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Find Your Calm

Find a moment of calm for yourself this week. In and connected with nature.

Image Credit - Lukasz Szmigiel via Unsplace

Create space to reset and rejuvenate. A moment, a minute, a full immersion? You decide.

Do you feel most connected to calm blue spaces, bodies of water like streams, lakes,

or the sea?

Or perhaps your mind and body feel most aligned with green spaces like parks, forests, or fields?

Pause for a moment. Invite your mind to draw attention to those moments and memories in nature that bring you to a place of tranquillity, peace, clarity, and silence. Where will you go? Where will you find yourself when you find calm?

A house plant, standing bare feet on a lawn, or a walk somewhere green. That park bench? A conscious commitment to yourself, for yourself. Let that moment of calm find you.

With intention? Or an unexpected moment? Our biophilic response (our innate connection with nature) evokes feelings of awe, fascination, and beauty.

As you allow yourself that moment to attune your attention. As you reconnect. Your body, through your senses, is already beginning to shift. Let tension melt away for that moment. Be still, softly focused, calm.

Part of nature.

Welcoming you. Waiting for you. Just for you.

Does finding calm, feel too much right now? Difficult to find the feeling? Tricky to make space? Impossible to reach?

Your head is busy. Your time is limited. Wondering how to make it possible? What can change?

Curious to know if coaching in nature could help you? (Spoiler alert, it can!)

Book a chat together HERE to discover more.

Image Credit - Shane Rounce via Unsplash

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