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Doing Good, Feeling Good. One Step At A Time

Did you know that Altruism (the act of being kind to others and doing good) is actually good for our own mental health and well-being?

The mental health foundation identified five great benefits of altruism HERE

When it comes to planet well-being, climate change, and what this means for you personally. It can feel like it’s too big to handle. Overwhelming. Creating a feeling of despondence.

When we see the big, scary uncertainty of “how to take action” with images of burning, flooding, suffering, and expense. A part of our brain can get triggered (Called the Amygdala) which informs our fight, flight, freeze, or faint response.

This often plays out as disconnecting, getting frustrated, being stressed or anxious, or even feeling grief and helplessness. (Not too great for our mental health)

Combine this with the everyday challenges of life, time, and responsibility. No wonder many of us resort to inaction, switch off, or get stuck.

Where to begin?

By investing in ways to support your own well-being; like understanding how to manage stress. Gaining clarity. Regulating your own “inner ecosystem” of mind and body. Your capacity for altruism can broaden, less mind muddle makes space for purposeful living. More time for feeling and doing good too.

When you choose to do your little bit, in your corner of the earth. You supercharge ripples of well-being throughout!


A basic coaching technique, when a goal is too big and feels overwhelming. Break it down into smaller, clearer pieces (we call this ‘chunking down’) – like creating the jigsaw puzzle pieces that can make up a bigger picture.

One step at a time, to help the action feel rooted and achievable.

Make it easy, engaging, and rewarding for yourself. Identify any value or motivation that comes with being kinder to self and the planet. I love to ask myself & clients the question, "what will it feel like when you've achieved it?"

Here at Where the Mind Grows we embrace the opportunity to begin ‘just one thing’ today.

An action to benefit mind, body, and planet.

Here’s our ‘just one thing’ suggestion:

Rekindle your relationship with nature.

Yes, that's it, for now! Whether currently disconnected or are an avid fan of the natural world.

A walk, a spot of gardening, a wild swim, a snuggle with your pet. Learn something new about the natural world or watch an inspiring video - we LOVE Water Bear for inspiration!

Download our FREE Nature365 resource, make more time for yourself in nature and notice how you feel when you re-connect.

2022 WTMG Nature 365 editable 365
Download PDF • 132KB

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