About Us

Where The Mind Grows 

Where the mind grows was born where all the best ideas are forged, on a long misty morning walk. 

Nature has all the hall marks of a great personal development story. 

Resilience, Exploration, Discovery, Growth to name a few. 

So why not learn from the master herself. 

Where the Mind Grows is a platform for people looking to enhance your life and well-being with practical coaching skills. We do this in collaboration with nature and natural spaces to bring the benefits of nature to your coaching experience. 

Combining practical coaching techniques with deep rooted eco-psychology and natural principles are coaching packages lean into eco-therapy approaches. Binging you a unique programme to achieve your goals, enhance your well-being and leave with skills to live life wild, courageous and free. 

Drawing on research and wisdom of how nature positively impacts mind and body. Our Coaching programmes for individuals and team create a space to get reconnected with a wilder side of your inner self. 

Founded by JK (Jennie-Kate McCreight) - Coach & Facilitator- together with collaborators who bring their own unique styles and experience to the coaching space. 

Our approach is about people and planet and we value working alongside clients who are looking to explore their own meaning in the natural world and learn from the experience that the natural world can nurture within. 

Your coaching experience will take you on your own unique journey, reaching the goals you desire to benefit your life now and in the future. 

Our four phases Sapling, Roots, Mighty Oak and Woodland help you explore a range of ways to establish a clear vision, connect with your purpose, build resilience and find your community (in and out)

Where the Mind Grows draws on natural principles and the opportunity to learn from nature. 

Building back an affinity with the wild part of you, connect with a vision that makes your heart sing!

Reconnecting you with a sense of self, confident, calm and clear of your purpose. 

For teams our programmes offer an alternative and engaging solution for your workplace well-being strategy. With you at every step of your journey the 4 phases of our programme not only enhance the well-being of your staff, help you grow your well-being culture  and enhance your green thinking through pro-nature and pro-environmental practices (Ideal for B-Corporation company's and organisations who value people and planet)

JK has built her own personal well-being strategies through connection with nature, from walking to camping, from den building to star gazing and deeper self development in nature. JK says " A busy day at work, a tough conversation, a loss - what ever the challenge - I also find myself back with nature!"

JK has combined her passion and experience in people development and coaching skills ( founded at sister company jkchangework) with the value and affinity she has to the natural world incorporating these principles into her life and work strategies. 

Be prepared for a different experience with life changing consequences. 


Our Aim:
Make well-being a natural part of your everyday. Creating spaces to connect in nature for personal growth. We think caring for mind and environment is symbiotic.  
Our coaching works best because we thrive off an ecosytem of fun, compassionate and creative exploration!

Our Values

  1. Celebrating individual & environmental assets. 

  2. Nurturing Mind & nature symbiotically, caring for both. 

  3. Achieving meaningful outcomes for lasting personal development & wellness. 

  4. Simplicity - Keeping things honest & simple. 

  5. Community -  Building a collective ecosystem where wellness and nature collaborate & belong together. 

Tree Trunk

Coaches & Collaborators 

At Where the Mind Grows we appreciate that the richest ecosystems run on collaboration, diversity and shared resources. We collaborate with a range of passionate experts to tailor and deliver packages and experiences for you. 

If you are interested in discovering more about collaboration with Where the Mind Grows nip to our contact page and get in touch. 

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