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Better Connected

I've just returned from a trip to Scotland. Oooh lovely!

It felt like a very long time coming but a break, in and alongside Nature, was much needed.

Even as someone who has regular access to a wide range of well-being resources to utilise for myself.

It can be helpful to have a time and place that totally facilitates rest, recuperation and reflection.

Those of you that run on adrenaline and fast paced lives (because you love to, or because your feeling stuck like that)

Will know that "down time" is something you might have to coax yourself into!

In running my own business, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement, opportunity or challenges that working life poses.

I remember, very well, the feeling in my old roles, of the run up to annual leave. Slogging your guts out trying to fit numerous weeks work into a few days, with the aim to "switch off" and hopefully do enough damage limitation to return to work with minimal drama.

The practice of getting "better connected" with yourself is immensely helpful. For those of you currently feeling overwhelmed, over busy or looking for new ways to self-care.

The "to do" list of life keeps us tied up in our heads often.

When did you realy give yourself a chance to delve into your inner eco-system (of mind and body) and check everything was where and how it needed to be?

I'm sure you've had those moments where you thought about doing some of that 'well-being stuff', only to put self-connection to one side because " there just isn't enough time for it today".

"Connection" with yourself is achieved on a number of levels. The most valuable are the connection with your thoughts and feelings.

Connection is about sensing yourself consciously and without judgment.

It's very much about taking your whole self as it is and feels in the moment.

What we say and feel about ourself, forms our sense of identity and purpose in the world. So getting a grasp on self connection is a wonderful tool to have.

When you are better connected with these aspects you can begin to shape and prioritise the steps you need to take to enhance or maintain your well-being.

Well-being is not just for "annual leave" self-connection can be part of your everyday.

If you feel disconnected from this sort of routine. You may have already spotted the signs that your mind and body are wanting you to take a little more notice.

Maybe critical self talk is creeping in or feelings of frustration, fatigue or even anxiety? Perhaps you are tense, achy or now you think about it, really thirsty.

Have you picked up bad habits of avoidance, instead of listening to your inner concerns or curiosity?

Do you endlessly scroll your phone, use the TV to "zone out" or hope a glass of wine will whip the manic memories of the day away?

So how will you explore better connection? Where to start?

Nature is a great place to explore better connection with self and practice tuning in.

It's often minimal in distractions that will busy the mind and the science shows it helps brain with calm and clarity.

Here are 5 activities to explore to help you find your feet and get better connected.

  1. Connecting with your body: use nature to get a sense of your body. Maybe grabbing a handful of soil. Or standing bare feet on the ground. As you walk, notice head to toe how the different parts of your body move.

  2. Listening in: sit in nature somewhere and first hear the sounds around you. Next with your eyes closed listen to your inner thoughts. Note the tone and breadth of those thoughts then move your hearing back to the sounds of nature.

  3. River deep mountain high: imagine yourself as a vast landscape. What thoughts and feelings come to your mind when you think about your inner world. What dreams and

aspirations do you see at your summit?

  1. Look for inspiration: drawing on natural principles. Consider how nature evolves and adapts to keep itself well. What tips can you take from nature to embody for yourself. Here at WTMG we always ensure we "feed our roots".

  2. Seasonal shifts: consider the season that you are in right now. What patterns can you recall for yourself and your wellbeing at this time if year. What actions can you take to self care at this time of year?

If all this feels a little overwhelming to try right now, start your practice with simply closing your eyes in quiet space and taking deep breaths. If your mind wanders to worry or overwhelm begin to picture your favourite place in nature and take that in in your minds eye.

To take a deeper delve into practical resources to enhance your life and create transformation, contact to arrange a free discovery call.

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