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Ask Nature - How can we improve communication as a team?

We're asking Nature some big old questions about life, work & beyond, inspired by the problems & potentials of the people & teams we work with. 

This week's question is inspired by the many conversations I have with teams and leaders on the topic of improving communication. 

Let's see what nature has to say about that….

Create Connections - relationship building is an effective part of enhancing communication. To help teams to improve communication consider the quality of relationships of staff. Is your team well connected? What opportunities are there to enhance relationships within a team to support people to work well together?

Healthy Ecosystems - In work, we can consider how the health and happiness of your organisation and team supports the way in which people communicate, connect, and collaborate. Consider investing in ways to enhance the environment and working culture. Delve into psychological safety principles to ensure teams feel open, safe, and positive. 

Adaptive Strategies - In times of storms, tension, or complexity, nature shows resilience by responding to change. This is often not done alone or in isolation but as a community effort with close connections, learning from what has gone before and communicating opportunities for adaptation and change to enhance future resilience. 

Communicating Inwards - As well as communicating with others, nature also engages consciously in strategies for internal communication and feedback. As humans, we may call this 'self leadership', 'mindfulness', or 'emotional intelligence' - the ability to sense or tune into ourselves and prioritise our individual well-being. By developing individual strategies to stay well and develop ourselves, we grow our ability to manage and maintain effective communication with others, too. You only have to consider how your communication changes when you have over-looked hunger, fatigue, or stress to know the impact this can have inside and out. As an organisation, encourage and support teams to be curious about their own self-leadership skills for well-being, too. 

Embrace diversity - A range of diverse perspectives can offer a wealth of opportunities in your team and support teams to embrace individuality and dynamic ways of thinking. Your ideas should be vibrant and varied, consider if you encourage diversity of thought and voices across internal and external communications. 

Value Pause - Nature has a whole season for pause. Take time for stillness and pause. This is also valuable to communication. Consider the elements of active listening, feedback, and reflection that can enhance your organisation's confidence, clarity, and learning.

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