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Ask Nature - How can we become more comfortable with managing change?

We're asking Nature some big old questions about life, work & beyond, inspired by the problems & potentials of the people & teams we work with. 

This week, I'm returning to a question that motivates many of the people I work with to seek out a regenerative life coach.

This week, we are asking Nature - How can we become more comfortable with managing change?

Change can come in many different forms in life or work. Whilst many changes are positive. Some may feel outside of our comfort, and control and create fear and uncertainty. 

Basic Needs: Nature prioritises well-being, supporting it with energy to help it survive and thrive in an ever-changing environment. Valuing rest is often an area of our basic human needs that we overlook. Change often invites us to expand our mindset and skills; this new learning of adjustment of 'what we know and do' can require additional fuel, so rest, and recuperation is key at these times. 

Explore Perspectives: Fear often comes when we only have one view or limited information on a situation, much of the natural world seeks a variety of feedback and information in which to pause and make sense. This supports it with resilient actions and change management. 

Often change feels more complex because we haven't got a 'clear picture' of our role and purpose. Who or what can you ask to gain clarity and confidence?

Trust your ability to adapt: Just like Nature, we have the potential to be curious and creative in new and different circumstances. Nature has 3.8 billion years of evolution, changing to the world around it. We often have the capability to step into the space of resilience, too. Embrace your skills in adaptation, consider what will help you to feel more confident, and take some reflection time to understand where new resources or approaches will be best suited in your differing situation. 

Work collaboratively: Ecosystems work so well because they work together. Even when some species may 'compete' in elements of their approaches, the overall efforts usually focus on creating conditions to thrive. Who, what, where and how can you collaborate through change, valuing the diversity of a range of skills in navigating uncertainty? 

Clear Purpose: In times of change and uncertainty it's easy to feel lost, overwhelmed or confused and frustrated. In the natural world, each species has a clear purpose and life values that guide it through change. By reflecting and reconnecting to find your purpose and values you can grow your confidence and clarity in the face of change!

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