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Hi there,  extraordinary ordinary leader!

Woohoo, you did one of those QR code thingy's at Community First Yorkshire Conference and found your way here. 

Our aim, at Where the Mind Grows, is to help with the re-connection the world needs now. 

From your self, team, organisation and beyond our focus is on helping create thriving cultures that care for people and planet. We focus on helping people re-wild themselves and their workplaces. 

Our sessions are not just IN nature, we take learning and inspiration from the natural world too. 

Through a range of approaches - that sound ever so fancy - regenerative leadership, biomimicry and ecopsychology, taking inspiration from the natural worlds 3.8 billion years of expertise in resilience and change.  All these approaches combined with traditional coaching help you and your team explore the change, we need to see in the world!

Compassionate, courageous, healthy cultures!

On this page you will find some summary information about our key services, but feel free to have a look around our menu and pages, to discover more. 

If you would like to hear more from Where The Mind Grows and learn more about all our nature inspired well-being activities and ideas. Check out our SUBSCRIBE PAGE HERE to sign up for our weekly newsletter. 

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Team Away Days in the Wild 

Let us help you create a memorable experience for your project team or department, organisation or leadership team 

Our days in the wild are facilitated spaces, designed for the needs of the team. 

From a day focused on workplace well-being to deeper, cultural work within your team including:

  • Regenerative Leadership Approaches 

  • Values and Vision

  • Psychological Safety 

  • Valuing Uniqueness 

  • Conflict resolution and team cohesion 

  • Trauma Informed approaches to support teams after trauma or loss at work .

  • Climate Change and Well-being 



Individual Coaching 
Men, Women & non Binary

One to One therapeutic coaching sessions in the woods, as Little Seed Field. 

As an integrative coach our sessions are focused on you as a whole person. 

Exploring work, life and beyond. 

With a focus on mental health and well-being, helping you to better understand yourself and others - the how's, whys and what's of being human. 

  • Managing stress and anxiety 

  • Confidence and self-esteem 

  • Imposter Syndrome 

  • Career & purpose 

  • Balance & calm ( managing chaos & complexity) 

  • Trauma & Loss 

  • Low Mood and Motivation 

  • Simplifying life 

  • Managing change & uncertainty

  • Introversion & shyness 

  • Leadership Skills ( Life/work) 

  • Assertiveness and Boundaries 

Coaching helps you gain clarity and confidence on situations in life, supports you in celebrating your uniqueness and gives strategies and resource to handle more situations (inside and out) with more ease. 

Sessions are ideal for leaders, or staff who need support for the above areas. We offer Employee Well-being packages, meaning you can invest in coaching sessions for your staff team or leadership team. 

This one to one space supports individuals who value the time to learn and explore outside of a group setting. 


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Leadership Well-being Programme for compassionate leaders. 

A four phase leadership well-being programme to support leaders or future leaders and teams.  

Join our public programme this Autumn 2024 (email JK to discover more or to explore a bespoke programme for your organisation or funded project. 

  • Four x one day sessions - delivered over 6-12 months. 

  • One to One 'Seed' Sessions to support learning. 

  • Individual Online Resources to support and embed further learning and enhance well-being longer term 

Download the brochure 

Discover more about our team and leadership four phase programme

Nature Inspired Well-Being 
Creating thriving cultures 

For people & planet

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