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Workplace well-being programme for teams, organisations, leaders and groups. 

As a leader, business owner or well-being-lead within your organisation. You will already be mindful of the challenges and change that impact the health and happiness of your team, not to mention yourself as well. 

At Where The Mind Grows we work with businesses that truly aim to enhance their well-being culture. 

Whilst we love supporting you at the earliest stage of enhancing your culture, helping you get rooted before the storm hits. 

We know in reality well-being only really gets a good look at when your faced with the tsunami's and hurricanes of multiple employee well-being needs. 

Where ever you find your well-being culture, Where the Mind Grows offer something different to help you gain clarity on the perspectives and next steps. 

On this page you will find out more about our workplace well-being team programme.

Combining coaching, nature and personal development opportunities that enhance wellness at a individual, team and even organisational level. 

We utilise nature in all that we do, helping the well-being of your team grow in stability and be more sustainable. 

But in all honesty, the best way to find out more and explore how coaching in nature can help your team grow is to book in a FREE CONSULTATION and discovery call with JK, at the link below 



Our Programme Principles 

Our programmes focus on three core principles in helping your employees learn and grow

  •  Employee well-being   we help businesses create conditions for their employees to thrive. Mental Health and Well-being are an essential part of any workplace. Equipping staff with ways to keep well, helps businesses flourish too.

  •  Culture  Time, energy and attention goes into supporting you. Coming together as a team and creating a well-being movement in your organisation. Culture  doesn’t happen over night,  requiring cultivation, nourishment and adaptability through change. We support your team to embed wellness into the heart of what you do and ensure there is space for those ideas and resources to grow.  

  •  Sustainability -   As well as being earth-minded in our approach, with tree planting and carbon offset as part of our package. We value sustainability in our approach to well-being and help you explore, scrutinize, and realise well-being solutions. Flexible not flimsy is our rule of thumb when it comes to creating sustainable solutions for your teams health & happiness.   

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A very real issue!


Without the skills, knowledge and ethos to create a happy, healthy and resilient workforce, businesses often flounder in the face of change & uncertainty.

Mental Health and Well-being can have a huge impact on the health, happiness and efficiency of your employees (and yourself). Stress, Anxiety, lack of confidence and low mood as all aspects of mental well-being that will impact your team individually and collectively. 

I am sure you agree,  employee well-being makes business sense and as a growing business leaders have limited time and resources to create space and focus and often lack confidence in how to "suss" the matter of team well-being. 

Without access to the right support and resources your workforce can become over-whelmed or de-motivated. 

Our nature-based coaching programmes, help teams to explore and nurture well-being solutions, that benefit individual and collective resilience.

If you get that your business is an ever-changing eco-system, we would love to work with you. By valuing well-being as part of employee’s continuous development, you are creating foundations for your team to excel, in turn strengthening the certainty of your business.

Staff who care for themselves and their well-being are active agents in keep happier and healthy. 

 Equipping your staff with the tools & talents to be healthy and happy is essential in these testing times.

We love to work with likeminded businesses, passionate about people, planet & purpose. We draw on practical coaching & facilitation approaches, helping your team to develop their skills and confidence. Reduce stress, increase focus and inspire. Our sessions help boost self-esteem and broaden awareness of well-being helping people to value self-care. Equipping every team member with the knowledge and capabilities to improve their mental health and well-being in and out of work.

With you at each step!

Discover the programme...

Session One 

Starting Out.

  • Creating your well-being vision & purpose

  • Observation – learning from looking.

  • Lessons from a sapling.  

  • Creating conditions to thrive (the basics)

  • Introduction to natural principles and tools for planning. 

  • Nature based activity


Employee Well-being: Identify priorities and resources for team well-being

Culture: explore how to create a lasting and meaningful vision where well-being is valued

Sustainability: Bring your team together with nature to enhance nature connection and compassion + discover the tools to keep your vision nurtured over time.

Session three

Collective wisdom for well-being 

  • Collective well-being

  • Enhancing your “eco-systems”

  • Understanding feedback

  • Inter-connectedness --communication & the ripple effect. 

