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 'Emergence' Coaching  Programme

 The 'Emergence' coaching programme is for you, if you love the idea of what we do at Where The Mind Grows. But are too far to travel for our face to face coaching services and events. 

The Emergence programme is a Six or Twelve month coaching programme. One session a month. Delivered online. Each session lasting 60-90 minutes. 

The programme will help you establish intentions and goals and help you clarify the changes you want to make to enhance your well-being and live a more purposeful , enjoyable and easier life. 

Coaching together we will help you to grow awareness, nurture strategies that help you and create opportunities that help you to reach you goals. 

The programme combines the one to one coaching space online with a  follow up "Field" resource- self guided activities or reflections to enhance your coaching experience. 

These are simple, no-added-pressure, resources. Inspired by and learning with nature.  Shared by JK, to help you re-connect with self and the natural world. 

The emergence programme helps you explore your life, holistically. Expand and celebrate the good and help you create change in the places you want to be different. 

Coaching together is a safe, supportive and creative space, free of judgment. To re-wild your life, embrace your wonderful self and make the most of your life. 

Whether that's small shifts, or big dreams. 

Each person's journey on the programme is as unique as you are. JK will approach each session to get the best for you. 

The programme can begin at any time and will run for 6 or 12 months. 

It's important you find the right coach for you, let's help figure that out with a short chat. Where you can ask any questions and make decisions on your next steps. BOOK YOUR FREE, NO OBLIGATION CHAT HERE TODAY

What's included. 

  • 6 or 12  x monthly coaching sessions- 60-90 minutes via zoom. 

  • Monthly Email/WhatsApp/Signal 'Field' Resource - for self-guided activity.  

  • Invitation to delve into a creative self-guided project as part of the programme. 

  • Learning from natural principles to create positive change. 

The programme is open to people from all over the UK and the World, subject to  availability. 

Tell me more

The programme is offered for  6 or 12 x monthly sessions ( Online)  60-90 minutes.

Like all our coaching programmes, nature is a co-facilitator in the journey of personal development and change.  And the programme is ideal for people who want to be kinder to self & planet too. 

The programme embrace and delights in the diversity of clients, just as we do in the diversity of the woodlands we coach in.  All our programmes are tailored to your unique self.

Offering you the space and time, to navigate the cyclical and ever changing nature of life. With a coach to help you facilitate personal development and change along the way.  Building trust and confidence in your one constant (That's YOU!). 

Enhance  your well-being and embrace a more compassionate, fulfilled and meaningful life. 

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

  • Often find yourself wondering if there is more opportunity in life, you could be seizing?

  • Nostalgic about a younger version of yourself/your old lifestyle/ A life you imagines versus the one you are living. (This may even include feelings of grief for a life you've lost)

  • Over empathetic to others needs " Keeping them happy" at the detriment of your own happiness and health

  • Have creative or wild ideas, but end up stifling them, disregarding them, or find yourself chopping and changing lots of projects. 

  • Wish you had more fulfilment in your life or career?

  • Have stuff from the past, which you feel holds you back in life. 

  • Feel like you are on a  "slippery slope" and want to gain back more control and make "better" decisions. 

  • Want to be better connected with nature 

  • Feel like you have scope to personally develop more than one aspect of your life or well-being. 

  • Struggle to deal with particular emotions that arise, when others behave in a particular way/you're faced with specific scenarios. 

  • Have recently become a parent find yourself struggling with roles, expectations and routine. 

  • Often find yourself feeling like a round peg in a square whole/different/don't fit in/at odds with yourself but struggle with this impact your confidence/happiness/authenticity.

  • Care about the planet and climate change and want to make positive changes in your life to be more purposeful. 

  • Isolated/Lonely and need to create a more fulfilled and connected life. 

These are just some of the scenarios that motivate our clients to explore coaching with us. 

 £1, 250 (6 month) - £2,500 (12 month) ( Payment plans available) 

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It all begins with a short call/zoom:

To help you explore how the emergence programme can work for you, ensure this is the right approach and coaching style,  and to answer any questions. Let's begin with a FREE conversation together.

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