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Needs? Hearing our inner message.

In nature we can see the patterns, dances and responses to the seasonal shifts.

In it's most basic form; quartered through a journey of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Look closer, be open to curiosity and you begin to notice the micro-rhythms.

A Russian Doll, within a Russian Doll of nature evolving, changing, adjusting.

As each season shifts, so too may your needs and approaches to health and happiness.

We often dismiss the value of leaning in, listening and a small tweak here and there!

Nature is in constant flow, observing it's own changing surroundings and fine tuning in a constant journey to survive and thrive.

Nature is a great listener. Ever present and responding to need.

Nature evolves with these rhythms. Those parts that brave the winter have adapted their strategies over time. Others choosing to rest and re-coop. Ready for brighter, lighter days.

It's quite odd, that in the human world, we often prefer to wait for the strategies that don't work for us first before we create changes. Even benchmarking our tolerance of pain, discomfort or total over-whelm before it's time to make changes.

When we talk about seasons in coaching, this is not just the outward patterns of nature as they rise and rest. But also understanding, attuning to our own seasonal shifts. The inward narrative of our very being. The things we do to help ourselves. The parts we attempt to ignore and the bits that are over-looked.

Some of these connect to our part as nature. Some of these are the nature of our parts.

As your own ecosystem, you have needs. But how closely are you listening?

Your needs, at a deeper level, are connected to your life experiences and memories. They form your beliefs. They help us ( or hinder us).

How often do you consider, life experience, responsibilities, your living circumstances, your workload, your loves and losses when considering your own seasonal self?

In your busy life, you may be struggling to tend to your needs. To hear them.

Oh, what powerful message do they have for you!

When we compromise an inner need or value, this can cause problems to our well-being.

Negative self-talk, stress, frustration, sadness, worry to name a few.

Our needs are seeds we planted a long time ago, maybe at childhood. Maybe through life experiences. As a result of something going a little wayward or as an anchor for our true self. Informed by our brains innate desire to keep us protected, living, thriving.

Give each need the right attention, effort, energy. Adjust it's care as life changes. Its going to help you to thrive. But forget about it, dismiss it. So comes the struggle, an unloved clump of root, longing for some care and attention.

Are paying attention to your basic needs for life like water, food, light, shelter and safety?

These five simple aspects may be over-looked for simplicity but they can support us to be grounded, energised, creative, purposeful, well.

These needs can be explored in a much wider context too.

Perspective is powerful. Nature uses perspective to it's advantage and we can too. Here I take the five needs, and shift their perspective and expanse. Looking both deeper and wider at the same time.

  • What aspect of your life is refreshing, replenishing? (water(

  • What part of life provides you with nourishment and energy? (Food)

  • What inspires you, frees you, brings joy? (Light)

  • Where is your place of comfort, where is your sense of belonging? (Shelter)

  • What do you reach for when your faced with fear? How do you know your ok? (Safety)

From your inward learning, you can look outward too.

To the wider ecosystem of friends, family, colleagues, nature, community.

Understanding the wider needs of others is helpful in enhancing your well-being too.

Remember to stay rooted though.

Too much energy and attention to others needs, without care and consideration to yourself, can cause problems too.

Compassion, Empathy and Kindness go a long way in creating a thriving community. But remember to flow those traits throughout yourself as well as allowing them to expand. Tend to your own garden too!

What do you truly need and how do you stay true to those needs too?


Find yourself a quiet, uninterrupted space.

  • Note an issue or problem that is currently challenging your well-being?

  • What feelings do you associate with the issue right now?

  • Note what you want to change/What you want as an outcome or goal?

  • Write down ten (yes ten) things you need in your life right now to be happier and healthier.

  • For each of those needs explore at least 1-3 ways/things/behaviours/thoughts that support and enable that need.

Inspiration in Nature:

Take yourself into nature. Take time to observe.

  • How would nature deal with this issue?

  • What inspiration can you take from nature, in supporting needs?

Our winter warmer sessions are now available. Help to brave those colder, darker months. Coaching in nature to help with mindset, mood and motivation. Find out more here

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