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People, Planet, Purpose 


Coaching for you

One-to-one coaching in nature sessions. An exclusive space to be (or find) yourself. 

A place to figure stuff out, learn new and helpful ways of being and doing in your life. Helping you to make changes.

You might already have a clear and focused idea of what you would use your session space for?

Or you might be struggling to articulate what you want to change and would like a coach to support and help you find clarity on this?

Our session together will involve a walk in a woodland or park.

Each session lasts 90 minutes.

I’ve experienced a range of approaches and find that a session, every 3-6 weeks works best. 

Investing in a package of four sessions helps you have time and space to grow, explore and discover.

Ensuring we keep momentum, whilst allowing you to experience life in between. Giving you the opportunity to explore the new perspectives, strategies and resources you learn in the session, in real life.

Our conversations will cover a range of topics and help you see the bigger picture, and the finer detail of an issue or goal you want to work on.

The conversations and activities we do together, help you gain insight, clarity and confidence. Finding solutions and reaching resolutions.

Each session is as unique as you are.

We don’t have a one size fits all approach. Instead using deep focus and intuitive listening to help you create the changes you want.

Sometimes we might just pause and chat by a stream. Explore an activity or coaching resource. Or maybe even find ourselves creating something, wild and wonderful, in the woods. 

Nature is not just a lovely space to be in our sessions. 

Nature is a co-facilitator too, as we learn from nature’s ways of surviving and thriving in the world. 

There is always something of magic in the session. Maybe its a deer and its baby fawn crossing our paths, a light bulb moment or simply the feeling of finally being heard.

Change can happen subtly or in big powerful shifts – that is part of the magic too.

Your investment for the four sessions is £500 (with the option to make payment instalments, if you need to)

The next step from here, is to book in a chat together so you can discover more about how coaching in nature can help you

There is always the opportunity to co-create something together, from coaching experience days to longer term emergence programmes. Feel free to get in touch and we can explore together. 

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Coaching with a green conscience

People, Planet, Purpose 

I’ve listed some of the common issues and goals, people get coaching to help with:

If you have something you would like to work on, that isn’t on the list below. I always recommend getting in touch anyway to discuss how sessions could help you.

  • Managing feelings of anxiety, stress or over-whelm.

  • Improving confidence and self-belief.

  • Putting life back together after a loss or significant life change.

  • Finding clarity around career and life choices

  • Improving your relationships with others (work or personal)

  • Feeling a bit lost and looking for more purpose and meaning in life.

  • Finding better balance.

  • Creating better personal boundaries, avoiding people pleasing.

  • Overcoming comparison to others that leaves you feeling insecure.

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Coaching with JK 

It’s important to find the right coach for you.  The best way to discover that we are the ‘right fit’ for each other is to book in a chat using the link here.

The exciting, rewarding part (of being a coach & facilitator) is being alongside you on your pathway to change.

 Seeing how your time in nature, learning and exploring.  Can transform the most stuck beliefs and resolve problems that have troubled you for far too long.

Investing in sessions for yourself, makes way for an easier, happier life. Helping you reach stuff you really want.  From creating simplicity to achieving a wild dream!

A little bit about me. I am pretty obsessed with nature particularly being in and around trees. I’ve combined that with my coaching experience and fascination for the way our mind's work.

Clients describe me as “down to earth” and “non-judgemental”. Able to balance the “fun and creative” with deep and courageous transformative work. As a coach, in your journey, my role is to help you steward opportunities and open up possibilities.

Nature connection and coaching aligned; has taught me how to embrace life’s challenges, change and uncertainties with confidence and resilience.   Rekindling my connection with nature, in my adult life, seeing nature as a teacher too. 

Now I help people like you discover what you need as well. Sharing amazing stuff with those of you who seek it out.

  • To help you live a simply beautiful life.

  • To celebrate your wonderful self.

  • Being compassionate and kind to yourself, others and our home (planet earth).

  • Equipping you with simple and effective ways to put your well-being at the centre of your world.

  • Ensuring you too have the confidence to deal with the ups and downs of life.


Investing in coaching might be the bravest and most courageous thing you do for yourself. But creating change can be enjoyable too.  I am here to join you for that wild adventure.


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Coaching with a Green Conscience
West & North Yorkshire (and beyond)
We make regular commitments to support and invest in eco-based/conservation projects locally such as tree planting.. That means when you grow with us, you help make things grow!

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