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Ask Nature - Confidence

We're asking Nature some big old questions about life, work & beyond, inspired by the problems & potentials of the people & teams I work with at Where the Mind Grows. 

This week, we're broaching the topic of CONFIDENCE, something that often shapes coaching and team day sessions here in the woods. 

Whilst the natural world might not know our human version of confidence. It can certainly give us some great ways to embrace the being and knowing of ourselves. 

This week, we are asking Nature how can we be more confident?

Here's what Nature had to say about that! 

Embrace your unique self - Just look at the woods, and you'll see all sorts of trees of all shapes and sizes. It's often the most unique tree that might stand tall in the woods. There is no comparing in the woods; we are just learning and adapting for Nature's sake to thrive.

Let go of perfectionism - Perfectionism and 'being good enough' are two very strong topics that crop up in our sessions. Reading to people who feel they need to seek perfectionism (and, of course, feeling many negative effects of this endurance), look around at the trees, plants, and animals; their imperfections are what make them beautiful! 

Know your purpose - The natural world is super clear on its purpose, meaning it can align strategies and priorities to maintain and grow towards a purposeful way of being and doing. 

There are times in our life, often after a change, that you may find yourself feeling lost, confused, or outgrowing the situation you are in. Return to your purpose to help you feel the positive benefits in mind and body. Your purpose doesn't have to be some big over-ambitious goal (remember what we've learned about letting go of perfectionism) - it could be as simple as living a healthy, balanced life. Consider then what to do and how to create these conditions for yourself.

Keep rooted - One of the central elements of coaching is to help you align your life with your values, this whole approach at WTMG is very much inspired by the woodland's ability to stay rooted. Trees' roots help anchor it in times of change and resilience, they support the tree to nourish its basic needs and they provide connection to many life-giving properties allowing it to learn and adapt through the years. 

Stand Tall - Walking with grace and power is a coaching approach I share with clients to help them adapt to the internal feelings they have inside and counter-balance their nervous or anxious feelings. Just like a tree in Nature, standing tall helps to send a message to our subconscious to approach a situation with will and clarity (just some of the elements that support that confident feeling), so next time you need to call on confidence, stand tall and notice the change within. 

Reach for the light - In times of self-doubt, it's easy to feel and see the world in a negative light. Whilst it's important to process ALL emotions and understand when you need help to move through the darker times. For many situations, a healthy (not toxic) dose of positive psychology can help reframe your beliefs. Just as a tree stretches its leaves towards the nourishment of the sun's brightness to create energy and life, we can also seek out the good in our world, find positive reframes, and discover opportunities and potential in problems that help us to grow our confidence through experience and celebration of life. 

Spend time in thriving environments. 

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