. You’ll learn enough about stress management, emotion regulation, and how to look after your mind that you’ll feel confident to handle all the complexities of life without my guidance. For some, this doesn’t take long. For others, it takes as long as it takes!

The trees are always there for you to come back to if you need them, too.

You’ll leave with:

  • a life more balanced

  • a renewed sense of confidence and thoughts of “I can cope with the next thing life throws at me”

  • strategies, action plans, and personalised methods to get you through your next period of fogginess or overwhelming racing mind – because there will always be times that test you. The difference next time is, you’ll accept them as a part of life and have your own toolbox of coping mechanisms with the self-belief and confidence to deal with them.

  • acceptance of every part of yourself

  • a new-found love of the woods!

Take a look at my one-to-one coaching page here. Nature invites you to take this step for yourself. Your future self is already thanking you for it.



My experience and approach ensure that I can help you to understand your unique mind, whilst accepting that there are different lived experiences of each gender.

I’ve split up my one-to-one coaching by gender so that you get the right methods and approach to suit you.

Our coaching packages are also offered to those who identify as non-binary or feel that you do not align with traditional gender narratives.  

Garden Soil





into the woods!



When I started my own business in 2017, I put on my vision board 10 year plan - 'own my own woodland'. In all honesty it was one of the motivators for going self-employed. Joining so many others who 'wunderlust' over the 'good life' & their own plot of land.

Over the years I've been working with some amazing venues, who share my values for the Natural world. One day my professional supervisor chuckled to me, as a chattered on about my vision and the frustration that it hadn't happened yet.  'You actually can't see the wood for the trees can you?' He said pointing out that I was already gaining access to beautiful woodland (often for exclusive use) for a fraction of the cost of my dream. 


At the end of 2022, I approached Joanne and Sean - the owners of Little Seed Field with a cheeky-little-proposal. I'd been hiring the space for other events and noticed at the bottom of the sight a seldom visited spot of woodland. 'errm please can I have your woodland, thank you kindly' the answer was 'yes' and I began leasing the woodland in March 2023 as WTMG HQ! I share more about that in The Wilderness Mind Podcast  Episode HERE.


Its opportunities like these that have reminded me that its a good thing to share your dreams with others,  its ok to 'Just ask' and that you don't have to wait for the good life to happen, you can bring it to life in a moment!

Nestled in the beautiful Nidderdale valley, Near Ripon North Yorkshire. Most of our coaching package sessions take place in these here woods, alive with all sorts of fungi, flora and ancient trees. As well as varied wildlife from stoat to owls, woodpecker, hare or deer.  Who will often make an appearance in our coaching sessions. Adding to that beautiful calm feeling of being immersed in nature and part of something beyond our everyday lives! 


Couple with Campervan


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