Coaching In Nature Experiences 

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Experiences for Teams & Groups

Coaching Facilitation Packages for Teams

Time out to enhance your team well-being & achieve change

Our coaching & facilitation packages offer space out for your team to focus on a challenge or explore an idea. 

Each programme combines time out in nature to enhance your well-being whilst facilitating you to achieve open conversations, tangible actions. 

Our programmes are a minimum of 2 days.  Giving you a space to explore & a space to follow up at a later date, ensuring we can achieve long term change. 


Creating a vision & taking action. Where things begin.

Sapling is our package for new teams or new projects. We understand that getting started can be a challenging time.  Having space to create & collaborate is invaluable. 

Setting a scene for your well-being culture will help you achieve your lasting vision. 

This programme will help you explore & commit to collective values, define your well-being culture & create principles that will nurture your vision. 

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Bringing your team together

A programme to identify individual & collective assets through creative activities & discussions helping your team to increase efficiency, innovation and master skills for long term well-being. 

This package is based on  principles of connection, collaboration, communication and draws on natural principles to help teams master cohesion and community. 

Forest Trees

Mighty Oak

Helping teams thrive through adversity & change

A programme for teams experiencing challenges,  struggling with change or worried about burn out. 

Like the Mighty Oak this programme helps teams keep rooted, create strategies for resilience and thrive through challenges & change. 

Facilitating open, supportive & proactive discussions that help groups transform and take ownership to inspire courage & promote healthy environments. 

Identify strategies for individual & collective recovery & nurture a culture of well-being. 

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