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Nurture First

Navigating change can be quite daunting and asking for help might feel like an even bolder move.

The prospect of reaching new goals is exciting of course. The idea of resolving issues is potentially rewarding, but you recognise there are some steps to take first.

Perhaps you haven’t quite found the range of resources, strategies, or time to focus on feeling more confident and at ease with yourself.

National Mental Health organisations like The Mental Health Foundation and Mind commonly cite that ¼ to ⅙ of us will experience a mental health challenge in our lifetime. With anxiety and depression prevalent in the UK.

The apprehension to get help, influenced by everything from stigma, time constraints or budget, results in many people leaving their emotional needs to escalate.

We all have mental health - each one of us has a mind or body system - navigating life's changes, challenges, and opportunities.

Image Credit - Jay Wennington via Unsplash

One of the questions we get curious about at Where The Mind Grows is a regenerative question that asks “What is the quality of your soil” *

In other words, where are you starting from, what's your situation, and does it help you feel rooted and stay well? Or, are you in need of some replenishment, additional resources, or perhaps a new landscape together?

You can ask this of yourself, your workplace, your team, your home life, and your relationships. It can apply to so much.

When a plant grows, the environment, habits, connections, and purpose are essential to its ability to thrive.

Us humans are alike too.

So when things feel a little tricky. Go back to basics. Cultivate. Tend to your basic needs. And get support to help you thrive.

Courage, Curiosity, and the bold, brave decision to create change.

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