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Renew & Refuel

When you learn new strategies, approaches, or habits for well-being it’s easy to think that’s it. The

endpoint. Done & Dusted. You’ve made a difference. Now, on to the next.

Some strategies are made for renewal, a conscious investment to refuel.

In nature, this is a given. The trees, plants, and animals. They’re constantly checking back in, noticing the feedback their ‘body’, ‘mind’, and surroundings give them.

Growing & Nurturing. Cyclical in nature, ever invested. Learning this rhythm is a place for beautiful transformation. Not just waiting for an issue or problem to occur; instead finding a pattern to maintain your health and happiness proactively.

For me, this is my honey pot. A place to dip back into and make the sweet stuff happen.

Do it, do it again, and if it’s not quite working, fine-tune it. Choose to prioritise renewal and refuelling.

The world around us is ever-changing and so finding the constants in the messy-muddliness of it all is a great way to keep rooted.

Ask yourself, what works for me? And am I actually doing it? Then do it again. Renew, refuel.

Have you found your rhythm? Maybe it’s a practice you incorporate into your everyday like journaling or a contemplative walk. That night-time kiss to your child or sweating it out at an energy-boosting HIT session.

Perhaps it's structured time with a coach, therapist, or mentor, to look from the outside in and re-group.

A meal out with friends, a phone call to your parents. A talk with a Tree (Yes you read that right!). A good cry, a book, a homemade meal. Whatever it is. DO IT!

Repeat as required. Nurture from the inside out. Our capacity to do good, to be wholesomely and deliciously purposeful comes from your courageous choice to dance to this rhythm. To renew, refuel and continue on.

Need help finding your rhythm and balancing your well-being amidst work and life?

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Image Credit - Julian Paolo Dayag via Unsplash

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