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Winter Warmers

Braving the winter together 

Coaching In Nature Session to help you enhance well-being and find focus through seasonal shifts.

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Winter Warmer
Well-being Sessions 

Our winter well-being sessions offer a stand alone coaching session tailored to your needs.

If you are finding yourself struggling with the darker, colder months.  Struggling to motivate yourself and find focus. 

Our stand alone coaching in nature sessions offer you the time and space to explore ways to enhance your well-being over the winter months, finding purpose for the months ahead and re-energising confidence that may feel a little subdued right now. 

Beginning with a walk and talk as we head to the woodland, the sessions offer all the natural benefits of time in nature, with a bonus of a patient, supportive and direct coaching approach from JK ( Jennie-Kate McCreight) coach and facilitator for your session. 

As we find pause places in the woods, we will explore tailored activities and discussions, that help you create change, resolve issues and find a better pace and purpose. 

Whether you want to resolve a problem, reduce stress or set your sights on motivation and goals our coaching sessions will support you in over-coming the seasonal impacts on mood and mindset.


Book in a discovery call now,  and let's get you booked in for your Winter Warmer session. 


Your session will include a complimentary mug so we can enjoy our warming brew throughout our  coaching session together.  

Discover and explore. 

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To discover more about our coaching in nature services. Or to ask a question, get in touch or book your discovery call in now! 

Thank you for getting in touch!

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Coaching with a green conscience. 
we invest a portion of our profits back in to local conservation projects. So when you grow with WTMG, you help grow things in nature too!