Coaching In Nature

For your personal development & well-being


Three simple programmes to help you transform in nature. 

All our coaching packages begin with a FREE discovery call. 

Individual Coaching Packages

Transform in Nature

Our 1:1 coaching experiences are personal development spaces that put well-being & growth on your priority list. 


A 6 session life coaching package to help you redefine your work/life relationship and resolve issues, improving well-being. 

Our coaching packages focus on exploring 3 common challenges in life & work. 

  • Starting Out

  • Creating Connections

  •  Overcoming challenging life experiences.  

Enhance your well-being, be more comfortable with who you are & take action for a happy healthy life. 

A free discovery call will help you explore your options further.  

Image by Jannik Selz


Starting out, creating a vision & getting out of your own way.

Are you a bit stuck or apprehensive in the early stages of a business, project or goal?
This package helps you create a vision, understand your values & discover ways to use your individual assets to take action.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Mighty Oak

Thriving in Adversity

No life is without it's personal challenges. This programme is for people currently feeling stuck or over-whelmed by a life experience or unexpected change. 

This programme helps you to gain back control & improve your mental health. 

"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light." Theodore Roethke

Navigating in Woods


Discover & Connect

This is a creative & enriching programme to help you branch out. 

Together we will discover the connections that will enhance your life inside & out. 

You want a life enriched by positive relationships, opportunities & a healthy/happy mind. 

A programme to figure this out & create your own metaphorical woodland. 


Find us in the woods!

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