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Navigating in Woods

Personal Compass Coaching Experience
Your true nature is calling!

Learn more about our 'personal compass'  sessions/experiences. 

A mini coaching retreat for yourself, to root, find your North Star, explore the missing piece and explore your unique 'guiding map' towards a thriving, simple and well-connected life. 

A purposeful pause to make sense of things, and be confident and clear on your next steps and how to keep yourself on track in an ever changing world. 

Choose from a half day, full day or day and a half experience. Decided together at a FREE discovery call. 

Personal Compass - Half,  full Day or two day immersive Coaching Experiences in a calm & inspiring woodland setting.

Take yourself away from the rush and responsibility of life for a moment.

Or the boredom and monotony of everyday- 'every-daying'


Back to yourself, with a calm clear and beautiful space in which to set things back in the right direction!

A little bit of space and time, can go a  surprisingly long way in creating lasting change!

Personal Compass Days are all about helping you get 'back on track' feel aligned and confident in choices and next steps, in work and life. 

This offer is especially of value to you if:

  • You are feeling like life is moving way too fast, or things are getting all out of sorts too often.


  • You're feeling a little 'meh' about the sludge of life's predictability right now. 


  • You are feeling a little lost or unsure about what and where to go next. 


You are seeking a purposeful pause place (in this case a coaching session with me, JK) to help you take stock, unjumble & gain clarity.


To feel more yourself; confident and clear on what to tweak in life/work and how to do it. 

Personal Compass sessions focused spaces for: 

  • People who feel like their pace of life is way to chaotic and cluttered. 


  • People who need the clarity of mind and attention, to create plans for a career or life choice, to bring back more alignment and confidence. 


TOO BUSY? Helping you reduce feelings of stress or anxiety  (and that niggling not-so-nice self talk) that come with life being too busy,  feeling a bit lost, or generally finding yourself coming backwards or no where at all!


FEELING LOST or SEEKING OPPORTUNITIES? Gain clarity and reduce the over-whelm or confusion of decisions, in transitioning choices in your life (Like changing career, or making new life plans!) 

Sometimes we just need a compass to root & re-route ourselves back in the direction we want to be heading. Sometimes you need help to figure out what and how you make that happen, that's where I can help. 

Imagine taking a little time and space for yourself, in the beautiful freshness of our woodland, as spring emerges around us. Guided by me JK, to support you with the courage, clarity and self-compassion to help you feel good about yourself and  make a few ‘tweaks’ to help turn ‘too busy, too much’ into ‘purposeful progress’ that fills you with a sense of satisfaction and a more grounded sense inside too. 


All you need is the opportunity to take a half day for yourself between March and the end of April 2024.  This opportunity will be given to the first four people who register their interest and can commit to booking your personal compass half day session, during March or April 2024. 


If you are a subscriber, of our mailing list, you will receive an exclusive additional opportunity as part of this offer - check out our newsletter on Thursday 29th February to discover what all that is about - if you are not on the mailing list, you can subscribe here 

Your Personal Compass includes a three hour coaching experience together, with natural breaks throughout to help you refresh and focus.  Think of it like a mini-retreat for your personal development and well-being. Escaping the every-day hustle for a while, landing in our lovely woodland in North Yorkshire,   to reconnect with yourself, the natural world and your sense of place in the eb and flow of life!

At the beautiful woodland location, near Ripon North Yorkshire - you'll get to step away from your the everyday and find a moment to ground and explore new ways of being and doing. Or simply tweak a few bits here and there to help you feel less stressed and/or anxious creating more space to feel yourself again. 

Using the Where the Mind Grows, ‘Guiding Map’ resource, you will work with JK on up to three priority areas,  whilst connecting the dots for your bigger picture clarity.   


Putting into action ways to balance yourself inside (beliefs/thoughts/visions/emotional regulation) and outside (Behaviours/Actions/Communication) through a self-leadership approach, explored,  understood  and actioned through the coaching experience. 

Personal Compass Days help you focus on aligning yourself (Life/work) with your head, heart and gut - in body and mind. This is called ‘congruence’ and can help you to feel more purposeful, energised and resilient. As well as support with personal well-being strategies and effective boundary setting in work and life too. 


You'll leave with clear actions and intentions to make change happen.

Choose from a half day, full day or day and a half experience. 


summer offerings- what's included

What's Included- standard half day 

personal compass experiences

  • A pre-booking conversation with JK to ensure this is the right opportunity for you, and the approach is a great fit. 

  • An introductory reflective resource to help us both prepare for your session.

  • A welcome pack so you can come ready for the experience in Nature. 

  • A three and a half (3.5- 4) hour in-person coaching session in the woods, Near Ripon, with me JK. Includes refreshments and a light snack (usually prepared together on the campfire) with natural breaks throughout to help reflect and refocus ( and take a comfort break as you need!) -see below for UPGRADE options. 

  • A set of resources to explore together on the day and take with you, beyond your Personal Compass experience. 

  • A follow up resource, to celebrate and keep yourself rooted. 

