Self Esteem & Confidence 

 Clients who come to us with issues around confidence and self-esteem often say they think it would surprise people in their life, to realise just how much self-doubt, second guessing and negative self talk was going on inside. 

Seemingly on the outside, you have mastered the art of appearing fairly confident and competent in what you do. But inside it's a different story! And an exhausting one at that!

Whether making decisions in life, or at work. A lack of self esteem and low confidence can have a big impact on the decisions you do/don't make and on your well-being too.  With low self-esteem often coming hand-in-hand with experiences of anxiety, stress and fluctuating moods. 

Through our nature-based coaching sessions, you can change, grow and nurture yourself. 

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Coaching in Nature - For confidence and self-esteem

There are many reasons why you might find yourself with self-esteem and confidence issues. 

You may feel like you have never really "had it". You've often felt different to other people. Who appear to find being " out-going" easier than you.  Perhaps you've been labelled "shy" or "Introverted" or been around people who just naturally took up space and energy, leaving you standing back.  Or you blended in just enough, for others not to notice the inner panic or scrutiny that goes on inside. 

For other people, life experiences like a difficult boss or colleague, a big life change like a loss, move or relationship break-down or a change in friends can impact the way you feel about situations. Even the pandemic has left many people feeling less confident!

 Suddenly, that "weird" experience of holding back, worrying or people-pleasing instead of standing out and living life freely. 

Finding situations or tasks, that were once easy, disconcerting or over-whelming at times. 

The feelings that go with all this, aren't pleasant either and can often cause disruption to one or more aspects of your life. 

Like holding back, avoiding, ruminating, worrying, over-thinking, being self-critical or overly seeking self assurance from others. 

Add to that the frustration, irritation, sadness and other emotions that leave you feeling  "annoyed with your self". And probably not being very kind to yourself either?

Maybe you've just taken a promotion, career change or started your own business and the self-scrutiny has well and truly crept in.

Perhaps this lack of confidence is causing problems in the relationships you have in work or life. With difficulty communicating with others, and the isolation of not feeling understood.  

Your anxious behaviours and avoidance tactics are starting to keep you stuck, in work or life, and opportunities are passing you by or becoming so emotionally over-whelming or draining,  that the cycle of disruptive thoughts, feelings and behaviours are seriously problematic. 

You may have found yourself taking up destructive habits, to 'manage' the issue, like over-eating, drinking too much, or taking part in destructive behaviours or relationships.  Or even self-sabotaging. 

Perhaps you've managed to 'put on'  a 'persona'' to get you by. But what goes on in the inside leaves you feeling confused and exhausted. 

If you are reading this thinking, Yep that's me!

The good news is,  coaching can help. 

Our 1:1 coaching gives you the time, space and focus to live an authentical and purposeful life!

The benefit of being out in nature is that you can immediately find space for calm and clarity. 

Whilst learning from natures own skill set in resilience, authenticity and adapting to change. 

Our coaching sessions together will also weave in  practical coaching modalities like Neuro-liguistic Programme that will help you understand the how and why of your mind and body and equip you with resources that can change the way you think and feel for the better, which in turn will support you to respond with ease and confidence. 

Because each client brings unique experiences and perspectives to our sessions, no session is the same and JK and the Where The Mind Grows collaborative coaches use deep listening, intuitive exploration and a broad range of skills and resources to help you affect positive change in your life. 

Our 90 minute sessions in nature-based settings, will offer a unique coaching experience, helping you find and nurture your true esteemed self.

 Live a happier, healthier life.

Kind, Compassionate, Accepting and Celebrating who you are and helping you move forward bold, brave and wild!


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