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Seeing the Patterns

How great are you at noticing the patterns we form in life?

Do you see and listen to them? Can you hold on to the good stuff and learn from the more disruptive patterns.

Nature follows patterns, you only have to pause in a garden and outdoor space to notice the patterns and repetition that thrive in our natural spaces.

Taking in the Seasons we feel the patterns as they shift and flow with their cycles.

Patterns can mean efficiency and resourcefulness. They can often save space and waste.

In nature, if a pattern of growth is not providing the right form of nutrients for a species to thrive. The plant or animal either has to evolve or becomes at risk of survival.

In work we have similar challenges. There are patterns, routines and structures that enable us to keep consistent. Keep Growing.

Then there are those which cease to work, and impact the flow of growth. Inviting us to pause for a minute and ask " why are we still doing that this way?"

There are times when a system or collective evade a sense of pattern and cohesion falling into disarray, losing productivity and igniting conflict, distress and confusion!

Turning to nature, you can notice the effective patterns it has evolved. Consider how these can be helpful in leadership & workforce well-being too.

Take time to go out in nature and notice the patterns, repetitions. Direction, energy, detail, result.

Consider the patterns of your own teams?

Are the right things repeating or is there a need to evolve?

What systems are in place, do they follow routine and structure for efficiency and ease? Or are they out-dated & haphazard?

Do your organisational patterns help or hinder the well-being of your teams?

What about your style of leadership? Use natures ways to refine your approach, increase your efficiency and evolve if needed.

Any workplace well-being intervention (from well-being blogs to a full blown cultural shift) aims to achieve behaviour change in some way. By investing in the health and habits of staff you are too investing in streamlining patterns of efficiency and flow within your organisation.

From a birds eye view, to a deep dive observation - consider how patterns can enhance or hinder the happiness and efficiency of your culture?

Today's blog inspiration came from Think Like A Tree (course & book by Sarah Spencer) and Regenerative Leadership (The DNA of life affirming 21st century organizations by Giles Hutchins & Laura Storm)

Picture Sergio Medina - Unsplash & USGS

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