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Holding Space

Regenerative Group Facilitation for Change

When creating any change within your team or community group it can be important to "Hold space" to communicate the emotional needs, perspectives and impacts of individual and collective staff. 

"Circles" and other forms of "Holding space" go back in history and still remain an integral approach in indigenous tribes. 

Equipping you teams to engage confidently with resilient communication skills, through circles can help you to handle the many changes and challenges that your team or organisation will face.  

Supporting with team cohesion, inclusivity and thought diversity as part of your growing culture. 

Creating a psychologically safe place for people to be open, honest and solutions focused requires  strong facilitation skills. These sessions can be emotive and deeply transformational. Shifting stuck beliefs, allowing people to feel and be heard and embracing the divergence and convergence of change that empowers your team to move through the ever-evolving eco-system of business and well-being culture. 

Our Holding spaces are delivered by creative and experienced coaches and facilitators. 

Together we co-create the focus of the session, support with ways to communicate and engage your team and design a session(s) to suit a broad  range of needs. 

Our holding space group sizes range from 4-12 employees per group. 

Our "Holding Space" sessions can be run as 1/2 day or Full Day sessions. 

Or embed 'Holding space' sessions into your business DNA with quarterly or monthly facilitation to support your regenerative transition to a more resilient well-being culture. 

What do you need to hold space for?

  • Brave conversations and developing psychology safety ( Dynamic work conditions for wellbeing)

  • Grief & Loss - from loss of a staff member or the end of a project, supporting healing.  

  • Stress, over-whelm & burnout.  ( Changing culture to improve health and happiness)

  • Climate Cafe's ( Supporting your team to explore impact on people & planet)

  • Introducing Regenerative Business Principles into your workplace DNA.  (Ecosystem thinking

  • Dealing with change, struggles and resistance ( Supporting courage and reducing fear)

  • Creativity/Innovation and Dreaming ( Fun, energised and evocative creativity)

Our "Holding Space" sessions explore everything from the serious conversations no one really wants to have to the fun, whimsical and creative ones that allow exciting & re-energising exploration. 

More about "Holding Spaces"

  • Delivered out in nature away from the "Bored Room" providing a neutral space for all. 

  • Setting intentions and guiding the group. 

  • Supports practice development & shifts in culture. 

  • Expanding perspectives & introducing new/different ways of thinking. 

  • Nurturing resilient communication skills 

  • Exploring assets and nurturing needs

  • Learning from  and alongside nature. 

  • Leading solutions and innovation 

  • Regenerative approaches in design, delivery and impact

  • Improving the health and happiness of your workplace

Our coaching services are Bold, Brave and Wild. 

Enabling workplace to be even more amazing, in times of challenge, change and uncertainty

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