Summer Dates (subject to availability and securing your booking with payment, following an initial discovery call): Tuesday 2nd July AM, 11th July AM, Tuesday 23rd July AM,  Thursday 22nd August AM, Thursday 29th August AM/PM


Expand your options

Personal compass experiences are a deeper dive approach into coaching and change. For people who value the time and focus to concentrate and explore in a time bound way. 

Unlike our ongoing coaching packages, this one-to-one experience offers coaching and a mini retreat experience for yourself. 

With this in mind our two expansive offerings help you to delve deeper into a personal compass experience, with a full day or two day immersive offering too. 

Ideal for people leading in life, business or a team - or for those looking to explore significant life changes such as career or life decisions. 

You'll probably be attracted to our natural approach which encourages a slower, simple more joyful way to life. All supported through exploration of the guiding map coaching approach, designed and delivered by experienced coach and where the mind grows founder. JK McQuinn. In our beautiful woodland, located at Little Seed Field near ripon. 

Text or WhatsApp me on 07597 922 458 or email to let me know you are interested in this spring offer! 

After you've been in touch, we'll arrange a good time to have a short chat together (to ensure this offer and the Where the Mind Grows approach is a great fit)  we’ll choose your date and I'll send you your welcome resources to get started.






FULL DAY PERSONAL COMPASS EXPERIENCE-£795 - 6.5 hours of coaching over one full day with breaks/lunch break. (Light Lunch & refreshments included or bring your own) 

A deeper dive exploration of the guiding map and your goals/intentions. 

Summer Availability (Subject to availability and securing your date via payment, following a free initial discovery call/zoom)

10:00-16:00pm -Wednesday 17th July 24, Tuesday 20th August 24,Thursday 25th August 24 

TWO DAY IMMERSIVE PERSONAL COMPASS RETREAT-£1695 - 10-12 hours of coaching over two days + one x 90 minute online 'rooting' session to be claimed 1-3 months after the session for ongoing exploration and anchoring of your aims and actions. An immersive exploration of the guiding map elements and support with short and long term life, career and mindset goals and intentions. With follow up session to help bring this to life and resources before and after to support you with your intentions. 

The upgrade options offer you the opportunity to create a mini retreat for yourself, booking an over-night stay onsite at the glamping site - Little Seed Farm. 

Accommodation costs are NOW included in these prices and we will support you with booking your session 

For the immersive sessions we will explore a sutiable date between July and September 13th 2024.  (Payment Plans available)

BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL  to explore more about coaching in nature. 


About your coach (and the compass approach) 

Hi, I am JK (Jennie-Kate) McQuinn - Coach, Founder and Facilitator of Where the Mind Grows

Both my time as a leader, previously, in mental health and employment services across private and third sectors and especially since becoming a coach and facilitator for individuals and groups. 

I realised how much our lives is run, or should I say hi-jacked, by high levels of stress and anxiety.  Whilst the cause and affect looks a little different for everyone.  The level of pace and stuff in our society is a common contributing factor to these feelings of tension, pressure and the ensuing self-doubt or frustration that comes with a tired or over busy mind. 

Our coping strategy for survival often means we stay in fight or flight response ( along with the freeze, faint and faun strategies too) that can keep us in habits and mindsets that don't put our individual needs and well-being at the heart. 

We often grapple for remedies reactively, rather than setting our compass point to a destination aligned with good health and happiness at the core.  In a way that's natural and care-free - rather than yet another thing to do or try to be!

I personally discovered coaching techniques (founded in neuroscience and psychology)  as a powerful way of unlearning the old chaotic, hustling habits. Instead rooting new ways to be at our best. 

Nature formed a huge part of that experience for me personally and continues to work its magic (or should I say science) by supporting others to reach a more wholesome and re-wilded lifestyle too. In Nature, your internal nervous system -of mind and body- shift to a more relaxed way of being, totally naturally. 


Making space and energy for problem solving and sense-making in those moments, to create change for real long term resilience. An approach that focuses on preserving positive energy, feeling good and living more in alignment with your Self and your intentions.  

Through my experience as a coach, working with remarkably unique people,  I created a 'guiding map' which works with the complexity of our individual life stories and experiences. Supporting you to find everything from your 'North Star' that part that supports you to navigate your way in the darker days.  The root, to help you keep yourself connected in the razzle and dazzle of the everyday and a a range of perspectives and 'and principles to help navigate being your own 'compass' through the passage of life's wonders. 

The Personal Compass experience is a focused space to explore and discovery practical, pragmatic solutions. Coaching can be effective for people who see the challenge of stress and anxiety on everyday life and feel ready to explore ways to create positive change, even if you currently feel lost on how you might achieve that. 

Contact me today to be one of four people experiencing your way back to calm and confidence. 

Trees in the Wind

"I am great, I have been out walking every day since last week and feel so much better for it...thank you so much, I had the best time and got so much from it. I feel so much more motivated at work too" Personal Compass Client, K. 

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Tree Stump



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