Bereavement & Loss 
Life Coaching
(in Nature) 

Loss and bereavement are probably one of the biggest changes we have to navigate ourselves through in life. It may not be in the form of death, loss and it's complexity may also find you through a shift in relationship, career, re-location, shifts in social circles, connection or purpose.  Our coaching in nature packages hold a space to move through, with and forward.  So you can focus on living purposefully. 

Loss and Bereavement are pretty complicated experiences. No one loss or death is the same. And whilst there are ideas around what you might face. Like the Kubler- Ross diagram below.  In all honestly, loss is like foraging within an deep and unknown  wilderness. 


It can sweep you off your feet. Or even propel you faster. 

It can numb you, or resuscitate you. 

Leaving you be, only to return when you least expect it. 

In the midst of this you also find yourself, getting on, changing, adapting, figuring it all out.  But sometimes there can feel like there are gaps. 

Yet some days you feel like a puppeteer putting on a brave or perhaps mechanical face that hides yourself away from the world. 

Many of our 1:1 coaching clients, find that the experience of loss or significant change leads to asking questions around purpose, identity, meaning. 

A longing to make the most of life. To do something a little differently. 

A longing to escape it all perhaps. But knowing deep within there is stuff to do, heal or learn before you make those kind of bold decisions for yourself. 

Maybe you want to live more adventurously?

Perhaps you wish to use time more wisely?

To stress less, or laugh more?

Or something else past that, you are not quite sure of yet. 

Some of our clients simply want to let go, forgive, compost, move on. Get unstuck. 

Our coaching journey together is collaboratively curated. Narrated by the eb and flow of life.  Honouring the past, without getting stuck in the mud.  Instead looking forward from the now.  

Healing, propagating, growing and living!

What's nature got to do with it?

Nature really has got its sh*t together when it comes to dealing with the cyclical nature of life. The ever changing and evolving eco-system in which the natural world manages, for the most part, to thrive in. 

Your coaching sessions will give you time our in the broad and open expanse to be still, breath, listen, explore - all supporting your own body and mind to relax, be calm and connect. 

More than that, through a combination of coaching and eco-psychology modalities. Your sessions will be woven with knowledge sharing and perspective shifting. From activities, to psycho-education to actions that you can take with you back into the wider world. 

On a personal and professional level, Nature has been an essential part of connecting back with self and purpose, through loss and significant change. 

Coaching in Nature can be explore over four sessions, part of our 'mind over matter' days or longer term. Together we can discover the best route for you. 

How Can Coaching in nature help?

  • Help manage stress, anxiety, low-mood and over-whelm.

  • Help remould yourself, confidence and self-esteem after significant change 

  • Help you re-connect your senses, which may have been numbed or feel less tangible. 

  • Celebrating life - past and present 

  • Changing beliefs and supporting you to nurture emotions ( light and Shade) 

  • Avoid burning out and create more meaningful and sustainable well-being and happiness for yourself. 

  • Support you to gain clarity on direction, next steps and the resources you need inside and out to live purposefully


Our approach to death and loss:

Where the mind grows is not a bereavement counselling service. We coach alongside people who have faced loss, grief and bereavement and have a desire to move through and with these experiences, exploring and creating a place of purpose for yourself. You have many more life stories and experiences that bring you to the here and now of wanting to learn and grow. We hold a space for open, honest and sometime raw discussions about where you are and where you want to be in life.

Although our sessions together will be about change, living presently and exploring future hopes.  The space is also there for acknowledgement and standing still in what needs to be resolved, held or healed.  We don't gas-light or love-bomb your feelings or over-dose you with positivity.  We delve courageously with you into the wild messiness of it ,  brambles and all! A magical space where the hurt heals to something beautiful and bold, just like you! 


When it comes to your personal experience of loss, we are not here to tell you how to do it. Instead, helping you navigate and trust yourself in the route and path you want to take moving forward.  Gaining clarity on valuable changes you want to make in the things you do, beliefs you hold and the emotions and thoughts that lead you to want to change. 

For the creative's amongst you, we will support you to nurture a 'project' or "field study" to express your coaching journey. For others we help you cut out the life-clutter and mind-muddle and just keep things as simple as possible, finding peace and re-connecting with yourself. 

Having experienced loss and bereavement in its many forms, personally and professionally. JK combines her own intuitive nature with deep and conscientious listening and coaching.  Guiding you through coaching modalities and eco-psychological approaches. Enabling you to compassionately and boldly live life, through adversity. 

Our coaching is also available for employers wanting to provide a more compassionate and supportive approach to well-being at work.

Recognising the benefits nature based coaching can bring to support staff struggling, or returning to work,  impacted by loss. 

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