Individual coaching in nature packages

Life Coaching to help you transform & grow!

Life Coaching

Our 3 session life coaching packages help you change the way you think and feel about aspects of your life. 

We do this through connection with Self in Nature, sessions are facilitated by a coach personalising the programme to help you identify & acheive the changes you desire in life. 

All our coaching packages begin with a FREE discovery call. 

Individual Coaching Packages

Transform in Nature

Who is it for?

  • You are looking to create change in your life. 

  • You want to reduce negative thoughts/feelings & boost self-confidence & belief.

  • You like the idea of spending time out in nature to help with your well-being. 

  • You live or can travel to an outdoor venue in West or North Yorkshire. 

How it works?

  • After a short discovery call with JK you will be asked to complete and return a client registration form and return this via email. 

  • We will help you choose from, to help tailor your sessions to your circumstances ( you can read more about these below)

  • Our session packages are based on 3 x 60-90 minute sessions, these are spread out between 2-6 weeks depending on your personal needs and goals.

The time out in nature is evidenced to help with experiences of stress, anxiety, depression and motivation - creating calm & clarity in body and mind. 

Sessions are delivered by qualified coaches who are passionate about working safely and interactively in nature. Your session will use a range of natural principles, eco-psychology and eco-therapy techniques to enhance coaching modalities like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Metaphors of Movement, M-Bit (three brain thinking) and Integral eye movement therapy. Sessions will include resources and approaches that you can use in your day to day. Some sessions include self-guided activity between each session to enable you to embed your learning and focus on your goals. 

The Outcome

The packages not only help you to reconnect with the natural world. Our coaching sessions together will equip you with the skills, confidence and ways of thinking to feel better resourced to handle life's experience with ease. 

Our packages focus on personal development & self-care. Enabling you to nurture a greater affinity  with who you are and who you want to be in the world. 

We donate a portion of your package to local initiatives to help plant trees, when you invest in coaching with us you are investing in nature too!


Price Per Package £295

"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light." Theodore Roethke

Navigating in Woods

Discover & Connect

This is a creative & enriching programme for creative people.

Together we will discover the connections that will enhance your life inside & out and help you branch out to achieve your goals. 

You want a life enriched by positive relationships, opportunities & a healthy/happy mind. 

You're looking to better identify the skills you have within, know how to use them and be confident about who you are in the world. 

You want to enhance your life with new connections and recognise that life coaching can help you achieve this. 

A programme to help you enhance confidence, connections and feel content with who you are in the world. 

Image by Jannik Selz

Starting out, creating a vision & getting out of your own way.

Are you a bit stuck or apprehensive in the early stages of a goal?

Is there change in your life that you keep procrastinating or feel like your set out to fail?

This package helps you create a vision, understand your values & discover ways to use your individual assets to take action.

Creating change within mindset and boosting confidence to achieve your goals. 

Image by Johannes Plenio

Thriving in Adversity

No life is without it's personal challenges. This programme is for people currently feeling stuck or over-whelmed by a life experience or unexpected change. 

You may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress or overwhelm or have had significant adversity in your life such as trauma or grief. 

This programme helps you to gain back control & improve your mental health. 


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