Wild Well-being - The benefits of connecting with nature

This week is #WorldWellbeingWeek and we are celebrating our natural health through our coaching in nature collaborations.

I very much believe well-being is something we can get a daily dose of. Our well-being needs will be unique to each of us. In short, well-being is Being Well in mind and body and having access to support, knowledge and settings that support our ability to enjoy our place in life.

You may already be aware of what needs to be right for you, to feel good and well resourced.

For many this is an ongoing learning curve, which usually of that realisation of an issue or tipping point that impacts the way you feel or think negatively. After all it's not common practice to carry around a personal guide of "how to keep me well".

Here at Where the mind Grows we believe we may have found a pretty amazing resource for well-being. Call it the worst kept secret ever as it's all around us, we pass it everyday and yet for many we may be over-looking it and it's benefit. It comes in the simple package of connecting with nature.

Nature is everything from the tiny microscopic molecules that make soil so rich and sumptuous to the might oak and vast mountain range we stare in awe at.

In truth, although nature is all around and often goes unnoticed, the sad reality is that many habitats have suffered and declined.

In our disconnection with the space and understanding brings, perhaps we are similarly impacted. We can learn a lot about our own emotional challenges from the challenges that nature is facing every day.

Our coaching techniques will help you think and feel your way to a healthier version of You.

Resolving problems and shifting culture to enable healthy collectives.

But first, we need to create space to think & breath. Always drawing on nature to help us with that. In a busy world full of challenges & opportunities, we have the opportunity to challenge our habits, step outside and discover how to care for ourselves and the world around us.

Here we talk to Helen from Make It Wildabout how connecting with and relating to nature can benefit our mental health and well-being and Nature too!

People who spend time with nature show an increase of poe-nature conservation and pro-environmental behaviours, as well as seeing the benefits of reduced stress, blood pressure and a clearer mind.

This week kicks off the beginning of a new collaboration together, offering our coaching packages and retreats for individual or team well-being.

In sharing the resources, knowledge and creativity we explore together through our Coaching Experiences, you also help to make a pledge to looking after the environment, as each of our packages ensure your carbon is offset and we help turn that into trees!

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