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Re-discovering Nature

My own personal journey back to nature started in my early 20's.

I had, unconsciously, stepped away from the natural world. Tied up in work, relationships and social circles who saw little or no purpose in spending time in nature.

My mental health was not at it's most resilient at the time, probably because I had not realised the value I placed on being part of the wilderness. Living a life, too contained, to fit to my nature habitat and life's desires.

For someone who grow up creating confidence and inquisitiveness through my very connection with nature. Building dens, climbing straw bales, camping out, creating insect hospitals. How was it possible I lost the value of this connection?

I remember when nature and I rediscovered each other.

It had been months since I had been for a walk in the wilderness, and with a new group of friends, that had evolved from various jobs, we set ourselves on an adventure to have a long days walk.

It was blustery, and warm all at once. And as I unleashed myself out of the hour-plus car journey.

I felt the wilderness hit me within.

I ran through trees and on rocks. I paddled in the river. I rubbed mud stripes on my face and placed feathers in my hair.

How could I have forgotten how a kin I was to the space and freedom of this?

I was back. The sense was back in me. And it has never left since.

Whether happy or sad, lost or finding. Nature offers a consistent Home for me.

Curious, about what was actually happening in this transformation, I began to read about the neuroscience of nature.

To understand the basics like Attention Restoration Theory ( a theory by Kaplan, 1989, 1995 that implies our mental fatigue and concentration can be improved by time in nature).

I became fascinated about the way in which our stress was reduced both through the act of walking and through the Awe we experience when we take in the beauty and evolution of the natural world.

I delved into the benefits of play and exploration. Understanding how we can get our dopamine (happy hormone) fix from interacting with our surroundings, from climbing trees to making rope swings.

I learned about biophilia and our connection with nature in its aesthetic sense.

The world of curiosity took me into eco-psychology and I began to apply natures principles to my own way of life, enhancing my mental health and improving my well-being and quality of life. And creating a whole new rule book in which to scrutinise and improve aspects of my life, from health, to communication to money management.

Nature has little opinion or judgement. It did not criticise me for losing touch.

Instead accepting me back to the place I forgot I belonged.

Now, nature is my one of my everyday well-being strategies. It's simplicity and accessibility mean it is unwavering, consistently supportive and enables me to self-regulate.

Combining this knowledge and practice with practical coaching skills and psycho-education. I get to help others, like you, rediscover your connection with nature and in doing so. Finding more of yourself and happiness.

To discuss life coaching packages and coaching in nature experiences get in touch

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