'Hive Days'
1:1 Coaching Experience days

For ideas, choice & change!

Are you looking to make changes in your life but feel like there is not enough time to commit to  a package of regular coaching sessions? With an ever changing calendar and multiple responsibilities it might feel just too difficult to fit around your schedule. 

Yet you know deep down, something has to change!

For some people, a single day out can offer a useful and enriching coaching alternative.  A focused and time-bound day to bring your issues, ideas and goals. 

Our 'Hive Days' offer a day of focus, coaching & well-being . You might say a space to 'work on yourself' and/or aspects of your life you wish to enhance.

Designed for busy-bee's who need some down-time to work on creating positive changes in your life.  

'Hive Days' offer you space to generate ideas, be productive and get to the sweet-stuff of your goals, aspirations and purpose. 

We will help you to identify & understand 'next-steps', support you to make 'tiny tweaks' or 'big shifts'. Exploring any well-being strategies that you feel will support your wider health and happiness long term.  

Think of it as an "away day" for you, your mindset and well-being needs!

You only have to look to a bee hive itself to spot inspiration. From the approach and dedication bees take to making honey to the strong, resilient structure of the honey comb itself.

Alongside our practical and pragmatic coaching approaches. Your experiences will  introduce you to wider concepts of biomimicry (learning and applying strategies from nature), Ecopsychology and nature connectedness. Combining coaching techniques  and Neuro-linguistic Programming  (NLP) with ecotherapy. Incorporating natural principles that support you in your wider aims for the day. 

 A chance to escape the busy distractions.   Enhance your well-being, manage stress and feel inspired. 

Each of our 'Hive' experiences are as unique as you. 

We recognise that life, work and general mind-muddle can often get in the way of focused time for personal development and change. Our Hive days balance ideas, choices and decisions and techniques to help you feel fulfilled, focused and clear on your direction. 

Begin planning your day with a FREE discovery call where we will scope out a vision for your experience.  Followed with a carefully crafted coaching day that offers a balance of structure and focus (to work on a conundrum or goal) with enough time and space to relax and re-energise as well. 

Our 'Hive' days are a great way  to improve your well-being. Help you to balance challenges in work and life. If you are worried about burning out then our 'Hive days' offer a time bound, supportive space to develop ways to change the pace and discover solutions; in challenging and changing situations.  

Our tailored days are also great for leaders or business owners too.  Looking for the time, space and expertise to help you enhance health and happiness, reduce stress or find focus. 

Our 'Hive days' are great if you would like to achieve one or more of the below:

  • Spend focused time and attention on your well-being needs. 

  • Explore and enhance your approach to work, life or business. 

  • Help you unpick problems and discover solutions.

  • Rediscover a sense of clarity around purpose and passions. 

  • Create a plan of action to help you reduce stress or anxiety and boost confidence. 

  • Discover and learn new & meaningful resources to take with you when you return to reality at the end of the day!

Combining time and activities in nature, with access to a comfortable space should the weather get the best of us. The day includes a focused, yet fluid coaching space delivered by experienced coach & facilitator JK (Jennie-Kate- Owner/Founder WTMG) or one of our collaborators.

Relaxation and reflection time in nature. Refreshments and Lunch ( or bring your own if you prefer).  The day also includes follow up resources to support your learning and development from your experience. 

An opportunity to pause, reset and enhance well-being, mindset and create a clear pathway forward in work or life. 

Delivered from venues with access to nature & comfort.  Inspiring  calm, clarity & creativity.


Location in Leeds, West Yorkshire & Summerbridge, North Yorkshire

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Taking action, creating & inspiring change. Find confidence and clarity in your next steps, options and opportunities. 

Refreshments throughout the day

With time to be in nature, between activities. 

A morning of pause, reflection and clarity

An afternoon of action and change. 

Dry Leaf
Dry Leaf

Your day begins around 09:30- 10:00am, finishing 16:00-16:30pm. Including a lunch and short break. Follow up notes and resources from the day included.