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Hi I am JK founder of Where the Mind Grows. Serious enthusiastic about all things well-being and being out in nature. 

I have been working in the mental health and well-being sector for over a decade and always knew that being out in nature was important to our mental and physical health. 

Along my journey to be a coach, i also discovered that through life most of us had missed out some pretty useful information about the basic in's and outs of how we make sense of life. 

Learning about our thoughts, feelings and behaviours is a massive game changer in having a more resilience, happier and healthier life. 

Having learned all this for myself I wanted to share it with the wider world and now I get to call this my career!

Having personal experiences of the challenges work/life throw at us I am really keen to equip teams, leaders and individuals with the knowledge, capabilities and head-space to make meaningful lasting changes in our life. 

With more and more people stressed out and disconnected from themselves and their connection with the natural world. Coaching at Where the Mind Grows offers a "fluff"free" approach to getting back to your roots. 

We do this through quality coaching experiences in beautiful settings, that help people grow back their own personal affinity with the natural world in a way that is right for you.  

When I am not coaching or running my sister company JKChangeWork. I can be found outdoors, attempting to get closer to a "good life" style living or with my nose deep in a book on neuroscience or quantum physics attempting to make sense of the non-sensical!

Our Aim:
Make well-being a natural part of your everyday. Creating spaces to connect in nature for personal growth and innovative transformation. We think caring for mind and environment is symbiotic.  
We thrive off an ecosytem of fun, creative exploration!

Our Values

  1. Celebrating individual & environmental assets. 

  2. Nurturing Mind & nature symbiotically, caring for both. 

  3. Achieving meaningful outcomes for lasting personal development & wellness. 

  4. Simplicity - Keeping things honest & simple. 

  5. Community -  Building a collective ecosystem where wellness and nature collaborate & belong together. 

Tree Trunk

Coaches & Collaborators 

At Where the Mind Grows we appreciate that the richest ecosystems run on collaboration, diversity and shared resources. We collaborate with a range of passionate experts to tailor and deliver packages and experiences for you. 

If you are interested in discovering more about collaboration with Where the Mind Grows nip to our contact page and get in touch. 


Find us in the woods!

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