  • Celebration & appreciation – cultivating cooperative relationships

  • Gaining momentum & tweaking  your well-being plan.

  • Nature based activity


Employee Well-being:  building on the team as a thriving eco-system. Building confidence, motivation and collective well-being

Culture: focus on team as community, communication and adaptability. Exploring the foundation and innovation.

Sustainability: exploring how diversity and adaptability have their place in sustaining well-being.  

Session two

Getting rooted

  • Staying rooted – essential wellbeing tools.

  • What really matters?

  • Nurturing the vision – helps and limits

  • Ideas & Inspiration – creative well-being strategies for you & your team.

  • Nature based activity

Employee Well-being: Equip staff with the awareness of their individual well-being needs activities to explore what helps & limits well-being.  

Culture:  further nurture collective resources for well-being and identify the conditions for staff to thrive.

Sustainability: recognize what enables or hinders well-being and further create lasting conditions to thrive.  

Session four

Emotional resilience & future focus

  • Resilience – creatively respond to change.

  • Making choices and decisions for personal well-being.

  • The power of perspectives in resolving conflict

  • Nature proofing your vision- adaptability. 

  • Pause & Reflection

  • Nature Based Activity - Programme Graduation

Employee Well-being:  dealing with adversity, change and challenge.

Culture:  Having safe and supportive places with brave conversations.

Sustainability:  Brining everything together. Looking to the future and reviewing change.

Garden Soil

Our Coaching Programme AIMS:

As each company and group we work with is unique, the aims are often tweaked and tailored. Below are our some of our core aims:

  • Enable conscientious, caring businesses to develop robust and meaningful well-being cultures. 

  • Support staff to develop individual and team approaches to enhance well-being. 

  • Develop long, term sustainable approaches to managing change. 

  • Reduce risk of burnout  and well-being related sickness in staff. 

  • Strategies to alleviate stress, anxiety and low mood. 

  • Rekindling purpose and motivation and celebrating innovation. 

  • Establish psychologically safe & effective working boundaries in the era of new working models. 

  • Enhance individual and collective resilience. 

  • A space to reconnect and build back team cohesion. 

  • Creating a collective vision to help you grow your well-being culture. 

  • Naturally enhancing pro-environmental behaviours. 

  • Reconnect people with nature in an evidence based, accessible way.   Kind to planet & people. 

Looking to be more socially & environmentally conscious?

We , pledge a carbon offset with each package. Planting REAL TREES at woodlands in North Yorkshire with our collaborators Make it Wild. 

What’s included?

Our Team well-being programme is brimming with a wealth of ideas, activities and resource to enhance team happiness, health and skill-set.  And that's before we even bring the talent and diversity of your team into the mix, to co-create!


So what's included?

  • Free consultation with WTMG & ongoing contact meetings throughout.

  • Four individual phases of coaching and facilitation days to enhance self-care solutions & support  well-being strategies (delivered over 6-18 months)

  • Prestigious woodland venue and  catering and refreshments, at our core collaborator site in North Yorkshire or a nature based venue near you. 

  • Ongoing resources and activities to support and embed the learning at each phase each phase.  

  • Feel Treemendous! ( Ok I couldn’t get this far without a shameless tree related pun could I!)  For every staff member you sign up to the program we will plant a tree at our collaborator site Make it Wild, North Yorkshire. Your team members will receive a tree pledge pack, highlighting an aerial shot of where your teams trees will grow, contributing to the carbon offset of the programme.  

  • The option for your organisation or team to be a featured guest on The Wilderness Mind podcast and be a pioneer in your well-being strategies alongside our programme, showcasing your teams talents and creativity. (Optional)

  • Upgrade your pack to include our 1:1 "seed" sessions to support individual well-being and personal development along the way. 

And much more...

Let's take the opportunity to learn more about you, your organisation and your team well-being goals and how we can help you learn more ways to discover how nature really is Where The Mind Grows 

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In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. —Aristotle

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